Do You Collect Anything?

jannieOctober 11, 2012

I'm always interested in people's hobbies. Do you collect anything? I have some old jewelry, my favorite pieces are Cameos. Also some Pink Depression Glass (Colonial knife and Fork pattern) , and I have 2 Doll Houses. Also some tatted and embroidered hankies. I've bought things at garage sales, antique shows, on Ebay, and also from other collectors. Some things I started collecting in childhood- the doll houses and hankies. I had a cousin who made tatted hankies for all the females in her family-I now have mine and my late Mother's. The jewelry collecting started when I was older and could appreciate it. Nothing expensive, mostly costume "junk" pieces. So, what do you collect?

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I collect books, various types of Depression glass (from 1880s - 1970s) and dust. I have a lovely collection of dust! :)

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I collect Christmas ornaments, magnets, postcards and souvenir books from places I visit. I don't collect magnets of anything else, only places I travel to.

I sort of collect Willow Tree Angels. I have a lot, most were gifts. I don't go crazy and have to have them all though.

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Too many things.

Coins. Floating Opal jewelry. Books--especially old children's books and children's cookbooks. Whisks. Fabric--I have an entire wardrobe, full--top to bottom--with carefully folded and organized fabric.

I'm thinking about starting to collect the old iron, painted door stops. I've always liked them and I have a lot of doors in this house where they could be beautifully displayed.

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Foreign stamps, tiny things, have a chicken collection that needs a new home, magnets of places we have visited, love auctions especially old farm ones.

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I don't really like collecting things but I do have a collection of miniature flowers. I had an exchange going with a friend. But, we have now stopped. I have a few Llardros,and five small chairs.
I don't personally like to large quanities displayed at once because you can't apprieciate them.

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Linens and dishes, all of which get used regularly. Dees_1, I also collect dust...wish I could find a use for it.

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I don't collect much because I don't like clutter or knick-knacks - but I do have a weakness for Ikea catalogs. I have an Ikea about 15 minutes away from me and don't care for the quality of most (not all, but most) of the things they sell, but I love the catalogs and have them going back to the 90's. Weird, I know. I also love pictures - photo's, paintings, etc

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I collect tropical plants - maybe 'collect' isn't the correct word - maybe amass fits better.

I also have a large 'collection' of sea shells, and always getting more.

To me, 'collection' means coordination and identifying correctly, objects that one amasses. In that case, I am not a collector, but a hoarder of what I like!

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I have collected things through the years~~~Boyds Bears, I use them every year on my Christmas tree, I had a vast amount of ornaments also have slowly been giving them to my kids. My camp name in GS's was Ladybug so of course I had to collect them and people gave me gobs of them those I still keep but only the very nicest of them. I have silver spoons~plates~hankies~I do and always will collect hand thrown or hand built ceramic items. I now only allow myself to collect 3 items of anything~~much easier to deal with. If one of my girls or DIL admires something
I pack it up for them to take home;)

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I collect Fiesta ware. Love it!
Azzalea, years ago I was at a garage sale and found an old iron door stop. I had absolutely no use for it. Left the sale and went back the next day and bought the darn thing. It's a cow, with a pig on it's back, then several other animals, ending with a chicken on top.
Fast forward a few years and we add a room onto our house, a 3 season room that you enter thru french doors. Well, wouldn't you know it, one door does not stay open! Hooray! I have a use for my door stop!
I must have seen the future.

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Waterford crystal

Miniature animals in many materials - My first one was a Disney dog from a children's movie over 50 years ago when on vacation. Since then, I have picked up miniatures in many cities of many countries i've visited - dozens of them in wood, glass, ceramics, etc.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I have 'yellow fever' and am plagued by Obsessive Collecting Tendency Syndrome. I have amassed a collection of probably somewhere between 900 and 1000 different cultivars of daffodils. This fall alone I'm adding about 200 new (to me) ones. Luckily I have enough acreage that I probably will never run out of planting space.

There are approximately 25,000 different cultivars in existence and the number grows annually as more and more new ones are hybridized and registered.


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I collect rare and unusual plants. We're moving next month and I've spent the week digging and potting :) And they may have to stay in the pots a few months, the new gardens, while larger, aren't ready...

