Not many trick or treaters tonight

schoolhouse_gwOctober 27, 2012

Went over to my aunt's, she lives in an allotment. Trick or Treat started at 4pm, the kids kind of drizzled in just like the weather. There would be about 15, then none for a long time, and mostly little kids with their parents this year. Finally at 5:30p - nothing.Just got home. She has a whole bowl of candy bars left and we gave out two and then three towards the end.Oh well, it was miserable out there and raining now.

Is it my imagination or are candy bars sweeter than they used to be? Yowsa. I ate a Mounds and then at my aunt's urging the new PNB Snickers. I had the biggest sugar rush! Ugh. These were the wee small candy bars, too.

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I've had maybe 30 or so. Beautiful day, but it was only yesterday that the town changed the T or T hours from Halloween to today (because of the dreadful forcast). So I'm sure many people either didn't get the word, or had already made other plans. I'm sort of expecting that we'll still see some ghosts, goblins and witches on Wed.

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our trick or treaters come on Halloween and there is no
time schedule for them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What's that all about?

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I'm with suzique...tonight?
I know lots of people have parties and festivals, but I've never heard of "trick-or-treat" before Halloween.

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If I could clarify a bit. In this area of the country, towns generally designate specific trick or treat hours--at our old house, in the suburbs, it was always 3-6 so the little ones weren't out after dark. Even when I was a kid, you came home from school, and got right to work collecting.

At the new house, apparently, traditionally T or T was always the Sat. before Halloween. We didn't live here then, don't know what the rationale was. About 3-4 years ago, they changed it to Halloween from 4-7. But we're supposed to be hit pretty hard by the hurricane/tropical storm/Nor'easter this week, so on Friday, the Mayor changed things back to Saturday. I presume, since that was the custom in the past, no one really thought too much of it.

Still, I bet I get a few more kids on Wed, as I said above.

I do understand that in other areas of the country, the trick or treat hours aren't set down, and in a lot of places the collecting doesn't start until dark. One of DD's friends always says, one of the best things about growing up in our area is that you could go right out from school and start trick or treating.

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How confusing! LOL

Around here all the born again churches put on all these parties and open them to the public to discourage trick or treating.

I"m a traditionalist. I say Merry Christmas, I like flowers on the doorstep on May Day and I welcome kids of all ages, as long as they are participating and wearing a costume, on halloween :) And slutty costumes get the yucky candies LOL

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I think kids go trick or treating on the 31st not tonight. Tonight is just kind of a night were they are having events at schools and malls and stuff. I just got through watching the local news and no one said anything about tonight being a night to trick or treat.

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We have trick or treating here on Halloween from about 6 to 9. I think it might start a little earlier for the little ones as it is dark about 6pm. I turn off the light at 9pm. In recent years, no one at the beginning of our one block street have their porch lights on for trick or treaters, so the few kids that are out there just don't want to walk down a whole block for one or two houses. Can't blame them. This year those that come will get a big handful of chocolate candies.

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Well, my aunt kept asking me if I saw any notices about T or T in her allotment but I never did. Then yesterday when I drove over to pick her up to take her to an appt. I saw a hand made sign at the first intersection of the streets inside the allotment saying "Trick or Treat Saturday 4pm". Normally my aunt said they put a notice in everyone's mailbox. We wondered just how many people would notice that sign? Perhaps not many, as there didn't seem to be very many houses with porch lights on at all (the signal to kids that the house is participating in handing out treats).

I don't recall what night it's usually held, but pretty sure not on Halloween night. Besides, it was a big football night for some area high schools so could have been where everybody was instead.

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T&T is always done on October 31st here. The busiest time is 6:30 to 8:30. It's a big deal on my street and I get about 100 kids. I haven't even bought my candy yet because of all the craziness getting ready for the storm. I wonder how the weather will affect the turnout this year. They may have to jump over branches to get to the door -- if I still have a door.

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I never have trick or treaters out here in the country. I know they do have certain day and hours you can go trick or treating in towns near by but I don't know when that is.


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How do you legislate the date of Halloween.. I mean, it's like.. you know, October 31st, right? Just kidding.. I think? Anyway, it's the traditional date around here. I think I would be rather annoyed if a pack of kids showed up days before.

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OnAHolliday, Trick or Treat night on different dates for different communities has been going on for years now. It wasn't like that when we were kids. I've never heard a real explanation for why they decided to do it that way. Besides, I'm sure the children now really don't know any better so no big deal to them. They can go to multiple areas and get more candy though!

In 34yrs., nobody has ever come to my house in the country either, except one or two neighbor children when they were very small.

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Hi Schoolhouse,
I think the idea was suggested/promoted by the media around here on a couple of occasions but apparently it hasn't taken off in any meaningful way. Like you say though, if I was a kid and was blessed (cursed) with parents who allowed multiple days of candy grabbin' I'd be "all in" too! >grin

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Your question about candy.. I think almost everything with that high fructose corn syrup in place of sugar tastes way too sweet. I avoid it altogether! Hard to even find ice cream without that junk in it. Even BlueBell which USED to be great. I can only stomach Haagen Daz now.

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