Wow, a free Keurig coffee maker!

sheilajoyce_gwOctober 14, 2013

My daughter answered her door in Los Angeles this morning. A package was at her feet and the UPS man was leaving. On the large box, it said it was a gift for her. She had seen the ads on tv saying to keep a look out at your doorway. Well, it is a new Keurig K cup brewer. The package included various kinds of Kcups--tea, coffee and cocoa and coupons. She is going to brew the cocoa when her 1st grader gets home from school this afternoon.

The truck left her house and pulled up in front of her next door neighbor. I guess they targeted her neighborhood.

I also think they can tell who has one of these coffee makers by following the computer print outs of your shopping receipts.

Now she is trying to figure out which brand of KCup coffee is mildest. We know not to buy the Starbucks brand.

She was so excited. She said she never wins anything.

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Wow, that's really cool. Neat o know it actually is a real thing.

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I don't like strong coffee, but I like Breakfast Blend, Nantucket Blend, Vermont Country Blend, Caribou Blend, Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend, and Columbian Fair Trade Select. I also like 2 decaf coffees, Newman's Own and Donut House. I love my Keurig, in fact, I just got a Mini Keurig for traveling.

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I have a Keurig at home and at my office. I love the flavoured coffees ... Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (tastes like a Big Turk chocolate bar), Butter Pecan, Chocolate Biscotti, Carmel Apple Cider, Chai Latte. I tried a coconut blend and it was good too. I also really like the Tim Horton's K-cups too. The cups cost $.65 Cdn at a little shop close to my house so if you're a heavy coffee drinker, this is not the way to go. You can however, purchase little baskets at places like Walmart and fill with your own favourite coffee to have in your Keurig. I hope you enjoy it.

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Mine was free too :) My sis in law found one in red that went with her kitchen accent color and gave me hers - still working beautifully now after a couple of years. I really like it, keep a couple of kinds of coffee and the hot chocolate mix, different teas on hand.

I watch for the specials for the hot choc and tea. DH drinks Starbucks coffee at Starbucks, but for the Keurig he likes one not quite so dark. For his taste, and price, we've been buying the Safeway store brand in Costa Rica blend K-cups, that seems to work for him....

Brand new and free is so great for your daughter!

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How exciting! Last year at this time I was sent the soon to be released Keurig Vue to test market. It came with vouchers for free coffee or other cups of my choosing. They kept extending the deadline for returning it. I had it (and free coffee) for months. When it came time to return it, I asked if I could buy it-no. Yikes when they did come on the market they were $200. No wonder I feel in love with it.

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I think the Keurig is going the way of the home printer ... the hardware is free or affordable but the refills cost a fortune. :-)

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That's why I bought a reusable filter for my Keurig.

Friend gave me mine for Christmas few years back, but I didn't care for it.

So I sold it to a friend last week for $40 with the reusable filter.

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We love ours (it wasn't free). We get Caribou K-cups at SAMs Club, comes out to be 50 cents a cup. We only each have one cup a day anymore and we think it's worth it.

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I like mine too, and I prefer to use the adapter that lets me make the coffee grounds cup.

DD also received 30 coupons for 50% off on a new machine. Too bad the family members who want one already have a Keurig. And now her neighbors have new ones too.

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I like mine too. I have a "Mini" which suits me just fine. I usually drink two cups of coffee per day and alternate between Gloria Jean's Hazelnut, Dunkin' Donuts original, and a darker blend like an Italian roast. Makes good coffee.

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You can also order the little plastic discs that fit into the top of used K cups to refill with your own coffee. They come with a little fan brush to help clean the filter in the used one. We ordered the 24 pack and refill with Folgers Black Silk and some flavored favorites. I stick a small square of scotch tape over the hole in middle for freshness and to keep form spilling dry grounds before use. Just make sure to let the filter cup dry completely before reusing.
We have some that have been reused 10 or more times. Just turn the cup until the punched hole on bottom is lined up with needle. I marked edge of cup with marker for a while, but is just as easy to turn until it falls onto the needle!
Ours at home was a gift, and I bought one for break room at work. Loving that quick cup with a little caramel machiatto creamer.....yum!

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We got one free too. I got a EZ-Cup from Bed Bath & Beyond,($12.99) it uses a disposable paper filter so you can use your own coffee.

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My daughter and I have mini Keurigs, she uses EZ cups since returning my refillable K cup, which I received with a Red Keurig I bought from QVC, I use it with loose tea. Bought 2 more mimi's, one each for home and vacation house, not free BUT only $59.00 at the time. Love the Breakface Blend decaf. I do run water through the K cup twice,, I just don't like stronger coffee.


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