Survivor reminder 10/24/12

gadgetsOctober 24, 2012

It's getting to be that time of the week again.......


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I watched.

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It'll record tonight. There's a baseball game on.....

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I agree with who went home. I was so excited about the reward challenge being "old school survivor" down and dirty and rough and nasty. And then the end of the challenge comes,,,,boo hiss, shouldn't be allowed.

And Abi sat out AGAIN. amazing. She is truly a psycho and honestly, watching all these episodes over the years, and seeing how people act, it's a wonder someone hasn't been cold cocked, at least once. I think I would do it, haha.

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I agree with Katlan, they shouldn't have been allowed to quit! But, as much as I think she should have gone home, I was kind of surprised after the talk about sending the other person.....
Keeps us guessing, doesn't it?

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Here's the recap.

Here is a link that might be useful: recap

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I think since they all knew he had the hidden idol that he may just use it and screw them up then he would know they were after him. I was surprised he did not use the idol and thought oh no not another one going home with an idol in his pocket.
They made the best choice for the survival of the team but that other little guy that looks like he is going to blow away if he loses any more weight is not doing much for the team either.
I don't get them all just laying around moaning about no food and only one person goes out to find some. Good grief you are in a jungle with all kinds of food around you and an ocean of food in front of you. Get off your rear end and find some!

And let me just say what an idiot bleeding man is, he has been eating all the rice raw thinking that it will cook inside his stomach since his body temp is over 90 degrees!!!! I am just still sitting with my jaw on the ground over that one. I am surprised he has not swollen up and burst open yet!NOT good for the system.
Some one needs to let them know the dangers of doing that! If that gal that got so sick was eating raw rice that is very likely what caused her illness.
What Are the Effects of Eating Raw Rice?

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I was floored when bleeding man said that about the rice. What an idiot!

I too don't understand why only one person on the starving tribe will fish. The others just sit, watch and complain. They deserve to starve.

I'm still rooting for Lisa or the sex therapist.

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At this point I'm rooting for the sex therapist or Lisa or Malcolm. Although, I do like Jonathan, he isn't being an ass when he does his interviews. Even if he is one, he's keeping it to himself. He has a point, the roughing it def bothers the younger ones more. They aren't used to any kind of roughing it/doing without.

Agree also on get off your lazy duffs and go kill a freaking snake for God's sake. They show them all over the place. Cook up some of those honkin' bugs they insist on showing all the time, gag. lol

If bleeding man doesn't serious harm himself before it's over or he's voted off, I'll be amazed.

I really hope they get rid of Abi soon. She is the type of person that just keeps hanging around, then suddenly they merge, and she is basically used for a vote. Then they make it to the finale. It infuriates me when people like that win, like Sandra, TWICE. She was a total waste product, did not deserve a cent, but won.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Abi is a powder keg with a short fuse and it could blow any day!! CJ now understands that LOL
Psycho woman! She sure likes that bench she keeps warming up on the challenges.

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Did the rules change? I thought one could not sit out for two challenges.

I agree regarding Abi, I am looking forward to watching her finally lose it, in more ways than one.

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Yeah, Abi, I hope she blows! lol

Is anyone impressed with Lisa? She does and awesome
job in challenges. She got the best of Denise last night.
That was cool. Dumb challenge, dumb forfeit! sheesh!

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Yes Lisa is doing very well and seems to have really gotten into the game~~~it does bug me that they beyotch about no food, even vote to give their rice away but will not forage at all or help fish. I swear I saw a monkey eating a big yellow banana in some random shots. In fact I thought it looked way too yellow and sized just like a Chiquita banana, I wondered what was up with that? They all seem a bit lazy.

What is the reason for not cooking the rice?

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FlamingO in AR

The challenge rules are that you can't sit out back to back challenges in the same episode. I think Abi just didn't get to participate in the mud challenge last night because of the stupid, boring deal that was made. 2 other people sat out.

Last night's episode was very dull, IMO. And why Stuben thinks he's entitled to eat dry rice by the handful is beyond me.

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In one of the interviews with Jeff (linked on the recaps), they haven't used the exact same rule in a while, mainly because of the trend (which I hope s dead) of combining reward and immunity challenges. There is a lot of background info in the recaps and the interviews with Jeff. And they are always fun reads.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the reason they were not cooking the rice was that it has been raining solid and their fire is out. But there are caves all over the place in fact they have been seen huddling in a cave at some points, I would build the dang fire in the cave and cook me some rice!

And I would be out there finding food. I come from Cajun blood and Cajun country a lot of those folks down on the bayou survive on what they can catch or grow, true living off the land and water! Those idiots on survivor would die if they had to live that life. IF you do not have money and hungry mouths to feed you had best be finding something in the woods or the bayou to feed em! NO going out and robbing someone because all the rest of the neighbors are living off the land too LOL.

I am seeing all those monkeys and they have a spear gun HELLO are you really hungry??? Plus there are wild chickens all over you know if there are chickens there are eggs somewhere! Yes follow the monkeys they are not starving they know where the food is! Find those bananas!
One season they were frying up the coconut and the coconut milk that is really good stuff why are they not doing that?
Coconuts are abundant. Coconuts and the milk are really good for you, I did see Johnathan eating coconut on the last show.

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