Do you likw oysters?

marilyn_cOctober 26, 2012

Debn's shrimp creole got me to thinking about seafood. My husband still keeps an oyster license, although he hasn't oystered in about 20 years. Oyster reason opens November 1st here. Of course, you can buy oysters year round that are taken from private reefs, but they really don't taste good (to me) until after a couple of cold spells.

My mother loved oyster stew and I have made many pots of it for her, and my husband likes them raw, in stew, on the grill and anyway you can think of to eat them. I just like them fried. I like them fried in cracker meal. I used to use Nabisco cracker meal, which came in a blue box, but I haven't found any in quite awhile. I did find another brand of cracker meal. My mother used to use a rolling pin and crush saltine crackers. Many people fry them in corn meal, but if I don't have cracker meal, I like them fried in flour with some baking powder added, or just use self rising flour. you love them....or hate them?

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Love Love love lover oysters any which way!

Apalachicola Oysters from Applachicola Bay Florida are the best here.

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I hate them! When I was five years old my brother was getting married for the first time, at his rehearsal dinner raw oysters were served. He pushed one in my mouth, I chewed and chewed... The results were not pretty.

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Not for me either!!!

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I love them too, if buying and not digging/raking I'll try to get Olympia or Kumamotos. But I generally like the smaller sizes (or I quarter them sometimes), like them fried or in stew. I've had them sauteed in butter and that's fine too....

Many I know grill them in the shell with a concoction of butter, bread crumbs, seasonings but as with most seafood, I like it simple without the actual taste too covered up.

I don't really know anyone who eats raw shellfish any more. We;re right at the beach, and not a bad inland drive to saltwater Hood's Canal where they are plentiful too, but even having them available so fresh it just seems a little risky not to cook them.

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Love fried oysters. Not raw. Like them steamed too, and smoked. A few years ago someone gave me a recipe for oyster casserole. It was so good. I'm glad you reminded me because now I want to make some for Thanksgiving dinner.

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I love them no matter if they are raw or cooked.

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I love oysters anyway you can fix them. LOVE oyster stew! My favorite way is raw on a saltine cracker..with or without cocktail sauce made with lots of horseradish.


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Like 'em from the Chesapeake Bay and almost icy...raw, right out of the shell.

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Don't like them to eat. But I still love them--they've earned me several trips to the National Oyster Festival, a couple of thousand $$$, not to mention a lot of friends. Can't possibly dislike something like that!

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I like them, but not raw. They were $16. A pint at the store. No way could I pay that!

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I like oysters any way but fried. Raw oysters fresh from Marshall, CA are my favorite appetizers with a glass of good chardonnay.

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Country Sunflower

No... I don't.... I LOVE THEM !! Fried, in stew, on the halfshell, steamed, oh my yess.....

Now my mouth is watering...


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No way, I do not like them at all.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

LOVE oysters, but have a strong preference for the thin shelled oysters of the Carolina Lowcountry. They are so superior to any other oysters in my humble opinion that they are the only ones I'll eat gently steamed or raw. It doesn't matter so much about those destined for the deep fryer or a stew.

Oyster roasts consist of heating up a big steel sheet over glowing embers, tossing a couple shovels of freshly harvested oysters on the piece of metal, and covering them with a layer of soaked burlap, or croaker sacks. When the oysters are barely heated, they're shoveled onto newspaper tables where everyone is waiting with their iwn oyster knife in hand. Melted butter, horseradish sauce, and crackers will be awaiting.

Wonderful memories of all the oyster roasts back in Beaufort. I still have my knife, unused for ten years. :-(

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I love oysters.....on the half shell, in oyster stew, fried if I get them in Cayucos, Ca or cooked on an open pit BBQ using red oak coals.
I checked out a book at our local library about was very interesting.

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I really dont remember eating any never appealed to me

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I like oysters about any way they are served.

Has anyone mentioned oyster Po'Boy sandwiches? Yum!

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No way would I eat any. They do smell good when they are being charbroiled in butter and garlic. I will pick them out if in gumbo.

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My sons have introduced me to raw oysters on the half shell at Kings Seafood Restaurants, and I love them. They taste of the ocean. I also remember as a young bride going to the grand opening of the new Chicago Mercantile Exchange. There were platters heaped with these little fried things, and a tartar sauce for dipping. My DH and I ate them all night long, and only later learned that they were fried oysters. They were delicious.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Love them, haven't found a way yet that I don't love them. I very rarely eat them raw anymore and my specialist forbids me to now. I really love fried oyster poboys! I like them fried in cornmeal best. But if you give me an oyster I will eat it. I have sat with a fresh caught sack and a shucking knife and eaten my fill back in my younger days.
I do eat them in gumbo but if I had to pick my least favorite that would be it.

