A ? for regular Kindle users please

tami_ohioOctober 10, 2012

I am thinking of buying the grandsons, 7, 9, & 12, a regular kindle for Christmas. Best Buy has them for $69 in thier ad this week. Is there a way for Mom & Dad to lock out the wi-fi so the boys can't get on line? Do I need to worry about that? If I get one with special offers, does it show ads that would not be appropriate for them? TIA. Tami

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I have just the basic Kindle that I think you are looking at. It has wi-fi but I can only get to the Amazon Kindle store to download books.I can't get online on my Kindle.

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The original Basic Kindle does have a primitive web access through the Main menu, under "Experimental".
You can select "Browser" and access a web address (I can get to the KT and read and write to it). But, no color,etc.

It's limited and cumbersome, and I imagine children would get irritated by it, and just give up.

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I have the 'Touch'--and haven't been able to get to the internet with mine, either (although it's supposed to be possible). I can access Amazon to order books.

I've never seen a special offer that looked inappropriate (meaning sexual content or images, nor anything violent).

Just a word, though--I'd strongly recommend adding a few $$$ so you can get them the touch version. With that, they can download and play some fun word games (not sure how they'd be able to play them on the basic K), and turning pages and other operations are much easier with the touch screen.

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Just my opinion, I wouldn't get them a basic either. At these ages they definitely want more.

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Kids like color. Much as I like my Kindle, unless they are good readers, I can't see the younger ones being excited about it.

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Thanks for the input. I'll think about it some more and talk to their parents. I know Damien would be good with a better one, but I don't know about the other two.

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DH gave Damien his old iPhone for his birthday. It wasn't any good for a phone anymore, but the Apple Store told us how to turn it into an iPod for him. He reads that all the time with the Kindle app on it. I don't think it has color, but he is happy with it. They all have DS's for games, tho I know there are games available for the Kindle.

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I am old fashioned~~~kids to not need all of the gidget/gagets if they like to read I am sure they would be very excited to have whatever they get.

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