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monica_paOctober 31, 2012

Our town's website reports tonight that 80-85% of township homes are without power. Even though storm is over

This is NOT NJ shore...we are over 100 miles inland in PA, west of Phila.

So many trees are falling on houses and wires, one just about an hour ago, down the street form us.

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I didn't realize that your area had so much storm damage. On the news tonight it was reported that in Bristol Township (Bucks County) over 90% of the homes are without electricity for the same reason - trees falling on power lines.

I drove through my town today (Moorestown, NJ) and it was stunning to see so many huge old trees down. This town takes great pride in its' trees and was named a Tree City by the Arborday Foundation. Our schools are still closed because of the outages. Luckily the tree that fell on our home was one we planted about 10 years ago so it wasn't that large and the damage is minimal.

Take care Monica and keep your cell phone charged.

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Mare, I know Moorestown well.....went to Camden Catholic in Cherry Hill.

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Oh dear. We had LOTS of trees down, but I was lucky. Only lost power for a short time. A tree did fall on a house near me. Good thing the people were not home as it fell on a bedroom in the middle of the night. Still many roads blocked. I am on the Main Line, outside Philadelphia.

It was so sad to see historic trees go down. One that was over 300 years old went down around here.

Here is a link that might be useful: historic tree falls

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dh's cousin in summit nj, tree down but no real damage and no flooding of the basement! really lucky...they are going to have another tree checked when they can...

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That is so sad about the historic tree. I adore trees and have 100 year old ones in my yard. I was so worried they'd come down. The only damage was a really tall white pine is leaning to the left, but not severely. We need all the trees we can get and so many are lost in all these horrible once in a 1000 year storms.

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I must have been a Druid in a previous life -- lol. I love trees! So sad to see an old-timer like that oak go down.

One of the things I love about films set in England is the enormous old trees.

We have a 100-year-old American Elm that we pump full of chemicals every third year to keep it growing. Most of the others that lined our street have lost the battle with the elm beetles.

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I'm just happy to hear you all are safe. Trees can be replaced but people can't. I was surprised not to hear more about PA on the news. Maybe I have the TV on the wrong channel. Thought there would be a lot of damage there. Anyone heard any more from Jannie or Azzalea? I know there are others in the area of Sandy's path, but can't think of who right now.

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Although we had plenty of damage here in PA, it does not compare to what happened along the coastlines, so we did not get a lot of national coverage. Our schools are closed for the fourth day in a row as we wait for them to all get power again. People are slowly getting their power back. All I hear outside are chain saws cutting up branches. NYC also got a lot of coverage on the news because they are NYC!

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Also glad to hear from you folks in Pa.!
The landscape was surely changed in so many places over the course of a few hours.
Be safe -- don't go out wandering around!

Do you have alternative heating sources, just in case?

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I spoke too soon yesterday. We lost power today mid-morning, but thankfully got it back just a few minutes ago.
Funny, no power trucks have been seen since 2 days ago. Most homes and businesses are still without power.
I'm guessing that PECO shut off the main grid into the area in an attempt to restore power to everyone.

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PA would have gotten more coverage, but we can't even compare to the Jersey shore and NYC in their devastation.

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My brother is in NJ. He has been over 72 hours without power. He has gas for his stove so they can cook. He has gas in his vehicles and friends with electricy so he can recharge or visit civilization if needed.

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Patty, I haven't been on much this week--a friend died over the weekend, then the storm hit, DH was scheduled for surgery Monday--but thankfully that was called off. Luckily, we faired pretty well--no real damage here, and we didn't lose power ourselves. But I have one sister who lives on Absecon Island--she and the grandkiddie left, but her husband stayed behind. They had 4' of water in their house. I haven't really had a chance to talk to her or him, but I imagine they had to have lost one car. And I don't know how badly their home is damaged. Other sister has a vacation home in one of the other really seriously damaged communities--they only just reopened the bridge in this evening.

It's just crazy around here. Too many people hurting in ways they never even imagined. It's terrifying to see the pictures and not one area of the state was spared. Not every neighborhood has damage, but every area certainly has something. Just miles from me there's a community where houses were falling apart into the bay. So many are without any power--and no end to that in sight.

Fires burning that can't be tended to because they're being fed by downed wires and gas pipes. and it seems as if they just get one thing 'fixed' as much as possible, when something else starts up.

I have never seen anything like this, ever, anywhere. It's impossible to really wrap your head around the true horror of what's happened to this area. The shape of NJ has actually changed

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Gosh, we have been through two major hurricanes, 100 miles from the coast. No power, water, nothing for over a month. Tornados and winds following the storms are expected. Trees come down, last storm we lost almost 50 in our yard. Then the drought came and we lost about 75 trees. Mother Nature has her way.

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This was truly apocalyptic.

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I'm encouraged to hear that the air force is bringing power generators from California. Good to see the national guard mobilized.

The network newsies don't seem to have grasped that this is not a single, stand-alone 'event'. It's a DISASTER.

People are coming out of the shock of the storm and contemplating how their whole worlds have changed. They are cold, hungry, thirsty, and afraid. It's terrible!

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My sister lives in Burlington county in NJ....she didn't even lose power in her development. But, a few trees and limbs down.

The shore was hit bad, but the rest, not so bad.

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South central PA here. We lost power for about 17 hours. Lost one big walnut tree, completely uprooted, the rootball is massive. I consider us extremely lucky.

I feel like we were more prepared than most in our area. Filled the bathtub, soda bottles, milk cartons, etc. with water. We have 4 oil lamps, propane cook stove DH uses when hunting/camping. I have more candles than Walmart right now, haha. Flashlights, batteries. We stocked up on cup-0-soup, instand oatmeal, soups, powdered milk, etc.

We were really expecting to lose power for several days if not more. I am so very thankful it was only over night.

I cannot imagine how all those hit so horribly are getting by. It truly is a disaster of epic proportion. They are worrying about food, drink, power, they have yet to even begin to worry about where they are going to live.

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I feel so blessed, my summer home is bayfront on seven mile beach in Cape May County, our towns flooded early before Sandy made landfall, but we are south of the surge of water, loss two docks,large pieces of which stayed in the yards and marsh north and south of our house. My daughter went to check on our homes the day people were allowed to return. Called me to say "Poppies boat saved the house" AGAIN! He had a small Boston Whaler he wanted to store under the house off season, so instead of two rows of cinder block homes were being built on back then, we have four, water came up to the third row. Brother lives behind me, two story home, had at least 20"+ of water in the downstairs, mainly storage/work area, laundry (which code in 1965 had to be something like 30" above ground level)SIL had washer/dryer going EARLY this morning, before they left had put everything up out of reach. The whole lower area is covered in "muck" which stinks, doing the entrance room today, their son will be there tomorrow to help, if needed my son is on stand by for Sunday.

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Where do you live , Kat? We too here in south central PA prepared with food, candles, and water, taking flags and arbors down, lights, batteries, flashlights ,and looked all over unsuccessfully for generators. We escaped a bullet and were lucky seeing the eye was directly over us.

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We are in So. Jersey, 10 miles north of Atlantic City. We are okay, no damage other than a small fir tree that was pushed by the wind and is leaning towards the street. We lost power for about 20 hours, boy was I happy when it came back on. I feel so sorry for those who lost so much and are suffering, many lost their homes and all of their belongings, some lost their lives. I hope this never happens again.


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