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i could never talk myself into eating them. i used to make oyster stuffing at thanksgiving time for my husband and his family. i do like clams, though. steamed or baked. :)

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I'm afraid to eat oysters. They look awful to me. I have had steamed clams and they were okay. An excuse to consume lemon, hot sauce and butter.

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Seems like people either love them or hate them. :)) My husband usually buys them opened now, or if he goes down to the dock and someone has a few left over, he will bring them home and open them. We know a couple of guys who will buy a sack and open them to sell by the quart, so either get from them or one of the oyster houses in San Leon. When we have them, will fry them for supper and if any are left over, I will get up the next morning and fry some for breakfast, and if any more are left...I may fry some for lunch. I don't really like them after they have been frozen. It has been so many years...I might experiment with a few frozen again.

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I like oyster stew and fried oysters...don't think I'd try the raw ones. The only way I've eaten fried ones is at a restaurant.

I've never handled fresh oysters and have made oyster stew for myself with the canned product.

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I like them--especially oysters Rockefeller with spinach and bacon on the grill. Like them smoked, too. Used to like them raw until I OD'd on them. A bunch of us bought a bushel of Appalachicola (sp?) oysters and two guys shucked while we ate. I like raw ones on a saltine with hot sauce. But I ate way more than I should've and now I can hardly look at them raw.

Like them fried, too. Used to make oyster dressing at Thanksgiving for Harry's son when he was alive. He just loved it.

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Another one of those things that I wouldn't touch until I was later on in life and realized how wonderful they are. I have a recipe for an oysters Rockerfeller casserole that is SO good. It even has the Herbesaint floating on top before you put it in the oven. Oh, that scent when it's baking!!!

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I'm schizophrenic...I like them, but I try to not eat them often. Like all bottom-feeding aquatic critters, they feed on bottom sediments which can be heavily polluted with toxic chemicals and metals, and these materials can accumulate in their innards. I tell myself that eating them occasionally will not be a problem, but I wouldn't do it on a weekly basis.

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LOL Kudzu....I don't want to think about that! I was just telling David I wanted some oysters tonight. But....I am on Methotrexate for Psoriasis and I don't dare eat them raw. I would dearly love some raw though...just the thought of them makes me drool.
Maxmom...I would love that recipe for oysters rockerfeller casserole!


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This brings back memories. My Mom and Grandma always made a separate dish of oyster dressing for the holidays.. Haven't had it in years..

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Raw, saltine w/horseradish or nicely spiced cocktail sauce... I could eat my weight in them!

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Hate them. In fact I don't eat any sea food.

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Here ya go, Deb:

Oysters Rockefeller Casserole

1 10 oz. pack frozen spinach
1/2 stick butter
1/2-1/4 cup Italian bread crumbs
salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbsp. Worchestershire sauce
Tabasco to taste
1 tsp. Lawrey's season salt
2 pints oyster, (mostly drained)
1/2 tsp. oregano
dash of garlic salt
dash of lemon juice
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 Tbsp Herbsaint or other anise flavored liqueur

Cook spinach and drain completely. Set aside.
Combine all other ingredients except oysters, liqueur and Parmesan cheese, working butter into the mixture. Fold in the spinach and then the oysters.
Place in a 1 1/2 quart casserole and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese, and float the liqueur on top. Cover and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.

My notes: This was my husband's recipe and since he never used a recipe, all measurements are approximate. This will be fairly juicy and occasionally I will incorporate an egg as a binder, but I do love the juice sopped up with good French bread (and a lamb chop or two on the side.)
The anise flavored liqueur is pretty important as it gives this dish the unique flavor. Herbsaint, I believe, may only be available in Louisanna and that's the only one I've ever used.

Hope you make and enjoy it.


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No, I do not like oysters.

But I used to fry them for my DH, and I made oyster stew, but I didn't eat that either.

My DF ate them raw and that nearly made me gag.

When I was young I liked sardines, until someone told me that sardines had not been cleaned. Haven't eaten one since then. That is the same reason I never ate oysters.



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I have never had the opportunity to try them cooked, so I cannot say. And as for eating them raw?

I would prefer not to have a mouthful of snot, thank you.



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