Altering fitted sheet from King- to Queen-size?

caroline94535October 16, 2010

I found a lovely (dusty purple!) set of king size sheets for an amazingly low price. So low I had to get them, even though my bed is a queen size.

The bottom sheet is a problem. Of course, it's too wide and too long. The corner seams don't meet at the corners of the bed. I make the bed neatly, tucking all the excess material under the mattress, but the bottom sheet takes on a life of it's own. It's rumply and crumply and a wrinkled mess in the morning.

What would be the best way to re-sew this sheet so it fits the queen size matteress as it should?

The top sheet is not a problem. I'm going to trim about eight inches off of one long side and put a narrow hem along that edge. That takes care of the width, which is just too close to the floor to leave it as is.

The length is fine, especially since I like a deep turn over at the top of the sheet.

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FlamingO in AR

Get a featherbed and toss it on top of your mattress. Then the fitted sheet will be almost perfect! I buy and use King sized sheets just for that purpose, because I have a featherbed on the Queen guest bed.

Don't want to do that? Put the sheet on the mattress, inside out. Pull up the excess, pin or mark in all the corners and then resew the box seams. You'll have more to tuck under the mattress, but that's OK.

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I have one set of King for our Queen. Like you, I have no problem with the flat sheet on top, because I like it long on the sides.
The fitted sheet I just turned sideways and it fits nicely from top to bottom. I pull it snug on Tom's side and, my side of the bed faces away from the door, so I just tuck under all that extra on just that one side. It doesn't stay in place as well as one that fits right, but THE PRICE WAS RIGHT!

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Get some sheet garters. They'll hold the bottom sheet in place.

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I would do it pretty much like Flamingo..Put it on the bed and tuck and pinch it till it fits and then pin or baste it....I would mostly be concerned with the corners...and just tuck the rest. You might be able to just redo the corners with elastic at the proper spot and tuck in the rest.

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If you check how loose the sheet is you should be able to guess-timate how much to take in the four corner seams. That should help the extra material stay underneath the mattress.

We like the sheet garters lindsay describes -- if you clip those underneath they should help too. I found them inexpensively at BB&B.

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When I was checking into sheet (as a housewarming gift) for my younger DB bed I found that J. C. Penney had some sheets in their catalog that was suppose to fit any thing from a standard mattress to a 23" deep "pocket". When I found them 45 miles away They were just sheets with really tight elastic all the way around. So only a tiny area of the underside of the mattress shows when they are on.


I placed the sheet (inside out) so it is snug on one side. then I marked the point where each of the sloppy corners SHOULD be. Then I cut the excess and hemmed.

They were a psychedelic late 60's pattern in brilliant shades of orange, but I was trying to rebuild from a divorce and they were free.

Good luck,


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We should trade linens. I have about three sets of queen sheets but we only have two king size beds!

I like the idea of turning it inside out and tacking until you can get it to the sewing machine. Thant is what I do with my clothes that need altering.

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Dad used to say that if a rope was too short, a person could splice it ...

... but if it were too long ... he was as a loss as to what to do with it.

That was about the time that we were making a production out of what appeared to Dad as a matter that lacked major importance.

I like the idea of pinning it at the size that you think fitting, prior to re-sewing.

Probably a tape measure could help, also.

ole joyful

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The sheet garters seem like the simplest idea. Turn it so it fits the one way as suggested and put the straps on it.

You could always ask Harry & Sam to do a tug-o-war with it to get it down to the right size.

And there's always the Handyman's Secret Weapon. (AKA the silver miracle, gray gold, bachelor's sewing kit, a roll of bolts or a myriad of other names. Some even call it duct tape!)

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As Cynic says ... another use for duct tape!

Totalling about 957, isn't it?

ole joyful

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