What's for dinner Monday?

patti43October 22, 2012

We have leftover curried chicken salad that we need to eat. We;ll have it on Romaine with club crackers. Need to get that frig cleaned out! It was so nice having Harry's DD with us all by herself. Love them all but a little one-on-one time was so fun. Hope she can do it again next year.

What are you having for dinner?

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I'm making pasta primavera.
I'll bet you and Harry's DD had a great visit Patti!!

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Bears play tonight and I have to grocery shop after leaving the office so we're doing quick and easy. We're putting french bread pizzas together. yummm.

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Had a rotissorie chicken sandwich on a multi grain sandwich round. Then hit the bed.

And a delicious fruit snack, son shared with me.

He's into power training and he made it from all kinds of good stuff that's good for you and it was wonderful.

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Oooh, Jasdip. I'm so hungry for pasta I've been smelling it. Not really I guess, but I've asked Harry a couple of times if it smelled like pasta is cooking. Not to him, but his DD doesn't eat any gluten products and I'm needin' a fix :-)

Enjoy your game, Two.25acres, and your pizzas. Great football food. Go Bears! I can always eat more of anything if a game is on, but we just watch college FB.

Glenda, is your son doing cross-fit? My niece and her DH do it and it's pretty brutal. Hope you can get yourself back on schedule. Wednesday we have to leave here at 6 a.m. for Harry's first appt. at VA at 8 (labs). That means I have to be up at 4:30 have time to read the paper and get ready. Hopefully, we'll be out of there before noon, have lunch on the way home and then we'll both be napping!!

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I opted to have Stouffer's spaghetti w/meat sauce, along with half a slice of homemade bread. I've put the rest of the bread in the freezer to keep it fresh.....won't be as big a temptation there.


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I had a larger lunch of leftovers and the cornbread I made today. For my supper, just cornbread and milk and iced tea to drink. I finally finished up the shellie beans, five more quarts were canned today!


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Bbqed country style ribs in the oven, boiled red potatoes or steamed Brussels sprouts, not sure about the sides yet.

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We had Japanese cold (soba) noodles but I also made spaghetti because I didn't know if Duray would eat the noodles. He did but ate some spaghetti too.

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Shirley, I always freeze bread and forget I have it. I have to start using it or start all over again. I make bread crumbs out of a lot of it. Better than panko!

Sue, have you counted all the jars you've canned? You must have enough to last at least a year.

Raven, we had ribs while Harry's DD was here and she really enjoyed them. Cooked them low and slow and served the BBQ sauce on the side. We like that Jack Daniel's sauce. She did, too. We had red potatoes cooked with green beans and also glazed carrots. Still have veggies which we'll probably have tomorrow.

Kathleen, it's always so nice to see you at the KT. You work so hard/often! I've forgotten where your new foreign student (Duray) is from??? Since you've always had girls before, how is it having a guy?

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We moved today and are visiting with Zipper TX and her husband. They invited us over for dinner. She fixed a delicious meal of fried chicken, potato salad, red beans, cornbread and chocolate cake for dessert.

We had a great visit talking and laughing for hours. Will spend the day with them tomorrow before moving on again.

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Patti yes, I have a list pretty much of all I have canned. Near a hundred quarts of beans. They are not just for us but for family and friends too.


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