Soda's No Good for you!!!!!

azzaleaOctober 3, 2012

Long day--we left early this morning to head back to the 'old' neighborhood--DH and I both had drs appts and I had a dentist appt. Figured at an hour away, we should do as much as we could in one trip. So we had a late lunch--3 o'clock.

We weren't so hungry for dinner, so DH grabbed a pizza from the freezer. We were just sittind down to on our plates, ready for our quick and easy dinner... when I opened a small, 12 ounce bottle of soda and it exploded. All over the table, the food, me, my clothes, the chairs, the chair cushions, and, of course, the floor. I can't be sure, but DH has this OCD thing where he HAS to shake every bottle of liquid he picks up--be it medicine, milk, iced tea, shampoo, laundry detergent (that doesn't work well, when it's one of those no-drip containers--have had to deal with THAT mess in the past), soy sauce, whatever. He got the bottle for me, and he's not a prankster, so I know it wasn't on purpose, but I suspect he shook it without thinking.

So I've washed the floor 3 times, but know it will probably need another rinse or two, washed down the chairs, have one load of wash in, I'll do the cushions next (I'll be up till midnight!), took a shower. And I still haven't eaten. And really am not hungry for pizza at this point.....

So, I'm thinking of giving up soda, what do you think?

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Ahh, Azzalea, that's a shame. Especially when you were already tired. You'll either have to give up soda or always go get it yourself. Of course, there's a 3rd choice, but I don't think you really want to get rid of him. ;*)


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azzaleas,,,,,here is a trick...if you even think a can of soda or beer has been shaken,,,tap the bottom of the can a couple times with a metal object,,a a coin, a key, a spoon or whatever is at hand, then pull the tab and no spray....

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Hmmm, if he shook it and caused the explosion, shouldn't he clean up the resulting mess??

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Petra I'm with you..why isn,t he cleaning it up..I thought people with OCD liked to clean stuff up? But yes give it up especially if he shakes it all the time!!!

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That happened to me once, I was walking down a shopping aisle and a bottle of root bear exploded and all the glass (before plastic was in)and liquid landed on me. The glass pierced my outer clothing but, thank goodness,I was wearing a suede coat so I was saved.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I hope it was diet soda...even that gets sticky when it goes all over the place...I can't image one with sugar in it.

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My kids learned that if you tap the top of a can of soda several times, I cannot remember the magic number, that it will not fizz all over you when you open it, even if someone shook it. They used to always do the tapping thing. Nowadays, we don't buy soda.

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I think it's a lot better to just let the hubby live with the guilt for a little while! (I know the OCD has a mind of its own, tho, and clearly he didn't do it on purpose. But still!)

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What a sticky mess! I gave up soda for lent years ago. I was a diet coke addict. Couldn't wait for that first swig on Easter Sunday. YUCK! Haven't drank it since. Now I'm a Crystal Light addict. :(

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What a mess.

Yes, it is good to give up soda. I did years ago. The money savings and the sugar savings are great. :)

I am so sorry, this happened to you.


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What a mess - I can sympathize with you. With 3 kids I've had that happen once or twice and i think soda is the worst liquid to clean. It does go everywhere. We normally drink home brewed iced tea but I still like a Pepsi with a slice of pizza.

Did you at least get to eat yours or were you too busy cleaning?

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Well, as to DH--I didn't SEE him shake it, I'm just guessing it's a possibility. And you can't blame someone for something they do unconsciously, really--shaking liquid is, for him, like blinking--he doesn't even realize he's doing it.

No, I never did get to eat. And even though I thoroughly washed the floor last night--FOUR times--I'm still finding sticky patches (it was sugar soda--artificial sweeteners make me very sick, can't use them). Just gave it another mopping.

Back when 2 liter soda bottles first came out--before they redesigned them to prevent the problem--Mom brought one home from the store, unpacked her groceries, and was then sitting in the living room when she heard the explosion. I can't even begin to imagine cleaning up 2 liters of the stuff. At least I'm only dealing with a small bottle, thank goodness.

As to the health/financial benefits of giving up soda--let me mention that I don't drink a lot of it--a 12 ounce bottle lasts me about 3 days, because I only take a few. swallows at a meal, in a glass with a lot of ice. I maybe buy a 6 pack every 3 weeks or so. But like someone else said, it does go SO well with pizza!

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Hi yaya ...

yeah - those root bears can be like wild beasts, at times!

Sodas/pop aren't exactly my cup of tea - buy maybe a couple a year.

I've heard that if we got to know what was in the diet stuff - that we wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole.

o j

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The old wives tale about tapping a can to eliminate carbonation is just that. A tale. Here's what Snopes says and I've found the same results after years of experience with various types of foamables. The best thing to do with a shaken can/bottle is let it sit. Actually I'd question if the opposite could even be true to a certain extent. You're actually giving the container a mild shake when you're banging on it! Some drinks foam up more than others. Temperature makes a difference too.

Bottles are usually better though. As you start to open them you'll KNOW if it's fizzing up too much and can close it. I always open cans and bottles slowly after enough experience with pranksters and with cans/bottles that bounce around in a vehicle, fall over, roll around or any number of reasons they can fizz up.

I don't buy much soda. Very seldom in fact. Got tired of the carbonation and the taste. Drink a lot more water and tea these days. And lately the purple grape juice has tasted so good!

That sugar water does make a mess tho. And it can attract a lot of ants too, when they're in season.

And OJ, I remember well the old A&W "Great Root Bear" mascot.

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I HATE HATE HATE sticky floors! I have turned and walked out of a restaurant before sitting down because the floor was sticky. My DH will spill something and just give it a swipe with a wet rag, which of course, just spreads it around then dries into a sticky film.

I spilled my (sweetened) coffee, a full brand new cup, all over the sunroom floor. No matter how many times I mopped, it was still sticky. I told DH "Well, we have to move". Tee hee!

Finally managed to get rid of the stickiness. Used a steam mop with a thick pad.


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