First batch of donuts ever

schoolhouse_gwOctober 24, 2012

Made my first donuts today! I used a msh.potato donut recipe, the kind my Mom used to make. There was flour everywhere, ha. Do you know how hard it is to find a donut cutter? One store actually had one but it was 2" round and cost $6. No thanks. So I used a 3" round cookie cutter I had and a little crystal toothpick holder to cut out the center hole. Mom says a pop bottle works too, but I didn't have one of those.

They look just like Mom's. Don't remember how hers tasted but these are pretty darn good. The first ones I rolled the dough out a little too thin. I think those donuts will get hard much quicker. Oh well, that's how you learn. Do you think if I put them in a plastic container with a lid it will be ok? or will they get soggy? I'm thinking they will end up dunkin' donuts (hard) if I don't.

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They look delicious congrats!!

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Congratulations! And they look delicious! You should be proud of yourself.

I did a search and most say store in a ziplock bag and get out all the air you can.

But they still won't be as fresh as they are today.

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Just put them out on the Kitchen Table, and there won't be any to worry about getting soggy or stale. (They look good to me.)


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Oh, yummy! Are they yeast ones? I like the idea of the potatoes in them. I have been wanting to make some, but no time just yet. I want to try just baking some too. Just send the ones you don't eat this direction, we won't have to worry about them getting hard. :)


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Thanks. I surprised myself. Well, they are already getting pretty hard on the outside but inside they are soft. Mom says they are suppose to be crunchy on the outside. Wouldn't a plastic container with a lid be the same as a Ziplock bag? I do have some big Ziplocks, I can use those.

Shirley - I would gladly share. I sure don't need to be eating them, but with a big glass of cold cider wouldn't they taste good? I have the kettle on for coffee right now. I've only eaten one and some crumbles so far, so I think I'll grab another.

Remember when as kids you used to get baked goods like donuts and cookies for Trick-or-Treat? Ladies would invite you in and you'd take one off a tray, but - you always had to lift your mask to show them who you were! They'd laugh. This was the about the only time we got donuts and cider. Mom made them only as a rare treat when grocery money allowed.

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No yeast. The recipe called for only 3/4 cup of mashed potato (I cooked extra so will make potato pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast). Does that take the place of yeast or why add the potato? Extra starch? Mom fried them in a deep iron skillet with lard, but I happened to have a small deep fryer so I used that and liquid vegetable oil. Could only fry two at a time, but boy once the oil was hot you really had to keep an eye on them or the donuts would get too brown. Could letting them get too brown also make them hard on the outside? That might have been my problem.

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I think the potato makes them nice and soft and I know yeast ones raise more with potato or potato water. They really look nice.


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Beautiful, you make me want one...they look delish.

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Those sure look yummy. The only donuts I have made are simply canned refrigerator biscuits with a hole cut in the center and deep fried in oil. Drain on paper towel then drop in brown bag with cinnamon and sugar or sprinkle with powdered sugar. Easy and very good. Satine

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What leftovers? Now, see? If I was there you wouldn't have to worry about leftovers :-) Isn't it an amazing feeling when something you make looks like your mother just made it. Enjoy--dunked or not! They looks yummy.

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My mother used to make donuts....I've made them too, but it has been years. I have many donut cutters. I collect them...biscuit cutters too. I have a big jar full.

Yours look delicious! I just may have to make some too.

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Here's a tip I picked up:
When you put dry goods in zip-lock bags for storage, after zipping them up insert a drinking straw in the corner and "suck" out any air left in them then quickly pull out the straw and zip up tight...good for cookies, pieces of cake, doughnuts, whatever.

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