Are There Any In Your Area This Year...?

marilyn_sueOctober 14, 2012

Last year they were so plentiful but this year I have not spotted one. Black walnuts! I have been out a lot today and I can find none on the ground or still on the trees and we have a lot of black walnut trees. There are lots of acorns though so guess the squirrels will do okay. Are there any nuts on the trees where you are?

Sue in Central Indiana

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Ha ha! No black walnuts in Florida, but I remember plenty of them in Indiana. I think my hands stayed a yellowy-black until they were all hulled and cracked. It was a fun Sunday afternoon outing in the fall. We'd go out in the country and pick them up off the road/roadside or at friends. Oh, how I love black walnut fudge. They sure are a lot of work, though. I bought some at Publix a few years ago (very costly) and ate so many my mouth broke out.

What do you make with them, Sue?

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My favorite way is to just crack them and eat them when they are ready. I will have to check and see how last year's crop that is in my garage are. I like them too in banana cake and lots of ways.


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There are some here. A couple of houses on our street have bags out by a sign saying free black walnuts, please take! It doesn't seem like there are quite as many as there were last year tho.


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My mother used to make us kids go with her to the walnut orchard to pick, then brought them home to dry in stockings hanging in the basement. Along about November, she'd start cracking and picking--my dad joined in this too in front of the tv. Sometimes I would help because it was kind of fun. She sent containers of the nuts to her sisters and brother, (none alive on my dad's side,) and every year they were thrilled. Now we just get 'em from Trader Joe's. Fun times.

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My big walnut tree was loaded this year. The chipmunks have been cracking them on my stone walls, leaving pieces of the black hulls laying everywhere. I should rake before I mow, but I'm lazy. Besides, there would be alot of raking; so I run right over them. What a noise it makes. And the smell of chopped unripe walnut? Hard to explain. I saw in a local farm paper some business was paying $.13 a pound AFTER hulling. You bring in the walnuts and they run them through a machine to remove it.

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None in our area, but I've got a loaded Pecan tree that someone can come and take home with them - dirty tree, imho!

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Now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing any nuts on the black walnut tree. In years past there's been a lot.

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No waltnuts here neither but lots and lots of noice corns. LOL, the family of 5 squirrels are so stuffed that I haven't been seeing them hopping around lately.

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No black walnuts. We do have pecans though.

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The crazy spring we had all but wiped out the black walnut yield in the midwest. It got hot in March and caused many trees to come out of dormancy only to be frozen in April. Crops that blossom in early spring were decimated including walnuts. In soutern Wisconsin, black walnuts are usually hard to fool. They delay breaking dormancy much later than the average tree, and in doing so, escape frost bitten flowers. In fact, black walnuts may appear as dead tress when all the maples and elms, etc. surrounding them have attained 3/4 leafing. But in most years, they are the most reliable nut producers due to this delay. Not this year! It got too hot for too long of a period in march that it casued the black walnut blossoms to buds to open and then these go wrecked.

The same thing happened to the cherry crop in Door County, WI. In general, cherries are not sucessful anywhere in Wisconsin due to our crazy spring except in Door county. You can grow the tree, but it can not set a crop. Door county is a peninsula jutting out in cold Lake Michigan water, a major part of the lake fronts its east coast and the west coast has the Green Bay arm of the lake. Trees on this spit of land are held back in spring until most of the danger of frost has passed and this is the reason why cherries can be grown in the upper half of this peninsula. But not this year!

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The houses on either side of us have walnut trees.
We have hickory nuts.

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Southeast Wisconsin here and we have about 3/4's of an acre full of Black Walnut trees, we have many on the ground but not nearly as much as normal. Makes cleaning the yard up a bit easier this fall so I'm kind of thankful.

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I don't see as many as in years passed.

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don't know what type of nut, but last year almost none, but this year a bumper crop...the squirrels are going crazy, lol...

my uncle used to have pecans on his "land"...really unheard of for his part of oklahoma (bartlesville) before he and my mom passed, he'd pick and send her some for cooking...i often wonder if cousin who moved to the place, still has them...

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Triple what we've had in past years????????!

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