Got screen door repaired this afternoon

schoolhouse_gwOctober 3, 2012

Finally. I made up my mind to put new screen in the back screen door today, it was torn away from the spline right at the door handle and has been for so long. Anyway, I can do this job but I don't like it. Drove down to the hardware and bought a roll of fiberglass screening and some new spline. When I got to the counter, I asked the guy if they repair screen doors? He said yes, and for my type of plain wooden door he'd charge about $18 and that included materials. Only he couldn't do it until Monday.

So I'm standing there debating in my head whether or not to just chuck the job and let him do it or save me some money and do it myself. Well, the materials came to $11.75. For about $7 more I could have had him put it in. The clerk and I stood there looking at each other for awhile, she waiting for me to make up my mind. I ended up bringing the stuff home to do it myself. After a cup of coffee, I suddenly changed my mind. Why should I stress myself out, rush and do a poor job on the door like I always do? I called the hardware back and said I'd bring the door in Monday!

Guess what? He said if I bring it in within the next half hour, he'd get on it and have it done later in the afternoon after some other jobs he had. Didn't take me long to take that door off its hinges and put it in the trunk of the car (yeah, don't own a truck anymore). I roped it down as well as I could, put a bright orange caution flag on the end sticking out, and drove it down there. Picked it up about 45min. ago and I hung it back up already. Looks great.

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Way to go !!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I totally get that you wanted to have someone do it for you, but you do know that had you done it yourself, it would have been completed and the door rehung in about 1/2 an hour, right? ;-) There's little household jobs that I cringe at, too.

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lol rhizo. Maybe I could have completed it in an hour, not 30min. I'm too impatient and make too many mistakes and have to start over a bzillion times! Plus I learned something from the hardware guy. I always measure and cut the screen fabric first - he asked me why? He said just lay the entire piece over the opening, spline it in, then cut, "no wonder you have so much trouble". Well, duh. That makes alot of sense(!). Plus he folded the edges over and into the spine of the door SO nicely. After I hung it I just stood there admiring it for a long time. :) It even shuts and fits the door frame so much better now. Either he did some minor repairs on it I don't know about or just the simple replacing and stretching the new screen in place tightened the door altogether.

Now - on to buying a new storm door for the front door!

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Don't you love it when things like that happen? What bargain, too. I lived with a hole in the screen door to my porch for years and years, because the cat went in and out through it. After she died at age 18, I had the door repaired.

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I can (and have) change my own oil. That doesn't mean I don't bring my car into Jiffy-Lube! For 30 bucks I save crawling around under the car getting dirty and having to deal with and dispose of grungy oil.

You are so happy with the results, it was worth it as far as I am concerned!


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That is a good price. Wish I could take down my screens but the ones on our back porch they don't come down, neither do the ones on the door. The screens are 84" high & 44" wide. You have to use a ladder & a lot of patience to change them. Between the hummingbirds hitting the screens, the cats & dogs I seen to be changing one or two every year, oh yes there are 32 of them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Schoolhouse, isn't it grand to have something fixed? You'll never take that screen door for granted again.

Speaking of storm doors....we consider ours one of the best investments we made! Ours is one of those doors with an all glass bottom panel, and the top panel pulls up (glass) or down (screen) which is a wonderful feature. Part of the investment was having it installed, which was a blessing considering the difficulty the contractor had doing the job.

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rhizo, you are right. Installation is well worth it at times. I bought my daughter a storm door, and her dad (my ex) was supposed to install it.

She (daughter is 37) learned some new cuss words... seems like the installation was tougher than expected. LOL


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That's the kind of storm door I want. My Mom has one and it's a Larson, with bottom glass and top with retractable screen. However, my front entrance is 34"X81" - not a standard size. Plus I want the color green. Larson doesn't make that style door in the size I need. Online I found a brand called "Chamber Doors" available at Menards (a big box kind of store like Lowes about 45min away), and they have what I want as far as size, color, and style; but this particular store doesn't have that door in stock so that I can drive over and look at it first. Menards would have to special order it.

I'm debating on what to do. The door is only $286 if bought online, but like you I'd have to hire someone to install it. Moni - lol!

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The hardware guy likely fixtured the empty frame on a work table. He squared the frame before clamping and then splined in the screen. The door was square when finished. Screen door frames are sometimes not very stiff and can be skewed with the screening removed. A screen door can be true but forced out of true when a new screen is put in unless precautions are taken. it sounds like your hardware guy was a pro.

I hope the refurbished door keeps out what was 'bugging' you.

Up our way, most of the insects are finished for the season, but the box alder bugs are invading every crack and cranny looking for a place to over-winter. As a result, a few make it inside the house.

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I always thought I'd enjoy replacing the screen in a door; however taking the door off its hinges, loading it in the car and then rehanging would be near to impossible for me.

Has anyone ever tried to patch a hole? I've seen there are kits, which probably woudn't be needed if you have half a brain, but I don't know how hard it would be to do it.

Glad yours is all set and ready to go.

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