Pictures, where are the Houston gathering pictures?????

OklaMoniOctober 13, 2012

Helllllllllllloooooooooo! I would love to see some pictures!


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Moni, we've asked that photos are not to be posted on KT which is a public area. Please understand, it's for security purpose and not that we're ashamed of how we look like. LOL...

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Moni and anyone else that would like to see pictures please email me at runvswingathotmaildotcom

Since all pictures from the KT go on pintrest and FB we have decided not to post them here. I will be glad to email them to you.

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Perhaps, we can send you one privately via email. That is when I get a hold of one from the group.

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Oh, I see. No worries. Would love to see some, but I do understand.


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I would like to see them too.

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What a nice group picture. Marilyn you look so young. Thank you Nita for emailing the picture to me.

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I applaud your reasoning...but...have y'all given any thought to the fact that some or all of you may have your pictures already plastered all over GW and the internet via KT's Gathering Place photo page?

Just a thought.


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I don't need to see any pictures but I am very happy you guys were able to get together. I'm sure it was a blast!

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Anne, this was my first gathering. I had never posted my own photo anywhere. Therefore, I know I'm not on it anywhere and would like to keep it this way.

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There are reasons that some do not want pictures posted even though so far there has been no problems. I too have personal reasons for not posting my grandkids/great gK pictures even though they post on FB themselves.

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I'm not arguing with you, ladies. I agree with you 100%. I've been trying to convince my own personal friends not to do such things. Most think I'm overly cautious. I continue to follow my own instincts. I don't post anything if I can help it. I was merely pointing out a somewhat obvious contradiction to your caution/concern.


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How do all pics om KT get to pinterest and Facebook? Don't understand that!!

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bigack, so far, I have not seen any on pinterest. I am not active on facebook, and can't vouch for that.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

on the main page of the forum there is a notification area where GW has posts that says new things on GW if you have this area collapsed you will not see the new post there so go there and expand that area. You will then see their post about the New feature of auto linking with pinterest and facebook, if you click on the pinterest link there you are automatically taken to pinterest and can see all pictures that have been posted on various GW forums recently. If you like GW and have a face book account to like it with same goes for the facebook link.

So anything now posted on any GW forum is auto linked there to those 2 sites, this is a NEW feature. So it no longer takes someone performing an action of copy and pasting pictures from here to there it is done through the GW servers to the other servers.

I find this extremely disappointing and hope this is not an indication of more direct linking with facebook and other social sites or a total doing away with the forums and only having the GW on facebook. That would certainly be the day I say a sad good bye.

I applaud those that request and demand their privacy and discretion with online postings. I think it is only good manners to ask permission prior to posting any thing that could be considered a violation of privacy and of course a picture would be included.

I will suggest a method that will help if you are going to post any pictures on facebook or forums. When you post the picture DO NOT associate any names to the individuals in that same post none at all just put the picture. Then on a totally different entry put initials or nick names. When you put a name directly with a picture it tags it and any one that has that person with that name on their face book will see that picture. It can cause some serious situations as a good friend of mine found out.
An example(totally fake and made up!): say you went out with friends drinking when you told your mother you could not take her to bingo because you were not feeling well. Your friends post the picture of you dancing on the table tagged with your name, your mother has you on her account, suddenly you dancing on the table is showing up on her pictures. BUSTED. Now I am sure you can use your imagination to install various scenarios in that example that could be very upsetting.

So if you just have to post a picture that has people in it that may not really want their picture posted all over the internet and you don't bother asking permission the very least that can be done is NOT tag it with any names at all.
Or in a post a few down give initials or hints if you feel the need.

I know my picture is on facebook I have NEVER given permission, in today's world for some reason some people don't even think about it. Would I prefer it not be there sure but it is and can never be taken back because it is archived daily. So just think about that kind of thing before hitting that submit button.

Had these changes not happened right now at GW I would not have had any problem with my picture being here. I have had my own websites at various times with lots of pictures but they are all gone now. Just got tired of maintaining them LOL.

By the way as to the pictures that are over on the KT gathering place site those are not in any way connected to the GW servers so they are not affected by anything that happens on GW. Those are hosted on the servers that maintain those websites where the gathering place is hosted.
Which I think is weebly? not sure but I think it is.
However since it seems everything in the world is now linking itself to facebook it would not be a surprise if some websites hosting companies also begin to do this so just be aware of that.

PS disclaimer I am not saying anyone danced on any tables at the Houston gathering!! But I am not saying it didn't happen either! LOL!!
Wonderful time wonderful friends wonderful food amazing time!! Lets do it again soon!

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