What's for dinner Monday?

patti43October 29, 2012

We're having the chili we were supposed to have last night. Sounds much better today since it never got over 65 degrees here. We'll have it over rice.

What are you having for dinner?

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Thinking fried potatoes and eggs, which is about all I have in the fridge right now. Never did make it to the grocery store and sure don't feel like driving there now. So far winds aren't terribly high but the temp is going down.

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My mind is blank and I can't even remember.

I Do remember using the machines at the Y and going for caramel pretzel yogurt. tee heee

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Oh Hamburger Heaven for their freshly made chili and a chili dog.

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Just felt like Mexican potatoes tonight so I defrosted some hamburger.

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I made a baked ziti (using a curly pasta). It makes enough for
2 casseroles, 1 for the freezer.

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I had leftover wedding soup. Warm and filling.


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Schoolhouse, that sounds pretty good but if you want, come on down. My chili is smelling really, really good.

Glenda, I wouldn't forget caramel pretzel yogurt, either. Was it frozen yogurt? Sure sounds good, but I know I'd never forget a chili dog. Yum!

Georgysmom, I sure am glad to "see" you. I've missed you the last few weeks, but know you're a busy girl. I don't know what Mexican potatoes are but I have a feeling I'd love them. Wanna share the recipe? If you've posted it before I'll do a search.

Jasdip, I like cooking once and serving twice. It'll taste just as good later when you're having a busy day.

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I had my leftover chicken and onion petals from last night and I added a little baked potato to that. Cheryl and Kevin came and took two air conditioners out of the windows for me. It is really windy and the next two days are to be worse. I plan on staying in. We did our grocery shopping today. When Cheryl came she brought us a little baking dish of baked apple dumplings still very warm from the oven. Wasn't that sweet! Of course I had to have one :)

Sue in central Indiana

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We had Orange Chicken and rice, topped with those Crispy Chinese noodles that puff up when you drop them in hot oil. It was quick--with this weather, you're afraid to do anything that takes very long, never know when the power might go out!

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Azzalea, would you possibly share your recipe for Orange chicken? It sounds real good!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Smoked pork chops and hash brown casserole with cantaloupe and bananas for dessert.

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We had rotisserie chicken(from Publix) and I made mac and cheese and a salad to go with it. Didn't feel much like cooking today. For dessert I had made sour cream cake donuts this morning and David ate one for his dessert. I didn't eat one after supper.....I had one right after making them with a cup of coffee...tee hee. I just couldn't eat another after supper....that would make me feel hoggish, hahahaha. They were oven baked instead of fried which saved some fat content. Not much mind you but just a little bit.


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Jasdip--I'd love to, BUT I JUST about an hour ago, sent the recipe off to a contest. I can't post it on the internet now--that would be disqualification, unfortunately. I'm so sorry--I really DO like to share recipes when I can. Hope you understand.

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Azzalea: Good luck! Do you enter cooking contests frequently? Have you won before, and if so, what were your winning recipes?

Now to the question:
Over the weekend, I cooked up some taco meat (with a little chili seasoning tossed in, too, for more spice). I knew I'd want something in the fridge ready to heat up, or at least bring to room temp, because of the hurricane.
So tonite was a little of the meat over some rice with corn niblets tossed in and (of course) grated cheese, and some taco sauce atop it all.

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Sorry, Azzalea- should've written "what were your winning DISHES?" (We'll get to asking for the recipes soon enough, I'm sure!)

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Patti, there is no recipe. Just a baked potato topped with taco filling.......ground beef mixed with taco seasonings, shredded lettuce, diced onions, shredded cheddar and some diced tomatoes....I didn't have any tomatoes in the house so I used salsa instead. Then I pop it in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese. It's a quickie meal but I love tacos and DH doesn't because they're too messy to eat so I put it on top of a potato instead and he can eat it with a knife and fork.

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Azzalea, when you are able, we'd love to see some of your recipes that you can share. Congratulations on your entries!

GM, those potatoes do sound good! We love tacos, but as they are so messy, we prefer taco salads.

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