I need a new coffee pot!

seniorgal_gwOctober 24, 2012

Just a simple one. Our Braun 12 cup which used a #4 cone filter died after 6 years of use. I threw it away and bought a 12 cup Mr. Coffee with a round filter. It makes weak coffee and is awkward to handle and fill. I expected to get another Braun which just made coffee. No bells and whistles. I think it was K400 or very similar. Apparently they are no longer made. I've been looking on line and reading reviews until I'm dizzy. Does anyone here use a simple pot that is reasonably small and does not have extras?

Anyone have a recommendation?


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Love love my MR Coffee maker

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I will not have any thing other than the hamilton beach brewstation coffee maker, I love not having a carafe to deal with or clean, and the coffee stays much better rather than in a carafe on a burner. There are a few different models some very basic some with more options. I buy the 12 cup model

Here is a link that might be useful: Brewstation

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I just ordered a Keurig, which makes one cup at a time. I had put my coffee maker away several months ago and started drinking just one cup of instant in the morning as I am the only one who enjoys it. The instant just is not cutting it for flavor so hope the Keurig is a winner.

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Bye bye Keurig...I want one of these! It's about time someone invented a single cup pot that you don't have to buy those ridiculously expensive KCUPS! What a gimmick!

Here is a link that might be useful: I WANT THIS POT!

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I bought a Keurig single serve, not long ago, and I love it. The K-cups can be ridiculously expensive, but it came with a separate cup/filter where you can use your own coffee. I bought mine at Costco for $149, and it came with the refillable cup (about $20 if you buy it separately) and 5 dozen K-cups.I have also found good buys on the K-cups at Amazon.


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Well the coffee pot I posted is the exact same concept as a Keurig without having to buy any special Kcups or special filter thingies. It just has two filter scoops/cups that you can put any sort of coffee you like and make it as strong or weak as you like. You have no waste of a paper filter either. I kept wondering when someone was going to come up with this....wonder no more...HEEHEE!

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I do love my Keurig. It took me a while to find my perfect coffee - I love the Starbucks Pikes Place 71. DH likes a different kind.

I have cut my coffee consumption down considerably!

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I don't know what we'll buy when our Krups drip coffee maker dies. (Uses #4 filter; has carafe w/twist-on lid.) I bought it in 1995. I bought a Krups toaster oven 10 months later. Both work exactly 'like new'.

I would like a new broiler tray for the toaster oven. I've never broiled IN the appliance, but have used the broiler parts in my built-in oven/broiler.

Between us, DH and I drink three cups of coffee in the morning. We like the Kona coffee beans from Hawaii.

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I have the Keurig too, a gift from my SIL. The price had been stalling me from buying it myself, but if it 'dies' I'll be happy to replace it with another.

DH likes the Starbucks Pike Place k-cups, for the tea and hot chocolate cups to have on hand I buy the Safeway generic store brand @ 6.99/box. No one has complained. I've never seen DH drink hot chocolate in all these years, but he'll make a cup with this and have it while reading the afternoon paper before dinner :)

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Friend gave me a Keurig two years ago, and it's been in the closet for over a year.

Love my Mr Coffee.

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I know how you feel about losing your Braun. My beloved Braun died a few years ago. I now have a Cuisinart, which makes good, HOT coffee, and I think it's the only brand that makes coffee like the Braun did. There are lots of models from simple to all the bells and whistles in the Cuisinart brand. The best price is probably at Co;stco, but you can get a good price from Amazon.

I don't like the single serve machines; the coffee is weak and cold.


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About Keurig and the seperate servings--ridiculously expensive. Go to BB&B and buy a little cup like thing that you put your own coffee in and then wash and reuse the insert. I think they're less than $5. We got one of those for a Christmas present and there's no way I'm buying those little individual servings. Just pick that up at BB&B and use your own coffee. Easy peasy. Did it this morning.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just saw an advertizement for a new coffee maker by Hamilton beach it is a 2 in one it has the one cup type like the Keurig and the carafe type all in one. It is not one of the brew stations though since it does have a carafe.
Two-Way Brewer (49980Z)
I have to admit that is a very nice unit, if we had a use for the single cup type that would be a nice option. We always make a 12 cup pot and it gets used up, my husband drinks coffee all day. I drink one cup in the morning.

I had one of those one cup type that had come out a while back that used the pods I used it once LOL I am sure it is packed up somewhere around here.

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I like my "free" 12 cup Gevalia coffeemaker & just make two cups every day. I think I have another new one so I'm all set for a while! It is worth checking out for the price and you can cancel your membership after you get it. :)

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I like my coffee really hot also. I have a Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator. I love this coffee pot. It makes a good cup every single time I use it. I keep it spotless, shined up so I can admire it every time I walk into the kitchen, LOL
I love Colombian coffee, Maxwell House Colombian is a reasonable price and really good.


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I have the Hamilton Beach two way brewer that ravencajun spoke of and I really love it. It is the best of both worlds. The single serve option works flawlessly and is delicious. No k-cups or pods to buy (although you can use pods). I really don't have anything negative say about it. I've had it for several months with no problems. The coffee is nice and hot, too. Hope this helps.

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