Pears. Mostly pear Christmas ornaments, my entire tree has been nothing but pears for the last few years. A few pieces I leave out all year, mostly white bisque in assorted sizes and 2 Murano glass pears I rec'd as gifts. A framed botanical pear print hangs in my kitchen:)

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This is a question you should not ask! "They" say if you have more than 3 of anything, it is a collection....and I do have more than a few.Some priceless "old" glass lidded, and embossed powder dishes; in purple, cranberry , turquoise and one frosted and green. A set of Blue Cambria luncheon dishes and many extra decorating pieces. Woods Ware (Johnson Bros.).
Dolls, hankies,....a very long list. Unfortunately our children are not very interested so it will hit the antique Mall one day soon. Fabric and more sewing supplies than I can possibly use (or part with, unfortunately).

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I am trying not to bring anything more into this house but I do have collections.

I have a large collection of vintage Pyrex - everything from salt and pepper shakers, mugs, bread baker, casserole dishes, baby bottles, refrigerator boxes, coffee carafes, vacuum coffee pots, tea pots, mixing bowls. I have many patterns and colours. Some pieces are displayed in my kitchen, I use some bowls to hold things on my dresser, I also have cracker and cookie barrels.

I used to collect brooches. I have some that were my Mom's and my Grandmother's and also others I have bought or received as gifts. I still might pick up the odd one.

I have a large collection of old board games, and I have a lot of jigsaw puzzles. They are stacked on a shelf in the attic which reaches the ceiling.

One thing I do actively collect are pieces of Royal Albert Poinsettia pattern china that has been discontinued. If I see a piece at a yard sale or antique shop I buy it.

Christmas decorations especially if they are vintage. The only reason I may go to a thrift shop is to look for decorations or Pyrex. My cousin sends me a few decorations every year. If you saw my Christmas tree you can barely see the tree for all of the decorations that go on it. I dread decorating at Christmas

Also relating to Christmas my Mom used to make a village on the mantle using sparkly cardboard houses, wooden house and then plastic railroad scale houses. I still use some of them but now for the last few years from Hallmark my brother buys me tin houses so I have a good collection of those. He and my sister both have the entire collection of Hallmark Houses that come out every year

Cookbooks, I love the community type cookbooks that are put out by churches and organizations. Cookie recipe books are what I am looking for now. I love finding an old cookbook that has hand written recipes on the inside of the covers or clippings and notes inside them.

I have my Dad's collection of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines going back to the 1930-1974. I am trying to figure out a way I can sell the entire collection in one fell swoop. I just want them out of my house LOL and make some money at the same time.

I used to collect dishes with roses on them. I had an idea years ago that I wanted to hang plates with roses on them on my hall walls but decided not to do it. I have a good collection of a cups, sauces, plates and bowls with roses on them that wee given out at theatres in the 1950's They are in the attic sitting in a box.

I love bone china tea cups and saucers and have quite a few which we use when company comes over. Some were my Mom's some are mine, and my Aunt in St. Louis gave me her collection of tea cups and saucers last time I saw her in St, Louis before she passed away.

I did the egg cup thing but have given quite a few of them away.

I do love vintage embroidered pieces and if I see a nice piece in a resale shop I will buy it. Love the hand stitched pillow cases and dresser runners.

Tea pots but not by choice. I was given a bunch of figural tea pots that I put on the top of my kitchen cabinets.

I used to make scrapbooks of anything that had to do with music and current events starting with the Apollo missions, newspaper clippings, etc. I was going to toss them but was told not to.

And I have every greeting card and every personal letter that has been sent to me since I was born.

Oh yea, almost forgot, I love buttons, I have some old fruit cake tins and mason jars full of old buttons that I have picked up at resale shops over the years. Some of the buttons go back to the 1940's. I just like looking at them and sorting them. I wouldn't know to look at a button if it is worth anything. My love of buttons started when I was a little girl I would go across the street to my friend's house and we would sort her Mom's jar of buttons.

I also used to collect tea tins and cookie tins - they too are up in the attic with everything else.

I better stop typing because as I go down the list I keep remember other things hahaha.


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I collect a few things that come my way. Examples:

1. My Dad came back from WW1 with some change in his pocket. These were all French coins. Many are badly worn and not worth much as colector items, however a few date back into the late 1800s. These were kept in a little man's pocket book and are momentos of his service time during the war. The folding leather pocket book dates to ca 1919.

