How I can save or e-mail an Adobe Flash Player video?

dorothy_oahuOctober 20, 2012

My DD has posted some of my GS on Face Book but I don't know how to save them. My DH wants me to e-mail them to his work computer.

My grandson has one of his new band that is on YouTube that they did to raise money for the Cancer Alliance. I know how to send that but know nothing about the Adobe videos.

Plus I want to save them for myself.

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The easiest way is to copy and cut the url from the photo and then paste it into the email.

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You can also do this:
If you just want the picture on your computer, follow these steps:
-Right click on the picture
-From the menu that pops up choose "Save image as..."
-A window titles Save Image pops up. Navigate through to where you'd like the photo to go. (Desktop is often best , just for the fact that the photo is easy to find once copied to your computer. From there you can just click and drag to the folder you want it in.) Also rename the photo at this time if you'd like.
-Click Save.

To email the photo, you should see somewhere on your email page a place where you can add a file to send. Choose to do that, then in the window that comes up choose the photo from your desktop.

I hope that's what you were looking for! Good luck!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you do not mention what browser you use? if you use firefox there is a good add on that will allow you to do that easily.

this may help
How to save flash videos that i see in the websites?

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Thank you for the help but there is no URL on the Adobe Flash Player Video.

ravencajun,I'm going to try your advice. I'll try it tomorrow. That sounds like what I need. I use Mozilla Firefox. My DD tried to send it to my e.mail today from her phone but could only send it in 3 parts and it's not that long.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX
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