What's for dinner Monday?

patti43October 8, 2012

We're having salmon tonight. It's the last (I think) of the red (coho?) salmon that we can only find once a year at Publix. It's so good! We'll have some more corn casserole and Thai cucumber salad, too.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Meatloaf, stewed tomatoes, steamed small red skinned potatoes and broccoli.

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Beef bulgar casserole, steamed cauliflower and broccoli. Using the oven to bake the casserole helped warm me up some on yet another cold day here in Ohio.


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I had bridge this morning, then had to go over the pairings for golf tomorrow, go to Walmart and tonight I have Mexican train. That in mind, I had a lot of sauce from my pot roast, which was very good by the way, so I'm cooking up some hamburgers topped with the delicious sauce, and some home fries. A real quickie dinner but serves my purposes.

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Potluck, today. We had 20 and such a variety of food. No way can you taste all of it.

Ceviche was brought by gal, she's new, an avid diver, and the fish was freshly caught in the Gulf this weekend. Must say it was really good.

My sausage and wild rice casserole turned out great.

Variety of finger sandwiches, squash casserole, butterbeans with stewed chicken, pineapple casserole, etc etc.

Best dessert was cheesecake baklava made from scratch! Very time consumming to make. Awesomely good!

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The last canning is in of the shellie beans! I forgot to count how many pints were in this last time but I think I will have a total of about 18 pints today. So now I think the beans are done for the year, however the carrots are still in the ground. Supper was for me beef vegetable soup that I made today and some Club crackers and just water to drink.


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Homemade Cream of Celery Soup and popovers. Was going to freeze some of the soup, but there's not all that much left and we'll be getting home late tomorrow (DH has a dr's appt. back in the old neighborhood), so I'm thinking having something I can reheat in a few minutes will be a help.

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Yesterday was our Thanksgiving, so I picked up some leftovers today from my step-father. He's not big on leftovers.

I brought the carcass home last nite and made turkey stock.
I decided to make soup, for the first time. That was dinner, the soup, and pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

The soup was okay, it's lacking something, but we ate it. :)
Starting tomorrow we'll have leftovers.

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We are having chili tonight. It's about ready and smells good!

Glenda, squash casserole sounds good. I wish I had a recipe for it. I had some at a local restaurant a few months ago, but can't get the recipe from them.

Georgysmom, I love Mexican Train! Got hooked this spring.

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Harry asked me what night we were having Brie and fruit (we like that for a meal). He never asks so I figured it must sound good to him, so our dinner tonight is Brie (heated until just melty) with pears and apples. We'll have the salmon tomorrow.

Monica, I never remember little red potatoes when I'm planning menus and we like them steamed with butter and fresh parsley. Thanks for the reminder.

Shirley, I don't remember ever having bulgar. Is it anything like barley? Your dinner sounds good and now I'm hungry for cauliflower with cheese sauce!

Glenda, I've never had cheviche but I've read recipes for it. Glad you liked it, but you had the ideal--fresh, fresh fish! I would just loved to have tasted that cheesecake baklava. Talk about over the moon! Did you taste?

Georgysmom, it must be nice to have a creative mind! That sounds good--have fun tonight.

Ah, Sue! Finally!! Glad you got all those beans canned. Sleep happy tonight knowing you don't have to clean, snap and can anymore beans!!

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Of course, I tasted the cheesecake baklava and I was given the remainder to give to my son, just like last year. But he's on a very strict diet and turned it down, can you believe. That's will power.

Friend that was riding with me took it home for her husband.

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Well darn, it was supposed to be pizza and football, I had been looking forward to it all day. DH just called, pizza place is closed on Monday! They are local and so good. So wings and football!

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I made fettuccine alfredo, and I tossed leftover turkey and some peppers from the garden in there. I made the fettuccine with the KitchenAid attachments. I love using them!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

On the menu tonight is spaghetti with meat sauce and fresh garlic bread.

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Azzalea, I wish I had one of your popovers. They're soooo good! I bet homemade cream of celery is, too.

Jasdip, I envy you your leftovers. Hope you had a wonderful day visiting your sibs and SF. Did you see my Q about making the stuffing/dressing? I love your recipe and the idea of making it in the microwave. Just wonder if I could put all the ingredients together the day before??

Terilyn, wings sound pretty good, too. As long as they aren't too hot!

Glenda, I think your son got that will power from you. I mean, wow, you sent that cheesecake home with your friend instead of eating it yourself! Man, that is will power!!

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Patti, I answered your question on that thread, but it's probably buried somewhere.

We love dressing in the crockpot. It's so easy, and tasty too.

I would assemble the veggies, bread and rice if you're using it, ahead of time, but I'd only add the liquid just before putting it in the crockpot.

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Green salad with lemon juice/olive oil dressing

Lamb shank with a tomato, shallot, mushroom, golden bell pepper and caper sauce. Soooooo good!

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Mike is grilling pork chops. I forgot to bring the BBQ sauce. Then remembered the post about Glenda's BBQ sauce and I had the ingredients for that so made it up. Thanks Glenda!! Also to go along with the pork chops is loaded mashed potatoes (package) a fresh salad with lots of veggies in it and applesauce.

Today was a wonderful day here in Fredericksburg nice and sunny. Bought a few Christmas presents for a couple of friends. Also found a Blue Hubbard squash at the Seed Farm. Haven't had that in many years. So for $5.50 each we bought a good sized one and it is in the bottom of the motor home. Will be having that for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Lauren was with her friends, I had to go shopping for a few things and Duray came with me, so we ate at Qdoba. Have over half my burrito left. First time for Duray and he finished the rest of his almost as soon as he got home-lol.

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We had sausage gravy over cornbread, a huge waldorf salad, and a bowl of raw sugar snap peas.

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We had cheese filled Lagagna rolls with meatballs and marinara sauce. Toasted bakery buns on the side.

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Last night was the first Rib Eye's from the cow we bought. Heaven on a plate. I can only eat a third of one. DH can have the other 2/3 for dinner tonight with some fried taters from the leftover bakers.

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