What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43October 18, 2012

I don't have much on-line time while Harry's daughter is visiting, but I've enjoyed having her. She will be leaving Sunday. Tonight we're having ham with raisin sauce, baked sweet potatoes and peas. Pretty simple since the raisin sauce is already made.

What are you having tonight?

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I made spaghetti sauce with sweet and spicy Italian sausage, my son loves it. I am going to see him tomorrow and wanted to take him some, so my DH lucks out for dinner tonight, I made enough for him. I have a spaghetti squash in the oven right now, I have not made one in years, hope it turns out ok. I will eat some myself tonight, with meatless sauce. DH will want pasta with his. I am going to freeze the rest of the squash~~we shall see how that goes;)

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I had to go out of town today. Decided I didn't want to spend much time fixing my meal. So tonight was a bacon and egg sandwich, and a bowl of vegetable soup. Really hit the spot after a rainy day.


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Oh, I LOVE ham and raisin sauce--makes me think of Dad, too--he made the best raisin sauce.

We were galivanting today, had lunch at 25 Burgers, so we just wanted something quick. So it was waffles and Amish sage sausage.

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Another full day of running around again for me. Had breakfast at Bob Evan's another coupon. For supper I had a baked potato, rotisserie chicken and a piece of homemade cherry pie.


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Chicken breasts sauteed and sliced, served over barely wilted spinach. Potato gnocchi in home made basil/spinach/almond pesto. Parmesan on top, of course.

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It's Thursday - Atlantic salmon filets with Wasabi ginger sauce and steamed fresh asparagus.
Brownie with vanilla ice cream.

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My step-father invited me out for dinner to a German club. They have a 2 for 1 schnitzel dinner every Thursday. The place was full, as this was the first Thursday after Oktoberfest. The "regulars" stay away during Oktoberfest because of the revelers, and they increase the prices.

We both got a piece of Black Forest Cake to bring home. I'll have it with my tea shortly.

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we had porcupine balls, mashed potatoes and a corn medley. chocolate chip cookies for dessert. was really good!! :)

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My husband surprised me by bringing home two really nice Filet Mignon so we had pan seared Filet with sauteed mushrooms and onions, green beans and mashed potatoes with butter braised leeks.


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I had a Soup Supper for a group of friends, last night. We had vegetable soup, roasted tomato garlic soup, cream of celery soup and butternut squash that DD#2 made. I made the rest of them. Sent soups home with several but still wound up with some for me. I had the squash soup tonight and Bob had vegetable. We may reverse it tomorrow night!LOL We had a huge lunch at a local Apple Orchard restaurant today, so just the soup was plenty. Bought 2 small bags of apples for apple sauce and 2 fried apple pies jumped in my cart. Guess what we're having for breakfast in the morning

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YogaLady, I love sauce over spaghetti squash. I have some in myy freezer right now. It freezes really well.

Shirley, Harry's DD is going out for dinner with a friend from her HS and college days tomorrow night, so I think we'll have egg sandwiches. Yum!

Mary, do you by chance have any leftovers? LOL! That basil sause sounds delicious.

Monica, we had the last of our Pac NW salmon last week. I was sure sad to see it go.

Lindalu, I haven't made porcupines yet this season. I love them with lots of sauce served right on top of the potatoes. Yahoo!

Jasdip, that sure was nice of your SF to invite you. I love schnitzel.

Dees, filet mignon on a week night sounds downright sinfully delicious. Hope you savored every bite.

Jude, it's good you have a few nights out of the kitchen. They are well deserved, because you must have spent hours in there making all thos soups. What is with those fried apple pies? I've had them jump in my basket at the apple orchard in SC several times.

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We had Taco soup (my version) two nights in a row now. Love it!

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Yesterday we arrived in Tyler, Texas around 4. About 5:30 Jen TX arrived to visit. She brought a wonderful cake and it was still warm from the oven.

We hadn't seen each other in 8 years so we had a lot of catching up to do. After she left we had unstuffed pepper soup that I had thawed out in the fridge while we were driving. Had that over macaroni like Mike likes it. Then we had some of her delicious apple spice cake. She even brought the recipe.

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