Alisande....Pina Colada

marylmiOctober 21, 2012

Ouite some time ago you (& I followed suite) were looking for cocktail recipes & the Pina Colada one came up so I tried it but using ice cream instead of ice cubes & it was delicious! This past week I spent a night at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island & went up to the Cupola Bar & had a Pina Colada thinking a fancy place like that would have a great one.....turns out mine is much better!!! The ice cream makes all the difference!! :)

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I started to order a virgin pina colada at a retirement party a few weeks ago, they were having a happy hour drink special...except for pina coladas. They made them with Bryer's ice cream so they weren't included in the special pricing and were almost $8!!!!

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LOL I'm enjoying being the resident KT lush!

The Grand Hotel sounds wonderful, pina colada or no!!

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kathsgrdn.. these were $9!!! I should have asked first if ice cream was in them! is very elegant! I could get used to the fine dining and beautiful rooms! LOL!

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Kinda ridiculous! Mine didn't even have alcohol in them and they were way over priced.

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