Gym Rant

sudiepavOctober 19, 2012

I find that I get more annoyed at the gym where I work out than I do at other places. Must be the oxygen deprivation. Here are my latest pet peeves. Do youhaveany.

People on the treadmills or ellipticals talking on cell phones. Please...I don't wish tolisteninon your inane conversations.

People sitting on the machines watching TV

Speaking of TV...attendants turnto whAtever they want w/o regard for the gym patrons. Ofyen, the threeTVs Re turned to Fox, FX, and ESPN. Onlyif I bring it to the attendants' notice will they change it.

old lady ( probably younger than me walked off worth 3 magazines from the shelf.

I realize this'd is all petty,for as my heart rate returns to normal, I feel less hostile!

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I do not go to a gym, but my son and DH go to the same one, but not at the same time~~their pet peeves are some gross man spitting on the floor~~~people who do not rack the weights when done with them~~not wiping their sweat off the benches.

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Are there any other gym choices near your home or work?
My gym bans cells phones - if you want to chat on your phone, step outside.
Also, the only TVs are personal TVs built into the machines and they require headphones. They have been in business 27 years, but have apparently evolved their policies with the technology - thankfully.
I think you are bothered because it is not a good environment for you.
Are there other options?

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I dislike listening to people yak loudly on the cell phones, too.
We recently joined a small gym close to home and have been less than happy with the management.
I asked for an orientation to the gym and the woman was too busy talking to a salesman about buying a car. She put him on hold and stepped out of her office, pointed toward the machines, said instructions were on them and the free weights were across from them......and mats were in a room "over there" if I wanted one.
I went in again and asked for a more detailed orientation but got the same info.
It is open 24 hours a day and access is via an electronic key and most of the time, no one is in the office,
Monday I went in again and talked to the same woman. I told her I needed a more intensive orientation and she said I would have to hire a personal trainer. I was assertive and told her the contract said I had two 1/2 hour sessions with a personal trainer. She suddenly remembered and took my name and said someone would call me within 24 hours. Still no one has called.
I will call Monday and if I get the same poor service I will call the corporate office and complain. And I will also write a letter.
If gas wasn't $4.60/gallon and if we didn't live almost 30 miles round trip to the big, full service gym, I would go back there.

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Just make sure your ""personal trainer?" is properly trained. You could get hurt if not. Is this part of a chain--Or? It is person you talked to trained at all, or just a receptionist? I do hope you are not going by yourself and please find out why no one is in the office. Is there a medical person available for possible injuries? Also many gyms have defibulaters for heart problems. Just be careful.

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My gym doesn't allow cell phones. People text as they work out but at least I don't have to listen. We have to wipe all equipment off. We have 20 TVs that are pre-set so they can't be changed. Sometimes people make me mad when they sit on the equipment texting and not using it.

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I realize this is not as prestigious as joining a professional gym, but Jan & I go to our local senior center, which is only 4 blocks from our house.

They have a small gym set up in one room that has 3 treadmills & 3 of those exercise machines like Chuck Norris advertises on TV plus a huge collection of free weights. They also have a huge area with pads that they use for group aerobics and such. Outdoors they have a 1/2 mile track for jogging or walking and benches about every 100 feet so if you get tired you can just sit and watch the birds and such in the woods while you take a break.

The area is staffed every day by firemen who are not only licensed personal trainers, they are also EMT's and the best part,,,,its all free. The only requirement is that you must be 55 years old, a resident of the community, and sign up for a free membership of the Senior Center and to use the gym you have to bring a letter from your doctor stipulating you are healthy enough to work out. If you have medical limitations the trainers will call your doctor and discuss your personal needs.

The lady who manages the gym area is also a licensed nutritionist, and she will sit down with you and help you plan a healthy diet or discuss special diets for different health problems such as diabetes.

The only down side is that they do not have a shower, but since we are only four blocks from home that isn't a big problem, and they are building a new Senior Center that will be much larger and it will have a larger, better equiped gym & shower area.

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An LA Fitnes just opened in our area. I was surprised that is will be cheaper than our local YMCA.
I like the Y for the classes but not so much for the gym. Sweaty machines, lack of convenient parking, etc. is starting to make me want to join LA like my husband.
Not sure of your area, but here in Westchester there are also many small private gyms, some seem more affordable than others. Would this be an option for you?

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I tried a 2 week FREE membership at a local BIG chain Gym. It's a pick up joint!!!! Full of germs!

My sister met her DH @ a gym. :0)

I have a workout room at my house. A lot of the equipment was FREE on CL.

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I'm a member of the Y. I have a triangle membership so I can go to any Y in 3 different counties (I work and live in different counties).

I'm also separately a member of a yoga studio where I go just for yoga.

None of the Y's allow cell phones in the gym or locker rooms. They must be locked up in lockers. All the machines have their own tvs, that you need headphones to listen to. I love it because you are in control of your tv and the volume.

