Shoes! How many do you have?

glenda_alOctober 12, 2012

I grew up having school shoes, and church or dressup shoes.

I don't own a lot, but I do know it's not healthy to wear the same shoes day in and day out.

I have everyday shoes, casual and only two pr of low heeled shoes for dress.

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I have five pairs of shoes....4 are Crocs and one pair is sandals.

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I can toss anything else, but somehow I hoard my shoes. I probably have 20 or so pairs.

NOTE TO SELF: This weekend clean out the closet and get rid of shoes I haven't worn for quite awhile. If I haven't worn them by now, I'm probably not going to.

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DW has a silly amount (my opinion). Personally, I will wear a pair of shoes or boots until they shred off of my feet! Jenny will insure that I have something in pristine condition for "occasions". Church shoes and untarnished sneakers basically. I confess that having been passed off by a loving mother to a loving high school sweetheart that my fashion sense has never truly developed. The good shoes are kept away, the clothes are laid out etc... It's shameful. :(

It can be a little amusing when I select my own attire. I come trudging down the steps and if it's an unsatisfactory ensemble she won't chastise or direct me but ask something like "So, you are going to wear that shirt?". I know that means go back upstairs and try again. :(

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Per my podiatrist, I have to wear a specific brand of shoes. They're regular shoes, not orthopedic ones, but they still retail for $80/pair. If I'm very lucky, I can sometimes find them on sale for $35-40.

So, I have one pair of sandals, one pair of really old ones that I wear in the garden, two 'everyday' pairs--one brown, one black; and 2 dressier pairs. So that's 6 pair

Also have 2 pairs of sneaks, 2 pairs of boots. Haven't bought a new pair of shoes in about 4 years.

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Five pairs of tennis shoes, 2 for work (one is a little tight so I don't wear them), 2 for home use, 1 is old and I use for working in the yard. One pair of Danskos that hurt my feet. They were originally work shoes. Haven't worn them in a long time. One pair of Burkinstock sandals. So, 7? A record for me. I'm not a shoe person and tend to wear out my tennis shoes before I buy new.

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I'm too embarrassed to answer so I won't. And that in itself is an answer.

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Because my feet are narrow, I have to order them, so I have a couple pair of sandals, couple pair of slip on's, and just got my new snow boots --Toe Warmers made in Canada.

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Just call me Imelda, I have two closets and a shoe room. I am an addict
300+, I will be leaving shoes in my will! If I ever get desperate I will sell some. I don't even want to think of the money I have invested!

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I thought I had a lot... till Terilyn posted. lol I have maybe 20 pair... which I wear maybe 5 pair of. I have a problem with feet swelling, so a lot of them don't fit most of the year. I have a couple pair of Crocs that I like, 2 pairs of wide sized boots and a pair of sneakers.

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MY GOD teri!!!! LMAO!!! If it makes you happy. :)

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I have a couple of pairs of athletic shoes.....don't like how they fit
2 pair nicer shoes that need replacing.
a really nice pair of dress sandals
a pair of Croc sandals to wear in the garden
I had two pair of regular Crocs but one pair got left at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago and DH appropriated the other pair.
I HATE shoes and have a long, narrow foot.
I cannot buy cheap shoes that fit and it is difficult to find comfortable shoes even if they are expensive.
When I find a pair of comfortable shoes I buy a pair in every color and wear them until they are disgusting.

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I probably have 15 pair. Too much, imo - they clutter up my closet.

First world problems.

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I have little bitty very wide feet...size 5 1/2 WW ! I have gone through my closet and discarded most things that don't fit,but Ido love shoes. I discovered 6pm,Zappo's discount site, and last month I bought 6 new pair! They have a brand that's very comfortable,and I splurge when they're on sale! In total,I probably have about 40 pair...a lot for a girl with weird feet.

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i have about 15 pair, most of which are birkenstocks, which i love. :)

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HMMM I have lots of shoes some never have even been worn BUT I got them at a good price and just maybe I might need them;) I have shoes that have been bought just to go with a special outfit that I will never wear again~~~being out here in So Cal I also have a lot of flip flops~~~My younger DD will come by here when we are vaca and go shoe shopping, I have never missed any of them~~~I just found out my new DIL wears the same size I do also~~so I invited her to come shoe shopping in my closet one day;)

If I can get each girl to take 5-8 pairs of shoes then I can buy some more~~~I love cute shoes~~~gotta have cute shoes;)

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Too many to count.

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About 4 pair.

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Well over 100 pairs. That includes 10 pairs of boots, 11 pairs if you count my rain boots.

I have shoes in every color to match my outfits - either flats or pumps (or both!). I have party shoes, dancing shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, flipflops, loafers, mules, and plain old little "tennis shoes" - like Keds.

