What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43October 30, 2012

Leftover chili at our house. I don't put beans in mine, just meat, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, cumin and chili powder (lots), plus some water. How do you make yours? It will sure be good on this cold day in Florida. I think the high was 65. Dang!

And, what are you having tonight?

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Finished up my white chili on Sunday with lots of chili powder!

Loui's today: their delicious Greek baked snapper and creamed corn!

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I made chili soup of course I put either tomato juice or V-8 in mine and elbow pasta. This time I sort of hurried it along as it has not been a good day, just browned hamburger, with chopped onion, a can of Chili Magic, some chili powder, a can of red beans, and the V-8 juice and a can of petite chopped tomatoes. After it simmers awhile, add the cooked and drained pasta, salt and pepper to taste. Sometimes I put peppers and zucchini in it too. Well, my freezer in my side by side is not freezing and everything was soft but cold, just about everything got dumped. So it had to be cleaned out and I turned up the temp on the freezer side and will see what happens overnight. Then with all the mess I had to mop the kitchen and family room. Too windy to take the trash cans out to the road this evening and they come too early for me to have it out there in the morning. I am still hungry so will see if I have any canned fruit. Maybe a little cottage cheese.


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Slow cooked a pot roast, used up the last of the carrots from the garden and threw in some fingerling potatoes. We'll soak up the juices with a baguette. Can't wait. I'm starving.

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Today was our end of the year golf luncheon. I'm not so hungry for dinner. Will probably make DH a quesadilla or something else easy for dinner.

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I fixed what I consider a comfort food meal....black beans, fried potatoes, and ham.

Except for the fact I use dried beans that I've cooked myself, my chili would be very similar to yours Patti. I make my own chili powder and I like lots of it, too.


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Home made macaroni and cheese, and meat loaf.

When I make chili, I use ground beef, onion, celery, tomato sauce, and kidney beans.

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Glenda, I'm getting in the mood for fish and we have some cod in freezer. I love creamed corn--know what you are talking about is REAL creamed corn. I'm sure it was delicious.

Sue, I'd eat any soup with V-8. :-) I don't think I've ever seen chili magic. Who makes it? I usually put pasta in mine, but didn't this time. Tonight, we'll just have it with grated jack cheese and crackers. Didn't make the cornbread, since I'm too lazy ;-)

Two.25, I wish I could have a garden. I'd just grow corn and carrots. Nothing better than those sweet carrots fresh from the garden. I'm ao envious!

Georgysmom, sorry your golfing season is over, well, sort of. Hope you have more time for your virtual friends now. I just love reading about your great meals (and getting the recipes ;-)

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Patti, Bush's makes it. It comes in a rather smallish can in I think hot, medium and mild. I always get the mild. None of us would be able to eat it if it were too hot. Our church's chili supper is coming up on Nov. 10th. All the chili suppers in this area are not really chili but chili soup. I have been asked to bring pies. I am thinking pumpkin or sweet potato. No black raspberries to donate this year.


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I actually cooked tonight. Had fish, rice, and lima beans.

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Shirley, that sure sounds good. I wish I could make good fried potatoes like my mother--nice and crispy outside and soft inside. Mine are usually all crispy and sort of greasy. Ick! Bet yours were good.

Tami, glad to hear from you and you have electricity and fared through the worst of the storm. I kept hearing about OH on TV during the night. Did you get snow? They were saying OH was going to get dumped on. I thought about putting celery in the chili while I was making it yesterday. I'd just read a recipe that called for it and we like the taste it adds to stuff. I'll try it next time.

Sue, was it too dry for the berries? This time of year pumpkin pie tastes so good, though.

Schoolhouse, I'm glad Harry didn't see your dinner or he'd have run right over there. Limas are one of his favorite vegetables.

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Patti, some of Ohio did, but not where I am. Lots of rain and wind, tho. The power only went out a couple of times for a few minutes, just enough that I had to reset the clocks a couple of times. We would have had a wet basement if DS hadn't come over. He came in the side door, and noticed that water was bubbling up beside the garage from the sump pump. Something is plugging the drain tile. DH was afraid that the sump pump wouldn't be able to keep up with all the ground water, so he went to Lowes and got a submersible pump with a garden hose fitting on it. He put that in the sump hole and ran a garden hose out and down the driveway, and has had that running non stop since about 6pm yesterday. We have stayed dry because of it! He stayed home from work today to keep an eye on it. The sump pump is still running to give you an idea of how much water is in the ground around the house. As we are on a septic system, we are using as little water as possible. Sponge bath, ect. I will be glad to get a shower! It's a small price to pay, tho.

I did forget to say, salt pepper paprika, and chili powder in my chili! DH wants diced tomatoes in it, but doesn't get it often. And I don't measure. Sometimes I use ground turkey, ground chicken, or ground lamb, sometimes a combination, but mostly just ground beef. YUM! Might be tomorrow's dinner! And maybe some Jiffy cornbread! I am not big on cornbread, but for some reason I've been craving it.

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Mike is gone to Tucson for jury selection tomorrow morning. I went out for dinner with Gene and Judy to KFC buffet.

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I told Jody to bring me some Church's chicken on his way home from the boat, so that is what I had. I didn't have to cook.

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