I mostly swim though and don't use the machines very often.

Do you have other options for gym? The Y is often a little more expensive than other gyms but I like the diversity of members, the other programs they have, the classes, and the non-meat market feel of it. It doesn't feel like other gyms I have been a member of. The Y has people of all ages, shapes, sizes, economic backrounds, and cultures. Nobody is trying to show off for each other.

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My gym peeves are 1. grunting. If it's too heavy, use a lighter weight. We're not impressed. 2. Peacocking. Puhlease. 3. Makeup and jewelry at the gym. See #2. 4. people who don't put away their weights. I know gyms attract narcissists but step outside yourself for a second and put away your stuff.

Other than that, I love going to the gym! Always feel better afterward.

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I go to a gym that also is a rehab center - a local chain called Apex...the attendants all have degrees and certifications, and they are on display.

Good thing, because it's the only one around, except for community center, where the attendants don't have any degrees, and costs more.

I started there a year ago, for rehab, and when I was done, and I decided to sign up for a membership, he devised my exercise routine and checks on me often to see how i'm doing.

And, they have recumbent bikes, which I need for my warmup.

There are numerous TV's in front of machines, and attendants will change channel if no one objects.

I love this place, and go 2-3 times a week.

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I'd never join a gym. I hate crowds. I guess I just hate people. My exercise consists of a lot of walking. Can't beat going outdoors and walking.

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I quit my gym because I can get a good enough workout running, walking, on my elliptical or treadmill and with my dvds. I was just on vacation using the hotel gym and I was reminded why I quit. There was some guy on the bike, grunting and making bizarre noises that I could hear even through my headphones. Not to mention extreme sweating and grossness.

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Hi Kids,

I like my gym but it is not perfect.

My only real peeve is that very few people wipe down the machines to my satisfaction. Some folks use the weight machines without even thinking about cleaning up after themselves. I take an old diaper with me which I spray with the disinfectant spray and wipe each machine before and after Use.

I hate having to work so hard at the gym but I do not give myself the choice not to go. It eats up so much time...can that be a peeve? I do 30 min on the tread, 30 min on the bike and 30 mins on the weight machines 3 time a week.

My gym has personal TVs used with earphones at each tread and bike so the time can go fast if you can watch something you are interested in. There are a few people who talk on phones but not so much while using equipment. 2/3 of the time I have earphones on so it doesn't bother me.

So for me, my biggest peeve is sweaty people, mostly men, not wiping down machines. Yuck... It drives me nuts!


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Actually, I really like my gym...just complaining about the little annoyances that crop up. The gym is close to my house, close enough to walk if it's nice and I have time. It's super cheap and has excellent equipment. I have worked with a personal trainer before and have done PT for shoulder and knee so I know what to do. Good thing, as the attendants give minimal help, even when asked and I see people doing what I know is wrong all the time. There is also an indoor track if it's bad outside. I work out 3 days a week for 2 hours each day, cardio and strength training and walk outside 4 miles the other 4 days. When we're in Savannah for the winter, we join the Tybee Y. Not as nice a facility, but the nicest people you can imagine, both staff and patrons.

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Wow sudie, you work out a lot! Good for you! Your gym sounds really nice.


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That is very annoying... I am lucky enough to belong to a gym where that does not happen very often. I belong to an women's only gym called "Fit For Her". It has circuit training machines along with treadmills, elipitcal's. bicycles, stairstepper's, free weights, a rowing machine and many others. Each machine has it's own tv with headphones provided. It it very annoying for a person who is seriously using the circuit machines the proper way and trying to concentrate on breathing and counting. My gym also has two little private rooms with wonderful massage chairs and with various relaxing DVD's to listen to. There are also two lay down tanning beds and one stand up, free for members to use. A very nice sauna room, A seperate large room with all sorts of videos if you want to do a boot type or aerobic work outs, all sizes of the big exercise balls and mats. They also offer all sorts of bootcamp or aerobic type work out classes that are free for gym members. The dressing and bathroom area is always spotless. They have a really nice clean shower with Aveda hair care products provided. The dressing tables offer nice various items incase you forgot to bring something, like spray deodorant, body lotions, hair spray, pony tail holders, various great smelling body sprays from Bath and Body Works, cotton balls, etc. A never ending supply of clean and wonderfully smelling white towels. It is accessable 24 hours a day with a fob to get into the main building, the fob also works the elevator and door to get into the gym. They also have a really nice and clean playroom for the kiddo's with a tv and movies provided and monitors around the gym so you can monitor you child while you work out. I like to go about 1pm, I practically have the whole place to myself then, and some days I am the only one there about that time. I can honestly say there is not one single thing I do not like about my gym. I can highly recommend Fit For Her if you have one in your area... it sounds like I work there.. haha.. but really I don't...Debbie

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