Canadian friends, what are you Thanksgiving plans?

patti43October 5, 2012

Monday is your Thanksgiving, you wise people who have it in October instead of the end of November! What are your plans and what's on your menu? Does your menu change or does your family insist on the same thing every year?

Wishing you a happy day and enjoy your family/friends. I'm grateful for getting to know you!

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Thanks for the good wishes. We have been having gorgeous weather and it is going to hold through for the long weekend which will be nice.

I'm cooking a Turkey dinner on Monday with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted vegies, salad, marinated brussel sprouts and pumpkin pie. Pretty much the same year after year. I am allowed to change the appetizers but not much else. I'm cooking for my husband, my 2 sons and their girlfriends and the 2 grandmas. It's a small group this year but will be more relaxing for me!

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Thank you for the good wishes! Our menu selection usually stays pretty much the same over the years. It includes turkey with stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, some veggies, (usually corn, asparagus, broccoli) dinner rolls and usually pumpkin pie with whipped cream, a cheescake and a fruit pie with ice cream.

We change up some of the veggies, but potatoes, yams and cranberry sauce are a constant, and our cheesecake and fruit pie might change, but the pumpkin pie is ALWAYs on the menu, as it's the favourite.

We do love our Thanksgiving weekend, but I think I'd say that most Canadians tend to make Christmas their priority for the 'must get family together' visit, if visits can't be possible on both holidays. Am I correct in thinking that the Thanksgiving visit is the bigger 'traveling to be with family' visit in the States?

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Going over to DD's house. She's doing the turkey, mashed potatoes and a veg. I'm bringing the stuffing and turnip casserole. Her DMil is bringing dessert. A lovely time will be had by all!

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Thanks Patti

My older brother called today so I am going to his house on Monday. My younger brother and his daughter will be there as well and hopefully my niece and her husband and kids. They told me not to bring anything but I am going to make some butter tarts


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Must wish my best pal Sue a Happy Thanksgiving, she relocated from NY state to Ottawa!

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Thanks for the good wishes!!
Our Thanksgiving is pretty routine, full of traditional dishes.

I made the mashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream, turnip puff, and I'll be doing the dressing in the slow cooker.

I'll pick up the turkey from step-father's, start cooking it here, then take it over there and finish cooking it.
Others are bringing cabbage rolls (SIL allergic to turkey so she makes those), salads, and dessert.

The weather has turned cooler, overcast and supposed to be rainy. That will bring the leaves down quick.

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Thanks so much for the wonderful wishes :) We are actually doing 2 dinners this year. One was last weekend when our younger son was home and one later today now that our other son is home. Meal stays pretty much the same except for little things like onion in the dressing etc. Going to meet our elder sons girlfriends family for the first time today :)
Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday.

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Your posts have made me anxious for our Thanksgiving to get here. You will all have such a nice day with wonderful food and family.

Pickyshopper, I don't know which holiday people travel "home" for in the States. Good question! Our family always gathered at Thanksgiving and it's still my favorite holiday.

Cherryfizz, I was wondering if anyone was having butter tarts. They sounds so yummy!

Blfenton, eight people is quite a few--or would be in our little house. Isn't it strange that both our countries have basically the same meal for Thanksgiving? We're all pretty smart--can't think of another meal that tastes better or smells better.

Luckygardnr, you don't look old enough to have a grown daughter!!! Wow, what's your secret?

Jasdip, (Miss Smarty in the top ten on the trivia game :-) I want to make your turnip puff and have the recipe but did you say you made it with rutabaga? I like rutabaga better, but wanted to double-check.

Holy cow, Taigen, you're a better mom than I am. One turkey dinner is enough! I'd be tempted to freeze the leftovers and reheat. That's a lot of work, girl! Good luck with "the meeting" today.

Wish I could be in your kitchens just to sniff today. Guess I just have to wait. Sigh!

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Definitely rutabaga, Patti. The yellow fleshed veggie. I call them both Turnips. Try it, I know you and Harry will love it. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. All of your meals sound really good. I baked a lot of pies today, if I bring some can I come too?


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mmmmmmm it all sounds so good. I'm craving Thanksgiving dinner now. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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Patti, on my next birthday I'll be 60! DD will be 39, and the GKs will be 7 and 11.

Time flies, but I'm loving every minute of it!

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Stuff yourselves friends! Burp out loud, belch out strong! Enjoy the day while we southerners have our wimpy "Columbus Day"!

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