Houston / Katy folks...I have a question

houstonmom_gwOctober 28, 2012

I have been given the task of lining up a caterer for my office Christmas party. The event will take place in my bosses home as we've done over the past 10 years. It's always at the same persons house, and his wife has taken care of the catering in the past...she's too busy this year. The house is located in Green Trails in Katy - right by the Second Baptist Katy Campus.

Food needs to be above average (we've used Churrasco's and Palazzo's in the past).

I'll be ordering appetizers, salad, main courses, side dishes and desserts, and I would not mind ordering desserts from a different vendor. If you know of a good bakery I should consider for the desserts, please let me know.

Price is not an issue.

We will be feeding around 25 people.

I would be grateful for any suggestions you throw my way.

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My only suggestion is to not do it by yourself--IF you have never done this. Would the wife offer some ideas? suggestions? etc Start with a notebook, write everything down, get lots of ideas, then go from there. Make sure you have names and phone numbers. Even though the wife is busy, could you coordinate the party with her and another person?
Just my thoughts

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would check into Peli Peli that is where we just had the Houston KT get together. If you have not been there yet GO! The food is wonderful they have won all kinds of awards.
The selection is wonderful and they do now cater events.
Peli Peli

It is above average I can promise you.

OR you could check out Perry's
I am not sure if they Cater but they definitely have events planning.

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Thanks, ravencajun. I'll give Peli Peli a call! Wish I could've been at the KT get together, but 2 of our sons were groomsmen in a wedding that weekend.

Our office did go to Perry's for lunch about a year ago, and it was wonderful. They sure do serve up one very large pork chop!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

That's my go to meal at Perrys that's a delicious hunk of meat! Of course everything there is good.

I wish you could have been at the lunch too. We need to have them occasionally, just plan a day for ladies lunch.

I will keep thinking about catering my husband's company does a lot of events that are catered, I will check out what ones they like.

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