are you holding out... and not turning the central heat on yet?

OklaMoniOctober 5, 2012

So far, so good. But I am not sure, how I will hold out tomorrow.

I really hate going from AC to heat, without a whole month off first.

It's 63 inside right now, and unfortunately the high tomorrow is only projected to go to 55... and that would keep the house from warming up.

Thank goodness for a space heater to heat up the bathroom/changing room. :)


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Got so cold last night, I got up and closed the window, and turned the heat on. Just enough to be able to shower comfortably for an eary appointment. I hope we have a nice fall, but we more likely will skip fall!

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Don't need it yet.
Windows open and bedroom ac window until will be running.

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we finally broke down and turned it on last night. It was cold in here. Here in SD it was 28 degrees here this
morning. I had to scrape my windows at 5:30 so I could go to work. I said in a few days we will need the air conditioner again though.

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Oh, Glenda, no bedroom AC needed here... just open your window, and add another blanket or two. :)

But then I slept in a rather warm house all summer.... while trying to keep my utility bills low.


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I'm holding out! But tomorrow my grandkids are visiting and I will probably have to give in for their sakes. :)

We have in floor heating so you can't just click it on to take out the takes a while! Once it's on it sure is nice to have warmth underfoot though!

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It's still in the mid-80's here. I wish it would cool down. Nighttime is nice though. It's 74 currently at nearly 6 PM.

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If I had my way it wouldn't be on til it's freezing outside. I can take cold way better than hot. I pretty much hibernate at home in the summer, can't stand to be out in the heat and sun.

The past couple winters, (since menopause has kicked-in in a bad way) I kept our thermostat set on 62! DH froze, poor guy. So we did up it to 64 or 65. I just wore t-shirts, he wore sweatshirts.

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I turned mine on this morning after sleeping with a window open all night. A winter robe wasn't enough to keep me warm when I got up. I left it on all day and have to remember to turn it way down tonight. It is supposed to be 28 tonight.

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I have turned mine on, we have an unheated finished porch that makes the main living area cool. BUT watch my thermometer in the room by the thermostat so I can make adjustments.


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We probably won't need to turn on the heat until mid-January, or possibly later.

We are still running the central air, and though the temp is set higher than I prefer, it will NOT go off. It's still in the high 80's here. I will not allow the house to get that hot - I might kill people, LOL.

We are expecting a cold front tomorrow, so the AC might go off if it gets cool enough. We may actually open a window in the bedroom. But we're expected to be back in the high 80s-low 90s just 3 days out. The AC will be on.

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SHEESH~~~~we have the AC on right now here in SoCal it is 80 in my house! I could cry I am so dam sick of the heat;(

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It was 92 here today so no furnace needed.

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Turned mine last night when I heard it was to be down to 38 and this morning the furnace came on. Feels good to have some heat on this windy gloomy day...but a nice comfy 74 in here...and that is where it will be for the rest of the winter...if not warmer....I hate winter!

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Not yet. It hasn't been terribly cold - mostly in the 50's and 60's - so very comfortable.

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I had the oil burner on twice, both times so I wouldn't freeze coming out of the shower into the cold rooms. But the woodstove will be my main source of heat again this year, and I haven't fired it up yet. Usually I look forward to it, but this year everything seems like work.

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I won't turn the heat on until Thanksgiving. Easy for me to say, I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving is this weekend. But, our weather on the west coast since the beginning of August has been SPECTACULAR and the forecast for this week is more sunshine. Our fall this year is unbelievable so I still won't have to turn on the heat.

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No AC here, with temps in 20-40 area. Still cool all next week ---ND near the Canadian border.

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Heat is not yet turned on here in Southern Oregon although the nights have required another blanket. 44 degrees I think last night and quite chilly now. Our days have been spectacular (80's) these last many weeks, unusually dry and making up for the unusually wet June/July. I dread the coming wet and cold, but love love the changing of the seasons and colors of the trees.

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Still in 80s here. AC just clicked off . So ready for cooler weather

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Yup, we are delighted to have some days in the 70s after a month of heat. No need for heat here.

