Did something I have NEVER done before-what do you think?

marie_ndcalOctober 24, 2012

I received a really nice group of thought about taking care of our loved ones, telling them how much we love them etc. I thought --boy these are really good thoughts, and then the very last sentence cancelled everything. It was asking us to vote against a politician. That one thought to me destroyed the entire message. What was really annoying it came from a close dear relative. I responded back that the person they asked me to vote against, was also a family person and they did have a loving family and because I know many of these people who received and sent this message are very active in a church to me was was a lack of respect. Will see what happens now. So disappointed.

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Marie, that is wrong in so many ways. Those things are so hurtful. I've been getting a lot of not so nice e-mails concerning politics. I just hit "Reply" and tell them not everyone agrees with their political view and please check Snopes before sending them. I also ask that they not send anything political to me. Hey, if it hurts their feelings, too bad. That's why I'm grateful this site doesn't allow it!!

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I have a friend that sends political email, and most of them I can debunk and send her the Snopes thought on it. Last time I returned her message, with "I love you, but hate your politics" in bold red print.

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If the candidate can't persuade you about his own character and policies he resorts to ATTACKING his opposition.

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it's been a rough season this year...i think though, the worst was one where ms coulter called the president of the usa, a retard??? now not only was that offensive to the president, that term is sooo hurtful to anyone with a family memeber with disibilities..

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You're feeling sorry you mildly told this person that what they sent was extremely unkind and highly likely full of lies?? Please, use stronger (not foul,) words than that! My elderly neighbor who has just started using a computer is believing all the vile crapola that is sent to him--makes me sick and very angry.

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