Buying "Faux Wood" blinds; any hints???

caroline94535October 18, 2013

I have a larger (59x61) south facing window that needs help. "For right now" I want to put a faux wood blind there.

The current roller blind is far to flimsy and looks weird. I will eventually have bookcases on each side of this window, but for now I need something that I can easily open and close, and that I can keep up high enough that The Boys won't destroy it.

This window does not open; it's just a big glass square. Since it faces south it's a real life saver during the long, dark North Dakota winters.

Do you have faux wood blinds? What are the pros and cons, and how do you like them?

Would I be better off getting them from a Home big box store, or ordering from one of the "" type companies?

My mind is tired, but it's still "inquiring!"

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I have them in all my rooms except the kitchen. They are pretty but a 'bite' to clean. They are made from pressed hardwood and break infrequently. I recommend taking the measurements to Lowe's (where mine came from) and have it custom made.

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We put them up in several rooms about six months ago and so far have been very pleased. We have huge double windows on the west and I was afraid they wouldn't block the heat, but they do a good job. We bought them at Lowes.
I really wanted the custom made wood plantation shutters, but they are terribly expensive. Way beyond what I could spend.

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I have them in all rooms and have had them for years. I love them. I think any blinds are a pita to clean so these are no worse than any blinds to clean.

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Home Depot carries the plain white. They can cut on site at the width to match your window. The slats of the blind can be removed to adjust the length for fitting.

One example:

When you measure the window, measure the length and width from inside. The width should be minus 1/4" of the total opening window width to give room on the sides.

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They are heavy, so take that into account if you plan to raise and lower them. It is not unmanageable, but I would not want to do it every day. And I am afraid the cords are going to fray and break, although that has not happened.

I have mine in a bedroom, and they let in a lot of light even when closed.

I bought mine from and installed them myself.

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