Regarding the Sharing Recipe thread.....!

luckygardnrOctober 19, 2012

There are going to be some minor changes, but should be better for everyone to access.

Walnutcreek has kindly agreed to take over the thread, on a monthly/weekly basis. This means that on the beginning of every month she will start part one of the thread, then weekly will change it to part two, etc. So November 1, she will start Recipe Sharing November 2012, part 1, and then weekly it will change to Recipe Sharing November 2012, part 2, etc.

This will keep everything under November, but in smaller batches so those of you with dial up will be able to join in. We were disappointed you were unable to access the recipes easily.

We hope this will satisfy all of our needs and still be a fun thread.


aka luckygardnr

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Thank you Laurel.


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Marilyn Sue, you are most welcome. But a big thanks goes out to Walnutcreek! She's got fresh enthusiasm and it should be a more exciting thread!

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Thanks to you too, Walnutcreek. I will try to post a recipe from time to time:)


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I am very excited about doing this; have never done anything like it before.

Would y'all mind if occasionally I post a kitchen tip instead of a recipe?

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Walnutcreek, I think that's an excellent idea. We all have methods of doing things that may help each other make things easier.

Just a suggestion, but every once in a while I think it'd be fun to have a "theme" day. Like having everyone who wants post their favorite soup recipe, or cake, or whatever. We have so many good cooks here but I think we all like cooking some things more than others.

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I enjoy looking at everyone's recipes. And, am happy that it will continue, so thanks!
My only suggestion is that people post recipes that they have tried and have been popular with their family and friends. Sometimes people post a recipe that might look good but they did not try it. I am not sure of the vaalue of this. Just my opinion.

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Thank you for taking over the duties . You are very kind and is much appreciated by all of us who follow it.I , for one would love to see "helpful hints" included as well.


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