Art Festival I Went To

samkarenOctober 7, 2012

Hi Everyone

The fest was unbelivable! First it was cold as hell. Temps were a high of 45. I had on 2 pair of thermal socks & my winter boots; long johns & 2 pair of sweat pants; long john shirt & 2 sweat shirts and my winter coat. It was bulky but at least I wasn't freezing. There were literaly thousands of people there! I had a great experience and sold lots of my art work. I made a total of $530. I will definately do it again next year. By the time I got home I just wanted a hot bath and dinner. Went to bed at 9:00 pm from exhaustion.

The people in the booth next to me were great. They watched my table when I had to use the washroom and even got me a large hot coffee to stay warm. The woman in the booth across from me loaned me 2 crates so i could prop my paintings up to display them better. I sure learned a lot from the experience and will be ready for next year.


your resident DJ

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Fantastic!!! So glad it went well and you feel satisfied

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That's Great.Makes you feel so good when you sell your stuff.Bet you're gonna start on next years stuff soon ,aren't you.
Congrats on the sales.

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Good for you! I'm not 'creative', but it must feel great to have other people admire (and BUY) your work.

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Oh WOW....congratulations for having a successful showing!

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Glad you did so well--wish your weather would've been better so more people would be out (and hopefully in a buying mood). As it is, you did darned well!!

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Wow - that's great. Sorry the weather was so cold but it sounds like you had a successful day.

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That's a HUGE success!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

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Congratulations!! What a great feeling that must be, to have other people appreciate your work so much that they want to buy it so they can live with it. Will you miss them? When I give away a quilt, it's like giving away a part of me--so I make sure to take pictures of all my quilts before they leave the nest.

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That is great SamKaren! great job.

That is a LOT of clothes for 45 degrees! lol

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That's great news. Glad you sold some things. I am not the least bit artistic, lol. 45 degrees with that many clothes? Wow, I would put my jacket on, actually wear shoes and socks, maybe, but I would def have ear muffs on. Like I said in another post, from the neck up is my problem, lol.

Anyhow, congrats, you can be very proud of yourself!

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SK, glad it went well, you had fun and made $money$.

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Thanks everyone. Yes it was 45 but the north wind was blowing and it felt like 35. I have several people who didn't make but want to see my work so I am taking photos to bring in tomorrow. It is such a great feeling selling.

Will let you know if I sell more

Your resident dj

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That's wonderful, SK! 45 is collllld, but I'm glad to know you enjoyed yourself and sold lots of paintings.

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