What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43October 7, 2012

Tonight we're having pork chops rubbed with garlic and dredged in fresh breadcrumbs, then baked. Also Thai cucumber salad and a new corn casserole. I finally found one that doesn't use cornbread mix! Still have plenty of those frozen blueberry salads for later.

What are you having for dinner?

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I had a big meal at noon at the church. There was so much to choose from but this is what I had, roast pork with carrots and potatoes, sweet corn that was really good, cheese potatoes, some cut up hotdogs in a sauce, I won't get that again, a couple little meatballs that were tasty, great coleslaw, two kinds of potato salad, a serving of five cup salad and 3 tiny cream puffs. Iced tea to drink. So after all that I was not too hungry this evening. I just had some Club crackers with muenster cheese and a big mug of hot tea.


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It's a cold dismal day here in Fredericksburg. The heat is on and we are having Mahi Mahi fish, steamed rice, salad and a veggie.

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I had a couple of slices of bacon, an egg, and two small pancakes. Hit the spot on this day in Ohio that began and stayed in the mid 40s all day.


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Football, I made some sliders.
Little buns, patties with onions (mandatory) mustard, ketchup & a pickle slice (think Krystal or White Castle). Fries..

Shirley, I would have been more than happy to swap out.

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Zoe's for me: Spinach rollups and braised white beans.

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Kind of chilly here today............a good day for pot roast. The whole house smells wonderful. I'm trying a new recipe. I'll let you know how it goes. Unfortunately, I've been doing a lot of laundry today so I got started on the pot roast later than I should have so we will be having a late dinner.

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Nita, I wish some of that cool weather would move east. It's 87 again today. I think it's stuck on that number!! We used to eat a lot of mahi mahi but we have been having tilapia lately. It's similar--not fishy!

Sue, I love to hear about your church dinners. The food always sounds so delicious! Actually, your dinner tonight sounds good,too. Our dinner isn't ready yet!

Shirley, I think we'll have pancakes tomorrow night. I can't believe it's so cold already up there. What happened to Fall?

OAH, I'd just love a bag of White Castles right now. Did you steam the buns? BTW, no swapping with Shirley. You already had your bacon quota for the day ;-)

Yum on both those, but you're such a good cook--don't you miss your own cooking? I sure would if I was you :-) Of course, if I cooked as good as you, I'd weigh 500 pounds!

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all this talk of turkey dinners the past few days made me so hungry for it. did a half breast and 1 thigh in the crockpot. made mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce. didn't feel like a vegetable tonight. had gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert. ;)

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Still eating from the big pot of chili I made Friday. I must have been hungry for it because it's still tasting so good. Tonight I was evil and added Chili Cheese Fritos to my bowl. mmmmmm.

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Glenda, that "yum on both of those" was meant for you. I DO get carried away sometimes. Duh!

Lindalu, where do you find a half a turkey breast? Or do you buy a whole and cut it in two? We'd eat turkey a lot more if I could find half a breast. All your dinner makes me drool!

Schoolhouse, don't you think just any soup tastes better after a day or two? Everything seems to blend together the way it should.

I just checked on my corn casserole and I think I need to cut way back on the butter. BUT--it smells delicious.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is nice and cool here today, so soup sounded good,
. We picked up some chicken tortilla soup and jerk turkey subs to split between us.
This flu or whatever the heck that has been kicking my rear has me so weak I didn't think I would make it through the grocery shopping. I was just throwing stuff in the cart so no telling what we have for the week lol.
I do know I bought stuff to make home made soup. Plus lots of fruit and juices..

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Raven, you've had that flu/cold/whatever for a long time. Think it's time to see the doctor? Or have you already? Poor girl, I can't imagine having to grocery shop feeling so bad. Hey--maybe I have what you have and don't know it. Somehow two cartons of Oreos ended up in my cart--one peanut butter and the other mint!

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patti, got the half breast at wegman's yesterday. the only place around here i've been able to find half a breast, too. makes it so convenient when you're only cooking for two. ;)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yep doc gave me a z pack and some other meds, I have taken all of them, I think I am finally getting better. I really was worried it was turning to pneumonia but I think we deterred it. Seems every one I talked to is sick or their families are.
I first felt ill on Sept 20th as we prepared for the Oklahoma trip.

Funny how rumors start. My good friend and neighbor called me to make sure I was home, seems the neighbors across the street from her saw an ambulance come down our street and thought it came here, then she talked to one of the garden club ladies that told her I was very sick and may be in the hospital! So suddenly every one is calling me to see if I am home from the hospital!
I told my friend to please let me know if someone is scheduling my funeral because I want to see who attends!
Today I ran into the President of the garden club and she said oh you're out of the hospital. I just shook my head and laughed.

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Lindalou: What seasoning/broth-type things do you put in the slow cooker with the turkey? And how long do you cook it for? Cuz you're given me some thoughts -- and I'll actually be near a Wegmans tomorrow, to boot!

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pammyfay, all i did was add 2 cups water (i like a lot of gravy) 2 chicken bouillion cubes, sprinkled on about a tsp of Lawrys season salt and half a tsp of montreal chicken seasoning. cooked on high for 1 hour and turned to low for about 3 hours and they were done. ;)

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