well it's official....we are moving to....

jennava19October 18, 2012

Summerville SC. We have rented a house, and DH and four-legged kids will move down mid November, while I stay here and get the house ready to sell.

Thank you all for the advice about the area. And wish me luck, this is almost overwhelming................

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Where are you moving from? Are you excited about the move?

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Well, good luck to you!

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Welcome to Summerville! I think you will love it here. The weather tends to be about 10 degrees warmer than VA most of the time. Even though it has a small town atmosphere, there are a lot of things to do all the time.

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Jenna, you have a friend already in Summerville! Good luck with the sale of your home.

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Thanks all!
Blfenton... we are moving from the Richmond Virginia area. DD2 and her family are in Charleston. We are very excited! We want to be near them. She has two little ones, 18 months, and 9 weeks old. Spent a few days there in September, and they talked us into it. Our other two daughters live in San Diego. And as much as I love it out there, they are military, so no point in trying to follow them around. I posted last month asking about the area, asking for advice.

Thanks Glenda., this is a big move, not looking forward to the DIY move. We have been spoiled, the last two moves, our employer moved us.

Jeane.... thanks. We have not actually been to Summerville, but I have read and heard a lot of good things about it. Looking forward to exploring the area. DD2 is a realtor and looked at several houses for us. This one is small house in a neighborhood where all the houses are very similar, but that is okay with us. It is only for a year while we look around to buy. We needed a place that would accept our two big dogs, DD2 met the owners and they said they would. And it is a one story house, so glad to get away from these stairs.

Patti, thanks! Are you in Summerville? The house is near the Azalea Gardens mall, I think the subdivision is called Weatherstone.

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Congratulations! Hope your house sells easily!

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Jenna--wish I was in Summerville, or Charleston. I was referring to Jeane. It would be fun to have a KT'er close.

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Jannie.... thanks. I sure hope so too, interest rates are still down and we are going to price it hopefully so it will sell.

Patti....oh, I see. Well, you can come visit any time!

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The latest issue of Money magazine lists Summerville as one of the best places to retire. You may soon have lots of company!

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Dedtired..... lol, my DD2 just sent me that link. Hmmm, may get too crowded. :) We are renting for a year so that we can explore the area and see if/where we want to buy a house. Don't want to get too far from DD but from what I read Summerville area is cheaper. Thanks for the info!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that you'll love Summerville. Just wait until you see it in the early spring! It's a mere stone's throw from Charleston...close enough to 'do' lunch. But it's also just enough inland to be less of a worry during hurricane season. At least less than Charleston!

I lived down the road in Beaufort for many years and still miss it, even after ten years. You'll have to visit Beaufort when you get settled in.

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Rhizo... thanks for the info. Can't wait to get there. We have been to Beaufort, years ago. DD2 was a Marine and did her boot camp in Parris Island. Loved it there!

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I know where Weatherstone is. The Azalea Square mall is small but has some nice stores. Between there, the shopping center across the street from it, and downtown, we rarely leave Summerville to shop. If you have any questions about Summerville, just ask.

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Jeane... thank you so much. It will be great to have a contact when I get there. DD lives in West Ashley, but she has friends in Weatherstone subdivision. Looking forward to coming down on Nov 9th to get DH and the dogs settled. They will be 'camping out' in the house there, until we get this house sold.

I do have a question. (first of many i am sure)......DH is looking online at cable companies. Do you have Comcast? or satellite?

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Congratulations on choosing Summerville. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'm envious of you. We left to be closer to grandchildren, but my heart is still in S'ville. (as we say)
Good luck.

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Thanks Foggyj,. DH and I were just talking about you last night,,,, I had told him about my other post, and he remembered that you moved to Georgia. Is that right? DH's brother lives in Savannah, we went down last October for his wedding, beautiful there!

We really are looking forward to it. He is "over the moon" with excitement. He has been hankering to move out of Virginia for a long time... has constantly been bombarding me with articles about "best place to retire" etc. I finally put my foot down, I did not want to move to a state where we do not know anyone , just for a little state tax break (one of the main things that has driven him, and I think he just has a case of wanderlust. Wants to experience a new place). SO this is a win/win....

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Savannah is a two hour drive from Summerville. Yes, we moved to an area south of Atlanta. It's a nice place, but it's not "home" to me yet. Thirty years is a long time to live in a place, then up-root and move. I would have put my foot down too, if it hadn't been for the nearness of our grandchildren here.
If you have to move, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy there.

