What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43October 25, 2012

Tonight we're having oven-baked chicken breast with green beans and red potatoes. Not very excited about it, though.

What are you having for dinner?

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Meeting some friends at a small hole in the wall Italian place near my home. Don't know what I'll order since Im not real hungry. Satine

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Brava, today. Their food is really good and supposed to be healthy.

Had a side serving of chicken salad with almond slivers, honey, etc, a side of caesar salad and two pita wedges.

Tomorrow going to a silent opening for Mooyah Restaurant.
My invitation says 12:45 for me and food and drinks are on them. Meeting a friend, who has the same time.

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Grilled chicken breast for DH~~~some meat alternative for me~~Risotto with tomato,garlic & onion~~maybe corn on the cob just got some today and grapes/pears. HMM and a cooked green veg not sure what yet.

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It has been a very nice day today, got some carrots out of the garden and some other outside work done. This afternoon I filled 30 treat bags and sewed up a yard and a half of orange and black plaid Halloween fabric and lined a bushel basket with it and put my treat bags in it for Trunk or Treat at our church Sat. evening. I just got back from going over to Amber's for a bit. I got to see Alyssa for a little while. I dread tomorrow's weather of gloomy and rain. Right now it is 75 out and sunny. My supper before I left was a couple of toasted cheese sandwiches and some iced tea.

Sue in Central Indiana

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I had my main meal at lunchtime today. I made the chicken patties yesterday to take to my special needs sister in the Home today. Went thru Wendy's drive-thru and got two of her favorites, baked potato and chili. We both enjoyed the food and the company.

A little while ago, I got myself a cup of 15 beans. That, with a glass of milk, was it.


Patti: All you'd have to do to make the chicken patties is to readjust the amounts of your other ingredients you use to make salmon patties. The canned salmon comes in larger cans than most canned chicken breast do.

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We, too, had our main meal at lunch. WE stopped at a favorite diner. DH had Chicken Orzo soup and Chicken Pot Pie, I had split pea soup, and ham/cabbage/potatoes/carrots. We brought our 'free' desserts home.

So dinner was a quick, lunch-type meal. Welsh Rarebit over whole wheat bread and some fried potatoes (just because I wanted to get rid of some of them--they've been sitting around).

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Satine, you could bring your leftovers home for tomorrow if you aren't too hungry. Enjoy your time with friends.

Glenda, today's lunch sounds good, but tomorrow will surely be a lot of fun. What kind of food? You can tell us all about it tomorrow, okay?

Yogalady, your risotto sounds yummy. So does corn on the cob. Where does the corn come from this time of year?

Sue, I'd love to see the kids all dressed up for your party. What is Alyssa dressing as? Hope you put candy in your treat bags (just remembering the post on trick or treat treats ;-)

Shirley, I usually have leftover chicken and thought your idea might work. So thanks for the thumbs-up. Sounds like a nice visit with your sister. You're so good!!

Azzalea, first thanks for the pumpernickel bread recipe. I have a KA mixer so I guess I don't have to knead it, right? It definitely sounds doable. Man, will Harry be impressed! The chicken orzo soup your DH had for lunch sounds really good. I'd order his soup and your ham lunch. Thanks again for the recipe.

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Wow, we had summer today. Very warm, in the 70's, and the one day that it hasn't rained all week. Getting a cold front and more rain again and through the weekend.

Just leftovers tonite.....

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Swiss cheese, mushroom hamburger and onion rings

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am making an oven roasted chicken with red potatoes will cook some rice to have rice and gravy from the chicken. I love this meal but have not made it in a while.
Patti we are sharing a brain tonight it seems like lol.

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Cheryl, I just love onion rings, but I really love those thinly sliced fried onion straws. We used to go to a restaurant that served a big basket of them while you were waiting for your meal. Heaven!

Jasdip, happy for your warm non-rainy day. We could use a little of that rain, but I think we'll be getting our share from hurricane Sandy tomorrow as it heads up the coast to heaven-knows-where.

Raven, I wish I had your brain! And wish I'd thought of rice. But the green beans/potatoes were leftovers that needed to be used.

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Yes, Patti, this is what I put in mine, a bag of Keebler animal cookies, a Halloween pencil, and a big Dum Dum sucker.
Alyssa will be dressed as a black cat, with some pink trim. She went to one party today for Toddler Time, she goes each Thursday. Amber and I thought two items they received in treat bags were not good, Rice Krispy treats, hard for little ones to swallow and a balloon, not inflated, just a balloon! Sure could choke on that couldn't they?


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I'm with Patti, Satine's hole in the wall Italian place sounds great to me.. Me, Smoked ribs (real, four hour or so smoked in foil), snap beans (picked today), potato salad (home made but in the fridge leftovers from a couple of days ago) and garlic bread..

It would be a lie if I didn't admit to wishing to be at Mary Sue's upcoming "Trunk or Treat".

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