Canadians - Latest Meat Recall from CFIA

cherryfizzOctober 1, 2012

Here is the latest from Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Check your freezers. My friend already received a call from Costco to return the meat she bought a few weeks ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: CFIA

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Whew! Glad it wasn't turkey being your Thanksgiving will be here so soon!

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Here is a list of retail stores the meat was sold

Here is a link that might be useful: Stores

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One suggestion on CBC Radio was that if we were at all worried about the validity of some meat which we had purchased recently, that we might want to throw it out.

I react negatively to that, for if I do, all of the agencies that handled it from the processor on down get their usual profit on the sale.

It seems to me that the processor, who produces about a third of the meat in Canada, needs to be taught a lesson, rather than be allowed to collect that profit.

So I should return the meat to the store, asking the manager whether s/he can assure me that it is safe ... and if s/he says, "Yes", ask for that statement in writing.

Otherwise, ask for my money back. In many cases, the stores just throw the goods out and often eat the loss ... but with a major case such as this, no doubt they will be yelling loudly at the manufacturer.

If they get compensated ... why shouldn't I be?

If the result is that the manufacturer goes broke ... maybe others will learn a needed lesson.

Quite a number of products in the grocery are manufactured abroad, and I think that we should ask the managers of the stores what kind of safety standards those manufacturers must conform to.

After all - my health, even my life, may be at risk.

And some products say that they have been imported by such and such an agency.

Yeah - imported from, where?

Whose products must conform to what kind of safety standards?

ole joyful ... thankful for the measure of health that he enjoys ... and wants to preserve it as long as possible

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Fortunately I don't eat a lot of beef and don't have any in the freezer. I am looking forward to turkey this weekend and then leftovers for a couple of days.

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Ed, the store will give you your money back if it is from a store that sold it.

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I called a store about some ground beef that may have been part of the recall. I was told to discard it. Um, okay, but this is $40.00 worth of meat! Who is going to compensate me? I was told nobody was doing that!!!!!!!

Then they said IF I had the receipt I could bring it back to the store and they would give me basically store credit for it. I do not keep grocery receipts for goodness sake! The label clearly states the store, date, etc. on it and that should be good enough.

They are in for a fight from me, to be sure!


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Apparently the beef in stores now, is safe.

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