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I've had the heat on for a week. Its been getting too cold at night and too slow to warm during the day to bring the house temp up to 67 F. The expected low for tonight is in the 20s F. Yes, we expect our first freeze tonight. The artic cold wave sweeping out of Canada is a serious one - just ask North Dakato and Minnesota. We had three very nice days at the beginning of this week, and that's all we can ask for at this time of year.

One note of interest: My chipmuks are still active. This late for them. In past year, they would be curled up in their burrow and awaking only if thirsty on a really warm day. Five years ago, my chipmunks disappeared by Sept. 20. Global warming" I don't know.

I am predicting that migrastory water foul will ride south on this cold wave. It'll encourage the geese to move and they will take advantage of favorable winds aloft if present. The next 2 weekends might be a good time to go to Horicon Marsh to view geese, ducks, swans, and bitterns. During the peak of migration, Horicon Marsh becomes a traffic jam of water foul.

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Well, I wimped out this morning. 57 degrees inside. It's the weekend, with no plans for any indoor activities any place else.

If I had to go to work today and tomorrow, I could hold off. But being at home, with warm wool socks on, wool long johns, polar fleece pants, extra warm wool turtle neck, and my polar fleece robe and I was freezing.

Took me 45 minutes to get the nerve up to get out of the warm bed.

I was sitting here at the computer telling my sis, why I am holding out... when I realized, this is stupid. So, I will have the heat on today and tomorrow, but I can turn it back off there after for a while.

Now I just have to find out, what to do about my smoke alarm. I mounted it on the ceiling outside my bedroom door last spring. It went off. It's very loud, and even has a voice telling me Fire, Fire.... I need to dig out the manual, and see, if there is a setting I can change.. or I need to mount it someplace different.

It is warming up. I should be able to take my robe off in a few minutes.

This arctic/Canadian cold front is more than I want to handle without the warmth of my furnace.


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It's been pretty warm here on Long Island. I close the windows at night but haven't run the AC in weeks! Yesterday it was 78 degrees, in the seventies today, but a cold front is coming (Thank You, Canadians) so it will be in the 50's tonight. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to adjust the thermostat. Or maybe I should just set it on 70?

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I haven't needed AC or heat for a month. What a treat. Tomorrow a high in the 50's is predicted, so I will most likely turn on the furnace. However, by next week I may turn it off again. I hope so. My last utility bill (gas and electric) was only $68 dollars for the month. Nice. Bet I can add a couple hundred to that in January. I did have insulation blown into my attic and that has reduced the heating bill a lot.

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I won't turn it on tonight even though the lows will be in the 20's. I'm not home right now and can't turn on my heat right now. We've been having issues with the furnace and I don't dare run it when I'm not at home. I'll have to eventually but I need to be there for the first couple of days.

By the way, I'm camping and I am running a space heater this morning to take the chill off.

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scissors, camping how? RV, tent?

So far, I have NEVER camped with a heater, or electric blanket. I have also quit camping if it isn't supposed to get at least in to the 60's during the day, if it was a COLD night (45 or below).

I tent camp only.


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It was 34 out when I looked at my thermometer this morning and there was ice on the vehicles. No central heating here, just turn on whatever room you want to heat. However have not turned it on today. The oven is going so will heat it up some.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The ac is definitely still on and probably will be for some time yet. However they are saying it might get into the 60s on Sunday and lower temps of 50s at night, but that is only for a day or so then back up in the 80s. Currently here in North Houston it is 78 according to my computer and blue skies with big white puffy clouds.

I do try to keep from turning the heat on as long as I can, I will wear more clothes and bundle up. I like it cold at night to sleep anyway. I am always hot in general.

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Wow 28 for some people. 80 for others. 70 degree thermostat would seriously make me nauseated. I really can't take the heat, and being overheated. My in-laws house is always 80, I sit there with sweat running down my back, it's really hard to take.

There needs to be someplace in the world that it stays between 50 and 60 always, overcast, no wind. I would be in heaven, haha.