2. One day, I noticed a $20 bill in my wallet that appeared a little different. On closer examination, I saw it was a gold certificate. That bill was stored and it is in good condition.

3. When I was working, I collected on a casula basis block corners of stamps. My wife was smarter and collected on singles. Soon, stamp designs changed and for amny, the entire sheet had to ve saved to get the corner block. I stopped at that point and saved only a few corners per year thereafter.

4. Rocks! When we were younger, we collected rocks. (I can hear the snickering.) These are not just any ole rocks, but are colletor samples. Some people collect mineral specimens while other mifht specialize in fossels. We got started with agates and then branched to whatever piqued or interest. We have collected obsidian in Oregon, quartz crystals in Arkansas, corrundum in NC, and fairy crosses in Georgia. (Translucent, red corrundum is ruby.) We still travel a bit, but do not plan an exclusive rock hounding trip anymore. It is too dangerous for oldsters to venture into out-back places unless you go with a group or at minimum, register your plan with someone who will come looking for you if you do not return on time. When you venture into a remote place, you should have a minimum of 2 vehicles, and 3 is better.

We do not go for antique furniture because we intend to use the stuff and I'd hate to see an expensive piece dmamaged from ordinary use. I do appreciate good antiques, but do not know enough about it to dabble. However, some pieces do come our way. We inheirted an 8 day, weight driven, shelf clock that is in running condition. Its a Jared Arnold made in about 1830 in Amber, NY. It needs some restoration and I may have that done. The increase in value would about match the cost of restoration. The original owner was my wife's grandfather.

I have an interest in old weight driven clocks, but am not a collector of such. I'm interested in the mechanisms and solutions.

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Don't even ask. If three is a collection, I have 100's of them. I started going to country auctions 40 years ago and never missed a Saturday and went to a Wed. night one as well, year 'round. Since my house is 175 years old, I collect mostly pre- civil war stuff....baskets, quilts, hooked rugs, crocks, redware, ironstone, transferware,stone ware, braided rugs, furniture in original paint, as well as folk art which is my favorite. I also have a big collection of twig furniture from the 1920's. Unfortunately, my kids aren't collectors.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I 've collected rocks over the years, but only those found myself. I find them to be wonderful objects of beauty.

I've also amassed a collection of laboratory glassware; i find the unusual shapes and varied sizes so interesting when displayed together as a group.

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all things fairy related, cookbooks, boyds "beans" bears, roosters, buddhas, miniatures (dollhouse), dolls, windchimes, prisms, bookmarks.

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About the only thing I collect is dust.

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Yes, I do. I have lots of horse statues of all kinds. Books, lots of books, older Pyrex pieces, cookie jars, American pottery like McCoy, American Bisque, and Royal Copley and others. American dinnerware, I like sewing things too including sewing machines. I like collectible furniture also. Just lots of things. I have a large collection of cookbooks which I love to read. Much, much more too.


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I have a collection of bird, animal and bug pins. Most have been gifts from my daughters who know of my love and appreciation of all living creatures.

That creature love has also led to my house being overrun with figurines and wall hangings of all kinds of creatures in many mediums.

For the most part, I am not into "cute", but have a few that would fit that catagory like the Harmony Kingdom collectables that depict animals in humorous ways. Like a group of beavers using a chain saw and meerkats with binoculars.

I have a modest collection of owls that started well before the current owl craze that I am seeing everywhere I go these days. I am trying hard to not go crazy on owls, but there is this owl lamp, vase, clock, painting, cookie jar etc, etc calling to me with every page I turn in the onslaught of catalogs arriving in the mail every day.

Many of these things are in curios, but I keep rotating them to give them time out of the 'cages' where I and others can appreciate them in different places around the house. Yesterday a friend failed to appreciate the Diamondback Rattlesnake on a table near the chair she
about to sit down in.

Also in this house is my husbands extensive collection of die cast cars trucks and construction equipment. These are all in curios. Keeping those dusted would be a full time job.

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I try to not collect very much any more...but some of the things I collect are old Christmas ornaments, marbles (I have at least 25 big jars full of marbles!), colored pyrex, cupboards...embarassing to tell how many old cupboards I have...23, I think, and I'd buy more if I could). I collect gate ornaments from the old chainlink fences. I have birds, several kinds of dogs, 3 different horses, two different squirrels and lions).

