Don't you just love it with your GK's call to just talk!

glenda_alOctober 3, 2012

My one and only, PJR, age 16, called, while ago, and we chatted for almost 30 minutes.

THEN he asked if I would take him to purchase his hunting boots at Bass Pro..... knew something was up :o)........

Said he'd reimburse me! Yep, he knows his grandmother!

Sigh, gotta love 'em!

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YES, I love it when they call. My 19-year-old grandson calls occasionally, but my 23-year-old grandson calls frequently. They are great kids, and I love them dearly. Sadly, their dad (my son) passed away, and I'm their only living grandparent. But at least they know that they are the center of their mother's universe...and mine.

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Wanda, I'm sorry to hear about your son!

I'm the only grandparent that does anything with my grandson. We are close. Hope it lasts!

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Our four year old granddaughter called the other night and she and Pappa played find the hidden toys for 45 minutes, he told her, "I can't see through the phone." She said, "Of course you can, just use your super powers!" It was hilarious to listen to.

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That's so cute, terilyn!

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Of course when the sons call, they will talk forever.. Then well, I need such and such. I always know something is coming. Bad news, wants, needs. So sad. That's why grands are the best! They just want you! Stuff too, but I am happy to give to them. They appreciate it.

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I love it when Jake calls.......and even better, he learned how to Skype in Japan this summer so I get to see both kids faces. They are so entertaining.
Mio finally started talking to Grandma after the first time we Skyped. She will be four in several weeks and Jake is six.
So far they haven't asked for anything except to have a barbecue when they come to California.

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How wonderful for you, Carol!!!

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Oh my goodness, Carol. Those beautiful children are six and almost four already? It can't be! Any recent pictures?

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My six year old grandson called today (he never calls), but I think my dil made him. He wanted me to take him to gamestop to buy a game for his xbox360 and he had to ask me if he wanted to I will take a call anyway I

Sheryl - NJ

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millburn_nj_po_mom, I feel that way about my son. Any phone call is appreciated.

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My granddaughter and her boyfriend moved about an hour away early this summer.Yesterday the doorbell rang and there they were. Made my day,made my week actually! My husband and I went shopping this morning and came home to find my grandson cutting our lawn.So proud of himself because he had just passed his drivers test and drove over here himself. It was wonderful to see how proud he was, but now that is four out of seven grandchildren that I have to keep in my driving prayers.

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