HVAC Forum Rant

Pooh BearOctober 21, 2012

I'm just venting. I can't say everyone on the HVAC forum

is rude and unhelpful, but most of the ones I have encountered

certainly are. I posted a question. And got called a troll.

I don't mock people and call them names when they ask my help.

If I can help, then I help. If I can't, then I surf on by.

Being rude and condescending doesn't help anything.

Go view the post and tell me if I'm out of line.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: My HVAC Forum Posting

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Wow; sounds like that person is having a bad day! They obviously have no comassion either; LOTS of people don't have extra money laying around these days! Don't let this bother you; it's that person with the problem! :)

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I would say the same thing, PB. Sounds like you are being careful...so just shake it off and keep on trucking.

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Now that was one nasty person there....ignore him/her.

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

I saw that post earlier and thought he/she was about as far out of line as being out of line gets. I'm sorry you had to be on the receiving end of such awful behavior.

Now then...will the real troll please step forward? LOL

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Horrible. What a miserable being he is.

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Pooh Bear

I intend to ignore the negative posts
on that forum from now on.
I know who the real troll is.

Pooh Bear

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I checked a couple of other threads where he had posted.

It looks like he is only polite to people with whom he is familiar, but tends to be suspicious and extremely rude to posters who are new to that forum.

I'm hoping you won't take it personally -- we know what a great guy you are!

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Don't take it personally. There are one or two (who will remain nameless) on the kitchen forum that act like attack dogs. They spout negativity instead of constructive advice and seem to think they know everything. They degrade some new posters and almost seem protective of the forum - as if they own it. You'll find people like that everywhere. I just end up feeling sorry for them. Imagine how crappy their lives must be to be so hateful...

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Wow, he surely is a nasty tempered person. I read some of the other post where he was rather snarly to others.. Shame on him.

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Pooh Bear, I know how you feel cuz I've been called out a couple of times. But I believe like everyone else here - just ignore them and realize just what miserable human beings they are.

Like you, if I can, I like to give help or constructive criticism, not some smart aleck comment.

Some folks just seem to thrive on that type of behavior.

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