Back from a nice day with my DS

YogaLady1948October 13, 2012

We went into Redlands a town or two over. Had lunch at Eureka Bugers~~Gourmet burgers and craft beer, I splurged since he was driving and had a beer. Then we zipped over to a local brewery (see a theme here) Hangar 24 and had our Growlers( 2 liter bottles you buy at a brewery and can have refilled;) filled with fresh brewed beer to take home. Then we went to the bakery he got the wedding cake at for his wedding last Oct, he had an anniversary cake made just like the top of their cake~~their anny is Monday. I love my DS and spending a day with his is so rare and such a joy~~~nice of him to want me to tag along~~~he says it was for the free lunch LOL!!

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sounds like a fun day. I remember when you were planning his wedding...

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Yes Ruthie~~it all turned out great. They have just bought a house a month ago, in a semi rual area since his wife has 2 horses~~it was very stressful, they had to get it ASAP becaue my son was going to be laid off from Edison~~which he was just this last Thursday.His wife is a RN they got a house that she can manage the payment~~~they really got such a wonderful deal on a 2,000sqft house on an acre all fenced with 2 yards to be able to have a separate yard from the horses in a very nice neighborhood~~we were so amazed what a good deal they got!!

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Sounds great to me!

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Sounds like he is doing great with the new wife and still has time for Mom! I miss my sons. I'm happy for you that you had this precious time with him!

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Sounds like a great time.

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