What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43October 3, 2012

It's leftovers for us here--last night's soup and cheese muffins. Some of Glenda's frozen blueberry salad for dessert. It's been raining on and off and dark all day today. A good night for soup.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Big warmup from yesterday and pool was open, Yea!

Five Guys for hamburger with grilled onion, and munched on their peanuts while it cooked!

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We are going out for dinner tonight. We have a new Asian restaurant in town so we will give it a try. Hope it's good. then home to watch the debates...should be interesting.

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Picking up our 1/2 a cow tonight. Haul it down two flights of stairs and put it away. Don't think I'll be cooking tonight. Lots of beef and ribs and roasts and burgers coming up soon though!

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Glenda, I heard on TV last week Five Guys had won Best Hamburger in some kind of poll. I have to agree 100%. Glad you got to get your swim exercise in today.

Georgysmom, I'm excited about the debates, but I sure will be glad when the election is over. It's getting pretty boring! Hope you have a wonderful dinner.

Angelaid, that's one way to build up your muscles :-) You will eat well all winter. How many pounds did you end up with. I think the last time we bought a 1/2, we had 120 pounds. At least I think that--does it sound about right?

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I lucked out on my lunch and my evening meal. Today was my big grocery shopping day. McDonalds had their soup back on the menu. Of course, I got the Broccoli Cheese. That took care of lunch.

I don't buy bacon often. Gave in to the urge today. So I had bacon, an egg, and toast for tonight.


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Correction FOUR GUYS, not five. GS called and in our chat he corrected me. Four Guys it is!

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Just to make y'all grateful for whatever you're having...

...I'm prepping for a colonoscopy, so you probably know I am 'drinking' my 'dinner', starting in just a few minutes. I'm trying the orange flavor this time and have some Lemonhead hard candies at the ready.


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Shirley, bacon is so good. There was supposed to be a shortage coming up soon but, suddenly, there wasn't a shortage. Too bad the price has already gone sky high.

Oh, poor Chisue, I feel for you. That is a very unpleasant experience. Not the colonoscopy, but the prep. You'll really be hungry when it's over so I hope you're having it done early tomorrow.

Glenda, never heard of Four Guys, but from the description--mainly the peanuts and grilled onions, it sure sounded like Five Guys.

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Ouch, Chisue - I hope you have an easy time of it.

We're having meatloaf, mashed rutabaga/potato mix, and a green salad.

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Guess it is Five Guys :o) not four!

Just like their burgers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I refuse to drink any of that horrible stuff to prep for my colonoscopy, that is so not necessary any more. I take the pills, it makes prep day so much more pleasant and on a day like that anything that improves it is a good thing. As often as I was going through it I just couldn't take the other prep methods.

I sure hope you have an easy day and a successful scope.

Tonight we are having hot pastrami sandwiches with kosher pickles and chips.

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Shopping most of the day with the girls. Ended up having lunch at Logan's Steakhouse. I had the grilled pork chop, a side salad, onion petals and it came with a small dish of fried apples. Of course a yeast roll, and just water to drink. I was not hungry this evening so nothing for me. I hope I can stay awake to watch Survivor, be sure and watch it someone so you can tell me tomorrow :)


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For us it will be salads tonight my DH will have salmon on his and I will do tofu or cheese;)

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Beef stew & biscuits.
Homemade tapioca pudding for dessert.

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Raven, are you serious that you can take pills instead of drinking all that stuff????? I have one scheduled the latter part of next week, no wait...I think that's a meet the doctor appointment. Anyhow it's coming up soon.

FWIW, We have enjoyed your okra dish tremendously. I've made it twice and of course we eat it for a while since it makes a lot. I put the last cup or so in the freezer tonight to use in veggie soup I'll be making soon. Thanks again. that is definitely a keeper.


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Mary C, don't you love rutabaga? I'll be glad to see them in the stores again. I usually just peel it (the hardest part of fixing rutabaga) and cut into chunks, cook like potatoes and put butter and S&P on them. Or mix with carrots--I'll have to try with potatoes.

Sue, your lunch sure sounds filling. Don't blame you for skipping dinner. I don't know what time Survivor is on, but the presidental debate is pre-empting most programming this evening on the local stations.

Raven, I wonder why they don't offer the pill method as a choice for everyone? You are right that it's hard enough without that nasty stuff, so thanks for the head's up. I sure wish I had pastrami--maybe I'll splurge tomorrow. I love pastrami or corned beef sandwiches with a big ole' pickle spear.

Hi, YogaLady, welcome to the KT. Enjoy your salads and please come back and sit with us. We like to make new friends and we play very nicely :-)

Monica, tapioca is one of my favorite desserts. Last time I made it I used coconut milk instead of regular--took it to a whole new level. Need to make it again, since my mouth is watering right now--and we just ate :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes you sure can take the pills for prep there's a lot of them and you must drink a lot of water with them. I have no idea why some doctors are still in the dark ages and make people suffer through drinking that stuff. I always just tell the doctors I want the pills, every time they say ok but I do have to ask for it. I have been blessed with wonderful doctors so far. I have to go to a new one here and get mine scheduled, but I already made sure that he will use the pills. If I had found out he wouldn't I would have selected another doctor.

The liquid diet is not fun but doable.
The pills make it much easier.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The names of the pills are visicol and osmos - prep. I have taken the visicol. I also recommend picking up a package of the wet wipes, softer and more comfortable.
I'm sorry this is on the dinner thread.
I am happy to answer any questions, maybe we should start a new post lol
Google the pill names for more information.

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I injured my bad knee...now I am in a wheelchair...so dinner had to be something in the microwave....Marie Callender's lasagna. It was okay.

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Marilyn, I'm shocked that you're in a wheelchair but that knee's been bothering you for quite a while. I sure hope you are up and about again soon. You have much too energy to be held down for long :-)

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1/2 beef = 391 lbs @ 2.95 lb
whole pig 186 lbs @ 2.40 lb

Can't beat that with a stick. And we're set for at least a year.

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