Christmas suggestion for young kids

sheilajoyce_gwOctober 31, 2013

I bought my 6 year old grandson's Christmas present last year the day after Halloween--costumes for dress up. My sister and I scoured two large Halloween Costume stores for deals the day after Halloween, and I hit the Costco just before Halloween. I waited till Christmas and wrapped them all in a big box. He, his brother and his friends have played with them all year, and he still can fit into most of them, though the pants may be a little short. I found costumes for an astronaut, a pirate, a race car driver, a Roman soldier with shield, etc, a knight, a jet fighter pilot, and a super hero. We bought him a Power Ranger costume this year, but today he chose to bring the jet fighter pilot costume to school for the school parade on the playground at 1:30. His school neighborhood really gets into Halloween decorations and costumes since it is close to a couple of film studios and so many of the parents seem to be in the industry.

So anyhow, I am mentioning this in case other grandmas want to try for the same idea. It makes for an easy shopping spree for a unique present, but you have to be sure to shop by November 1st as many stores pack everything away by the 2nd.

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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I love that idea--thanks!

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That is a good idea; kids like to play dress-up any time, not just Halloween. I saw Costco had some really nice costumes too.

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Great Idea!!! My little granddaughter LOVES dressing up! I have bought little flower girl dresses at yard sales so she can dress up like a "princess". :)

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Another good source...believe it or Cracker Barrel. Nice quality, too. My g'kids are all teens now, but they all LOVED costume play year round when younger. I used to love getting them at 75% off.

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