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From one beautiful state to another. I've never been to your part of the world, but I bet it's so pretty there.

Wishing you all the best in the coming months...what a great exciting change for you all. :)

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Jenna, your move sounds like a grand adventure to me. I would love to live near Charleston. I am a big part of 2 of my grandchildren's lives because they live in the same time. I would not trade the experience for anything!

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Granlan... thank you! Yes, big changes. Virginia is a beautiful state, I have been here since I was 19. (i am 62). I grew up in the western part of Kentucky. Have never been to Texas, but we hope to do a road trip to San Diego next year, so I imagine I will get to Texas then!

pam.....it is a grand adventure. If I don't wear myself to a frazzle getting ready for it, haha. We were fortunate to be within a couple hours drive of the other grands, until they all moved to California. Not sure where they will end up pwhen their dads are able to retire from the military. Hoping they will visit us in SC.

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I don't know anything about where you live or where you are going to live, but do know something about moving. If your house is priced right it will sell. I went through this last spring and did it all by myself with the help of a good realtor of course. Moving is very stressful and difficult but everything will be fine on the other side. Good luck.

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Thank you Fran1523.....We plan to price it right to sell (and quickly I hope). We will be moving about 400 miles away. DH wants to rent a UHaul truck and do it all ourselves. But, We are in our 60s and I have five herniated disks in my back. SO I cannot do a lot of lifting.

Can I ask how you did your move? Did you hire movers? I am wondering how the price of a moving company compares to do-it-yourself, (when we will have to hire someone to help with the heavy lifting and loading etc). And also have to factor in the price of gasoline for the truck. Unloading in SC is going to be easier, SIL will be there with his friends to help unload the truck. It is just on this end that I am concerned. Moving a four bedroom house, garage, with all that stuff that goes along with it.... mowers, washer/dryer, etc. heavy stuff!

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We have Uverse (through AT&T) for our cable/phone/internet. We used to have Time Warner, but when Uverse came through we switched because they had "Red Zone" for football. At the time, Time Warner didn't. My husband is a big football fan. Uverse is pretty good, but you have to have a box for every tv. The first 3 or 4 are free, but we have 7 tv's. That makes it pretty pricey. But we can DVR or watch 5 shows at the same time. We've never had Dish or any of the satellites. Time Warner had good service, and if I had it to do over, I probably would not have switched because of the price. But now that he has "Red Zone", my husband won't let me switch back!!

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Country Sunflower

This sounds wonderful... and I am so very happy for you... and I pray you home sells quickly, so you can find just the right place and move right on in...


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Thanks Jeane... I will tell DH about UVERSE, he watches a lot sports too. Football..mostly college games though. We only have two TVs, but I do like the DVR, really enjoy that. Some of my favorite shows come on at the same time, and some too late at night, so I like to DVR them. Appreciate the info.Have a good day.

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Country Sunshine...thank you! DD found us a cute rental house. Thanks for your prayer that the house sells quickly. Paying a mortgage (here) and rent (there) will be no fun. BUt necessary for a bit. Take care

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Jenna, I sent you an email with my personal email address so you can contact me directly if you have more questions about Summerville.

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Please keep us posted on Summerville. We are hoping to retire there in a few years. DD#2 has 2 more years of high school, but I have been researching Summerville & Goose Creek extensively online. DH & I really like the Walnut Farms Subdv & Ashborough Subdv. The tough thing is finding homes that don't need alot of remodeling. We are also in VA, but like the warmer winters in SC.
Good Luck in selling your house!

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Magoo,,,, I will post again after we move. Planning to take DH and dogs early in November, I will go for the weekend, and hope to have time to look around. It will not take long to move him in, he will basically be camping with minimal stuff, since I want to keep the furniture in the house for showing. So we will take his recliner, TV, airbed, linens etc. He gets the easy part, he moves down with the dogs, and I have to get this house ready to sell. :)

We have signed a lease in a subdiv called Weatherstone ( off Sheep Island Road) that DD rented for us. This will give us time to look around and decide where we want to buy. I am also interested in Goose Creek. I will keep you posted on what we find.

Another KT poster, jeane_gallo lives in Summerville. She has been kind enough to answer some questions.

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