What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43October 10, 2012

Tonight we're having smoked sausage, fried potatoes and the rest of the corn casserole. Getting ready for company next week so I've been a cleaning fool today! Now my back is killing me and I need a nap. :-)

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I would love your supper Patti. Today was weekly grocery shopping day. We had lunch at Bob Evan's. My meal was a double hamburger with goodies on it and fries plus unsweetened iced tea to drink. I am not hungry this evening so I am not eating a thing.


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I decided to have macaroni and cheese along with a hot dog for my evening meal.


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Made split pea soup yesterday, all I have to do is warm it up and top it with red onion and balsamic vinegar. It's been cold and blistery here today and I'm looking forward to the warm soup.

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Sue, your lunch sounds good to me. I haven't had a nice big hamburger in ages.

Shirley, hope you enjoyed your day yesterday with all your sisters. Boy, am I envious! We all live too far apart to get together often, so I have to wait til next 4th of July to be with all of us together.

two.25acres, that sounds warm and filling. Just right for weather like you're having. Yum!

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5 Guys was calling me, today!

I downsized from the regular to the small burger and had grilled onions, lettuce, green peppers and mayo.

Hoping the green peppers would be grilled but they weren't, and ended up taking them out.

THEN I ate that wonderfully delicious apple fritter that I bought for GD, that he didn't want.

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Yum, leftovers from Thanksgiving. It was so good, I was ready for that.

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I made one of DH's favorites tonight, Beef Stew. I made it in the crockpot this morning. I was slightly worried since I was running low on time and basically just threw it all in without much seasoning, but DH had 3 helpings and said it was Great!!

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glender... you're atrocious! Five guys have been calling on you every night since you wuz sixteen!
Aint fittin' girl, simply aint fittin!

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Fried chicken, diced potatoes, gravy and green beans. French vanilla ice cream for dessert.

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