jenson13October 9, 2012

Does anyone here take melatonin? I literally cannot fall asleep without something. I have sleeping pills, but try to avoid them if I can. I sometimes take a Tyleonol PM, or something like that. I have heard good things about melatonin. Would appreciate any input.

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if you go to DR. Oz's web site, last week he had a thing on there about over using melatonin. It was interesting. I tried it for a couple of nights thinking it would be the cure all for me. Nope it didn't work. They also have an old chinese excercise for falling asleep. I have tried it and it seems to work most of the time. It is a breathing excercise and easy to do in bed. I'm sure they will have the information on the web site. Good Luck

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I take Melatonin every now and then. I take 3mg and at first it worked for me. The last few times it didn't work.

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My lung specialist suggested I try 5 mg with an increase to 10 mg at night about the time the sun was setting.
I tried it for a month with poor results.
I am hoping vigorous exercise daily will be the answer.

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My dr told me to take it. She also put dd on it. She told dd 5 mg, me she just told to take it. Tried 3 cause it's what I had. Got nightmares. Not surprising with all that's been going on. Still didn't sleep so I doubled it. I figured if 5 was fine for dd who weighs less than half what I do it would be ok. Slept. Little better but not much. Still had bad dreams but not nightmares.

Tylenol pm has benedryl in it is why it makes you sleepy. Friends dr told her that and to just take benedryl. Hope you find something that helps you.

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DH tried it also but it did not work for him. But then the Dr. has him on Lunesta. The alternative was terrible nightmares.

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I've taken it probably 10 times in the past year. It works for me but makes me really groggy when I get up. I only take it when I don't have much to do the next day and when I've gone days with little sleep. I don't get nightmares from it.

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Forgot to say that when DD takes it, it works for a couple of days, then doesn't. She can wait a few weeks and take it again for a few days, then it doesn't work again. I was posting from my phone before.

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I take it occasionally, never more than 3 mg. and always the lozenge form that dissolves in the mouth. Hard to say how often it works. I know it doesn't work all the time. Never had nightmares from it.

I sometimes do the breathing exercises, most of the time the one recommended on Dr. Andrew Weil's website. This, too, doesn't always work. But it does no harm, and probably does some good even if it doesn't put you to sleep.

I was shocked to read that the highly addictive Xanax is often prescribed for insomnia these days. Bad idea.

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I've been taking 2 Melatonin at night for the past 25 years. I have a nerve problem in my leg and Melatonin is the only thing that helps me sleep. I LOVE IT!!!!!

your resident DJ

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A few years ago my Dr told me to try Melatonin, I used it for 1 month & it did nothing for me but make me sleep less. I have never been a good sleeper but when I went through the change I got worse. Most nights I am lucky if I get 4 hrs of sleep & that 4 hrs is not 4 hrs straight. I have gotten use to it. Working all day does not help either.

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I took them years ago, then one night I took 2, I couldn't wake up......scary!!! be careful with them. Try aome Zee Quil, my son says it works good. I use nyquil when I can't sleep.

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I take "Sleep Zone," 10mg Melatonin, 100 mg L-Theanine, 50 mg Valarian root, and 50mg Passion Flower which I get from Puritan's Pride. Before this was available I used 5 mg Melatonin with good results. "Sleep Zone" is better and I have NO ill affects. I use it 3-4 times a week.

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Thanks for all the info. I have taken it a few nights, and it seems to help. Saw Dr. Oz the other day, and he said it was unsafe. Never did hear why. Its "unsafe" for all around me if I dont sleep. LOL

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