Is anyone else going to watch Nashville?

terilynOctober 10, 2012

Looks like it will be good.

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Me, me, me, me!

I love the gal that was on Friday Night Lights!

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I have been watching this show since it started. I won't miss it.

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Elaine, this is a new show starting tonight on ABC, which one have you been watching? I need to check it out.

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You guys crack me up! I'm not throwing stones though, I'm guilty of my own viewing weaknesses...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I have it set to record so we can check it out.
Right tonight is the pilot episode.

Also have the pilot of Chicago fire recording.

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I'm set up to record it also

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I watched CSI Vegas (LOVE the show) and don't have a DVR set up to tape Nashville (we are moving.) :-(

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We really enjoyed it and also Chicago Fire, maybe we have a couple of good ones.

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So whadya'all think of the show?

I had a hard time watching the story line, 'cause I was too busy trying to look at my hometown in the background to determine where they were. We've been the red-headed step child so long, it was good to see the beauty of Nashville on the screen. Looks like it was filmed in later winter/early spring since the redbuds are in full bloom down on the Riverfront. They were eating in one of our best restaurants, the 100 year old Capitol Grille, on our pedestrian bridge, in the Pinnacle building (the Edgehill label people were in it)... It was nice NOT to see some country rubes running around. They didn't really capture the essence of the Bluebird, but at least it was really in the Cafe. If you go to Bluebird, it's packed, and everyone shushes you all the time. heh I will say they didn't really capture the true Nashville (the Athens of the South). Hardly anyone is in "the industry" here. Most everyone here is a server trying to break into it, having moved here from some place else. She's right in the article below. We are music city, but it's not all music is country.

The record label name: Edgehill is an historic area, where Music Row is located, but it's not a real name, I don't think. Good idea though! It even sounds authentic me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Athens of the South

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Country Sunflower

I watched it. And the article above just about covered my sentiments.... It is just another program about sex, greed, power, money and jealousy.....much like Dallas and so many other programs ... I won't be wasting my time watching it again...

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I love Nashville so of course I had to watch the premier of "Nashville." 4th of July fireworks on the riverfront is something everyone should have on their bucket list.

Rob is right about the Bluebird Cafe, stuffed to the walls most nights. Once when I was in town I went there one evening to see if my favorite artist Hal Ketchum might be in town (he lived in TX at the time). I ran a fan site for Hal for 8 years.

The place was standing room only but I managed to make it back to the bar where a gentleman offered me his seat. I had a perfect view of the door so each time it opened I hoped it was Hal walking in. Finally, the door opens and in walks a very familiar face, one that I knew well and was second on my list of fav Nashville artists, Vince Gill. Again, standing room only, even for the likes of Gill so he too made his way back to the bar and spent the next hour standing next to me as he watched a new and upcoming blue grass band that was debuting that night.

I think I'm going to enjoy the series Nashville (like I really need another thing to watch on TV ... sigh) but if it becomes too predictable like so many other dramas, I'll give up on it.


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It's ok if you don't like the series. I still haven't decided. I won't take it as you don't like the city.


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I liked it. I've seen FAR worse that are still around.

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Now is when I wish I had a DVR, since I'm never awake at 10 and I'd love to see it. When did I get so old??

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That's why I have a dvr, patti! And why I'm watching it tonight.

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I did watch this last week on my computer. I was surprised to see that it was a repeat for me, didn't watch it last night.

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