What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43October 27, 2012

We're having shrimp and crabmeat Newburg in puff pastry shells for dinner. Green peas, too. I made a coconut cake with a rum glaze yesterday so we'll have that later.

We're watching FSU/Duke--football Saturday, ya know!

What are you having for dinner?

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Chicken soup and rye bread. Your dinner sounds scrumptious! Hope Harry sings Happy Birthday to you.

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Sounds like a wonderful birthday dinner!

AL game starts at 7:30.

Friend and I went to Moe's bbq for lunch upon my DS's recommendation.

I had an appetizer of smoked chicken wings and friend had their chicken sandwich with cole slaw and an order of homemade kettle chips.

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I had an open-faced hot beef sandwich with gravy.


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All of your meals sound great. Put in some honey mustard glazed chicken breasts and will make some rice and veggie.

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Homemade chicken noodle soup with wide egg noodles. It's so cold here that I wanted something hot.

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It's been snowing off and on all day and cold and dreary here.

The day was just begging for an oven meal! LOL

Hotdish with hamburger,potatoes,onions, baby carrots with basil leaves a can of tomato soup and V-8 juice. It is good. I have some dinner rolls getting stale, so will make garlic toast with those. Maybe ice cream later when we watch the World Series.

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Turkey meatloaf is in the oven. Don't know what I'll have with it. I'm just looking forward to a cold meatloaf sandwich tomorrow!

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Pam, no "happy birthday"--my birthday was Wednesday :-) You and Kathleen both made chicken soup! Must be a cold front going through. Sounds nice and warming.

My darned Newburg sauce (believe me, I called it a much harsher term) broke down. Fancy words for it curdled. The recipe said to stir, stir, stir. And I did--for over 25 minutes. I know how long because I put the puff pastry shells in the oven and set the timer for 23 minutes. After the shells were long finished, the sauce still wasn't thickening so I upped the heat a little. Voila! Curdled sauce. Stuck the shrimp in it and heated it and we ate it anyway. Tasted okay. Just hate that I spent that much time trying to make a nice meal and poof :-(

Glenda, I don't even bother watching AL play--just check in every once in a while to see how far ahead they are! LOL! Those smoked wings sound good and so does the chicken salad.

Oooh, Shirley, wish I'd been at your house. I love making those with leftover Swiss steak on white bread. Heaven on a plate.

Kathleen, you must be off today. Hope you enjoyed the whole day. Doesn't seem possible that it should be getting cold already. Time goes by way too quickly.

Hellion, do you bake your honey mustard chicken? Do you just mix honey and mustard or do you add other stuff? They sound really good.

Nodakgal, World Series and snow just don't seem to go together. Your hotdish sounds perfect to warm you up. Hope that snow doesn't stick around.

Hounds, that's my exact thought when I make meatloaf. I probably wouldn't make it if someone hadn't "invented" meatloaf sandwiches. Enjoy!

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Chicken and dumplings.

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I just got home from the Fall Festival, they served hot dogs, some kind of chips, and pop corn and drinks. I only had a hot dog. I came home and had a banana. The kids seemed to all have fun. Alyssa won a cup cake in the cup cake walk. I had several compliments on my Halloween print tunic I made and wore. Now I am soon ready for bed. It was breezy and cold for the "Trunk or Treat".


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Marilyn, do you make bread-y dumplings or flat square ones? Either way, that sounds good.

Glad you had fun at the festival, Sue. Aren't those little ones fun to watch?

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Country Sunflower

Larry took me out for BBQ... deelish...

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At friends for an Oktoberfest-ish beer tasting and German style food. Late now but I'm making soup for tomorrow... first cold day tomorrow (cold for Deep South people lol).

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I use Ken's Honey mustard dressing and sauce. Just spread a thin layer on the chicken breasts and bake. You can roll in bread crumbs also if desired.

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We just got back from Texas this afternoon. I had some frozen oyster stew so that was dinner. It sure tasted good and Mike did the cleanup.

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