Here is a collie gate ornament.

and here is one of the horse gate ornaments.

Vintage pics of children on paint ponies...the kind that the traveling photographers used to take house to house.

I look for duplicate pics of the same ponies. I have four pics of this pony...different kids, of course.

Restaurant dishes...trying to quit this one. I also collect vintage cooking utensils with colored handles if they are stainless steel and made in USA or Japan.

Old lights, windows, etc. that I use in the house...and anything old or unusual that catches my attention.

I used to collect much, much more...all old stuff...but I really am trying to quit. I can never stop buying kitchen utensils or the photographs and every time I go to the flea market, I will get at least one marble.

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I'm just counting my blessings that I don't have to clean or dust some of those collections! I have a 'collection' of samovars but decided if I got one more I'd have to move.

My younger son, when he was about 5, decided he wanted to start a collection of cereal. He dutifully tried to tape different types on file cards, but it was hard to keep those flakes from falling off.

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I post occasionally on the Cottage Garden forum but this is my first time here. Fun place! I collect Nancy Drew books. Primalrily vintage ones. Any other collections I have are purely by accident. Reindeer and decanters are two that come to mind. It's interesting to hear what others have.

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I have maybe 8 or 10 pieces by DeGrazia, an Arizona artist. I love his Indian children.

Have some Fostoria that belonged to my grandmother along with some old crystal that was my other grandmother's.

I used to have about 30 angels before they went missing after we moved. But the DeGrazia is boxed up now. I like it but needed a change.

I like reading about your collections.

Marilyn C, I had my father's marbles from when he was a child (he was born in 1915) but gave them to my daughter. Marbles are fun to collect.

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I have all the really old Nancy Drew books, Hardy Boys, Bobbsey twins, and Uncle Wiggly books.

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I have over 350 rolling pins (I want NO more)
I collect bookmarkers (Thanks JoAnn!) LOL
I collect the old irons for door stoppers also

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Maxmom, I think the cereal collection is one of the sweetest things ever! LOL That was the kind of kid that I probably was. My earliest memories are of having two things and wanting nine million more of whatever it was.

I have over three hundred pieces of Fireking Jadite dishes, probably 50-75 or so pieces of the white and the ivory Fireking dishes, also. Have three cabinets full in my kitchen/diningroom and a bunch packed away.

I love 50's, funky, vintage things. Have gotten rid of a lot of them (have opened and closed several flea market booths) but still occasionally pick up something that I really like.

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I collect Chinese Tang horses and similar. I ran around house yesterday taking photos of them but haven't had time to gather them up in a collage or something. I will do that later and post.

Other than that, nothing, well unless you count lotion... at last inventory I had over 50 bottles and jars of body and face lotion. It seems I can't walk past one without buying it. Plus, my friends all know I will take whatever lotions they don't want off their hands. Of course my very favorite lotion I cannot even buy in the US. I got it in Acapulco last year in some souvenir shop and have not been able to find a source for it online.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Not that many collections per say. Right now I have a lot of various glass items that I use to make my garden totems but they are not a collection they are parts to be used.

I do have a small collection of really beautiful glass paper weights that have something in them, one is a square cube of Murano glass that looks like an aquarium with blown glass fish in it. It is my most expensive piece. The others have like bubbles of colored glass inside. Some are round some are tear drop shaped. The tear drop ones are Mouth blown glass handcrafted in Poland and signed by the artists, I have 2 different ones by the same artist and they are just beautiful.
It did not start out as a collection but now when I or my husband see a really pretty one we have to take a look to see if it should be part of the collection.

We have 4 Harley's I think that may be considered a collection LOL

The way I am going my tech toys may be considered a collection too lol.

I do love love love to buy purses and have hundreds of them but I never thought of that as a collection more of an obsession!

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License plates and Christmas ornaments. I love to travel and have a Christmas ornament and a license plate from almost everywhere I have been. I love putting up the Christmas tree, so many memories.
I had my license plates up on my backyard fence and last year I took them off when I got a new fence. I need to get my license plates back out, I love to look at them, again so many memories!

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Post cards. I have a soft spot for post cards from ANYWHERE. I have quite a box full.

I also have a bunch of cycling related stuff, grape stuff, since grandpa had a winery, and my grandmothers hand embroidered table cloth and aprons.


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