Katlan (and whoever) Deep Dish - my version

OnAHollidayOctober 5, 2012

Please, take it, make it yours! Bare in mind that no directions are 100% accurate in every instance, play it by ear. Here's something NOT in the recipe that I do every time because the liquids the fresh veggies give up can drown the pie. I slide the pie onto a cooling rack and puncture the crust's bottom to allow some of the excess moisture to drain off. Not mandatory by any means it's just something that I do. I was asked for this recipe many times so I went to the trouble to make a decent set of instructions. :)

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OAH, you are truly a pizza baker.

I always knew that :o)

Hats off to you as that's a GREAT easy to follow recipe and directions!

That took time to put together.


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