My shoe cubes are overflowing, I have shoes that I've put away for the season, and I just bought three new pairs last week because I love shoes. LOVE.

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Re: Teri and others. I tell DH it's cheaper than therapy when he calls me Imelda. I wear size 10 (I'm tall) so my shoes take up a lot of space. I do donate from time to time. It's probably time.-) Has anyone donated shoes to Soles for Souls?


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I have about 20 pairs that I wear and about 5 pair in my closet I don't wear and should get rid of. My husband thinks I have more but I counted! He has about 6 pairs of shoes but about 8 pair of boots for hunting and work so he can't say much.

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Shoes, boots, flip flops, tennis shoes, sandals....I think I will plead the 5th! But I know it's less then Terilyn! :)

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Country Sunflower

About 30 pair.. which I am going to thin out pronto... some I haven't worn in ages... and don't even like anymore....


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I don't have very many pairs, maybe 5 plus old things I wear around the house.


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I refuse to answer this question. Somehow my summer sandals have really multiplied. I told myself in the spring that I could not buy anymore sandals until some of mine wore out. That may be a long time. I have shoes just for winter, dress shoes and mostly sandals for spring and summer.
When DS was growing up, I had only 2 pairs of shoes at a time because money was really tight. After he was grown, my shoe collection grew/

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Mainly wear tennis shoes, dress shoes & house shoes, one pair of sandals & boots so I would say total less than 15.

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I forgot....I have two pairs of rubber boots to add to my 5 pairs of shoes. ;)

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About 30 pairs of shoes. I am more of a purse lady. I had 57 purses until I downsized a few months ago. I got rid of 20 and have only bought 2 since. I love cute purses.

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I have 21 pair, but I really need to toss some of them and donate a few of the better pair to Goodwill. Had you asked that when I was working, my answer would be more like Terilyn's. Well, not quite :-)

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Sally Brownlee

Counting slippers, sandals, slides, sneakers, heels, flats, crocs, mucks, flip-flops, shower, cowboy boots, work boots, hiking boots and dress boots I am slightly +100.

I was at first too embarrassed to post, but feeling in good company with some other shoe hoarders! Lol

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Several years ago I would have given Terilyn a run for shoe queen LOL I had hundreds of them too.

but now I have so much trouble with my stupid weird feet and ankles that I am much more limited to what I wear. And during the bad times when they are swollen so much I have to have an entire group of shoes for those days.
But I have 3 pairs of sandals that are my go to shoes in summer. I don't have many boots any more but I do have a couple of pair that go above the ankle.
I have not counted but I know it is under 100 probably under 50. Drastically less than years ago!

Marilyn I have my pink camo muddin boots too LOL and my pair of just plain black rubber boots. I would not be with out rubber boots! IF you have ever lived in Hurricane land you find out fast how they come in handy.

Now my sisters all have the really cute rubber boots that look just like cowboy boots, they are so cute but I don't have any of those. In Louisiana we went out one night and everyone one of the gals had on those boots all in different designs and patterns.

Oh I did not count slippers in there I think I have 4 pair of slippers some for indoor only some that can go out.

now for those that just have to know what the heck I am talking about with the cute rubber cowboy boots here you go!
Nomad Yippy Western Style Green Flower Power Rain Boots

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Flip flops for every day.
Flats for winter/if I have to go to Court.
Sorel boots for severe winter.

3 pair

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Sally Brownlee

RC, why did you have to link those boots??
I have perfectly good rain boots I hardly ever wear...but those are so stinking cute!

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My mother used to make us wear rainboots to school when it was raining. We called them galoshes. We slipped into them with our shoes on.

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I have about 40 pair. Two different kind of sneakers, four kinds of hiking shoes/boots, a pair of water hiking sandals as well. Several pair of high heels for formal occasions and work. Four pairs of casual and dressy boots. Lots of sandals.

If I find a pair of shoes that do not give me grief, I often go back to the store and buy every color they make in that style.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I know I love them too. And there's so many colors and styles, that link is just a few. They also have them in the short boot and I just saw some on Amazon that had fleur de lis all over them, I collect all kinds of things with fleur de lis. It is tempting. Lol

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I am also one with small wide feet. I just went downstairs to count and stopped when I reached 50. But this incldes flip flops.
Because I have such trouble finding shoes, when I do get something comfortable, I run out and buy two more pairs.
I just had to buy sneakers and of course had to order online because stores don't carry many wides. I finally found one pair that fit so I bought a second pair to keep when these wear out.
So, with me it is reassurance that I have shoes that fit because if I went out today for something I would not be able to find it.
Luck are the people with regular size feet.

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