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I don't think the heat has come on yet. Not sure what it is set at. Dh would mess with it if I changed it. Froze at soccor this morning. It was sleeting on us for a little while. Came home and built a fire in the wood stove. We are slowly warming up.

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It's been freezing here at night and yes, the heat has come on a couple of nights for the last couple of weeks.

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Jemdandy - I've heard that Horicon Marsh is extremely dried up this year. Haven't been to see it myself in years!

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When the house got to 59 degrees inside, yes, the furnace was turned on.

We are looking at frost tonight, maybe even a freeze.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well finally the cool front came to North Houston!
Currently it is 53!!Of course that won't last long here but it is a nice respite.
However my little dog won't come out from under her fluffy blanket LOL She would really like it if we all just went back to bed and cuddled! with her in the middle so she is warm.

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Come on out to Calif(southern) if you can afford our gas:)

We're still on the warm side,it's cooled down some,but not enough for me yet.I'm still sleeping with 3 fans on and the window open.We don't have ac and never really needed it .But then this year we got hit with high temps and high humidity,and i;m one of those that can't stand to be hot.

I still have just a top sheet,and a flannel top sheet on top of that,and most of the night those are thrown off.

I have a fan going right now here by the computor.

DH is the extreme opposite of me,he likes his covers,even some of those days when it was in the 90's and the humidity was in the 80's he'd be covered up for his afternoon nap.

I despise heat,give me the cold because at least i can put on more clothes if needed,but when it's hot i can only take off so much.


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I caved in and turned the furnace on, it is going down into the 30's tonight. I have it set to 65F just to take the chill off the house.


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Anne, that is how I felt yesterday morning. It never got warm enough to leave the heat off. Well, I tried, but after the inside temp dropped 4 degrees, I turned it back on around 1 PM.

It isn't like I can't pay for it.. it was the principle.


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Finally turned the heat on around 11:00 this morning. Just could not take the cold anymore - it was 68 degrees in the house and long sleeves, sweaters, and pants just do not keep the cold away.

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I have had to turn on the fan here at night.....this has been a warm summer and fall so far.
I don't usually turn on the heater until November 1st or after but I hate being cold.
Speaking of gasoline prices.......I bought gas here a week ago for $4.07 and today it is closer to $5. Our county has one of the highest priced gasoline in the nation.

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We just got home from camping in the rv in nw pa. We had to run the furnace and electric heaters in it. Dh turned the furnace on in the house when we got home. It was 60 in the house. We are under a freeze warning with temps expected to be around 33 tonight.

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Not yet--it's only going down into the 40s at night here, so far. We keep our heat at 52-55, so the house isn't dropping that low overnight yet (being brick, it absorbs and holds heat pretty well.

We won't turn on the heat until the inside daytime temps get below 52. At night, with that furnace of a pillow-top mattress we have under us, and a blanket and spread on top, I wake up sweating no matter how cool the house temps are.

I am a little surprised that with the cost of fuel, that so many keep their homes so warm. I find it's perfectly comfortable to keep the house around 55--you wear jeans, and maybe 2 shirts--a T and a sweatshirt are enough. I'm so much more energetic when the house is cooler. Mind you, you can't go from mid 80's to mid 50's and be comfortable, but if you ease into it, your body adjusts quite nicely.

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We've had several days in the low forties and dipped into the thirties at night. I've got the heat on.

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We have a programmable thermostat that turns temp up or down, at specific times, based on indoor temp. The only thing we do between seasons is change the switch from cooling if temp drops or heating if temp is below preferred temp. There are multiple automatic settings we use based on clock time - for daylight or nighttime.

We flick the switch from cooling to heating last week, and it will stay that way next summer.

I have severe arthritis, and the cold actually hurts. I cannot tolerate indoor temps lower than 70, and prefer 74 during the day.

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Temps went down into the 40's last night. I was at a party and got home at 7:30. The house was so cold. I gave in and turned on the furnace. It's still on. Not only is it chilly, it is also quite damp, so I really need the heat.

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