Do You Have A Favorite Citrus Fruit?

marilyn_sueOctober 22, 2012

I think I like most all of them, but I really do like grapefruit, I like the juice better than scooping out the pieces of it. How about you?


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I like the pink grapefruit, but do enjoy the real stuff, even with a bit of sugar.
But I like others also
Orange/Pineapple/Cranberry/ don't care for grape or apple

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Yes, I like them all, too, but have my doubts I'd like Durian fruit - it SMELLS terrible! I prefer pink grapefruit juice and drink an 8 oz. glass every day. I like MOST of the nectars, but some of them don't taste good, imho.

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I don't buy the juice I squeeze mine from the whole fruit. I like the red the best. I could drink it all day long I think :)


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My favorite is pink grapefruit... I like to peel them, separate the sections and eat them just like that

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I like grapefruit best, too. My grandmother used to put section it but leave it in the rind, sprinkle with sugar, put a marachino cherry in the middle and put it under the broiler. Was that ever good!! When we lived in Largo, we had 2 orange trees, 1 yellow grapefruit, 1 pink, an avocado tree, a mango tree,lemon tree, a calamundin tree and a banana "bush" or whatever you call it. We could've lived off the land! I made marmalade out of the little calamundins (which I probably didn't spell correctly). Took a lot of it to work to share since there was no way we could use it all.

Nothing better than picking a pink grapefruit off the tree and eating it ala Lazypup.

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Clementines...and they are in season now. I eat one every morning with my breakfast. They replace the watermelon that is no longer available, in my fruit bowl in the morning.

The ones from Spain are the best, but South American ones are good.
Stay away from the California ones....too bitter, and just not the climate of soil for them.

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I do miss grapefruit and especially plumrosa (? plumella?), but because of a medication I now take, I cannot eat it.

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Lemons.....fortunately I have a huge Meyer lemon tree and it bears fruit all year long.
And my next door neighbor has an orange tree....this year they were excellent but this isn't always the case.

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Kayjones, Durian fruit does not belong in the citrus family. When I was young and lived in a country where this fruit is grown in abundance and were dirt cheap, I hated them. Now that I live in a country where these trees don't even exist and the fruits are expensive, I really like them. Go figure!

As for citrus fruit, I love grapefruits but not the ones grow or are sold in the US. They're nothing like the ones I remember eating in Asia. In the US and more specifically in TX, I like oranges from Texas. In general, I don't even care for oranges but the ones from Texas are super sweet.

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Don't really like any of them.

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I like grapefruit, but I should not eat much of it. It interacts with my meds - messes up the slow release timing of one of my medications.

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Mandarins. They're just so tiny and easy to peel by hand.

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Sue, my favorite is grapefruit also, but I rarely have it these days due to it's interaction with some meds. Grapefruit and it's juice is the favorite citrus of my whole family and both were always in our fridge till this medicine interaction thing.

Years ago I used to be able to buy pints of a Pink Grapefruit Sorbet. It was to die for! We were living in Michigan then and my daughters would tell me that the 200 mile drive from their homes in PA was worth it just to eat pints and pints of that grapefruit sorbet. Sadly after about 3 years it dissapeared form the market. Everywhere I go I still look for it. Medication be dammed...I would be willing to take my chances.

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FlamingO in AR

I love all kinds of citrus, but I buy limes more than anything. I lived in FL and got really spoiled by Indian River fruit, to the point where other fruit seems lacking. (I do love TX fruit as a close second, though.) LOVE grapefruit juice. Add a little coconut rum and man, I'm HAPPY! :)

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Love a big pink grapefruit, peeled and sectioned with salt. Brings out the sweetness.

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I like them all. I guess lemons are my favorite because I always have them on hand. I like lemon flavor better than chocolate. I love lemonade and I keep lemons on hand to eat with fish and shrimp and other seafood.

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Love oranges but only if they are large, juicy, and firm. And will only eat them if they are quartered or eigthed, not peeled.

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Mineolas are my favorite. I order a case of them every winter from a school that sells them as a fundraiser. They have only been off the tree for a day or two when they arrive here in Vermont. Now, that's fresh! Other citrus? I wouldn't turn any of them down. Especially blood oranges. They are a little pricey here though. And availability is very limited.

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