Did you "tie the knot"

glenda_alOctober 21, 2012

Went to a wedding last Sunday, and it was a Scottish traditional wedding of sorts.

Bride made her own celtic wedding dress plus the grooms kilt.

End of ceremony they "tied the knot"

This is not their picture, but this is what it looked like.

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Interesting never knew they did this

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Actual knots have certainly been used in marriage ceremonies for some time and the tradition of trying the wrists of the bride and groom with twine continues today in marriages in the use of sashes which are placed over the principal's wrists. The word 'knot', although not in the phrase 'tie the knot', has been associated with marriage since at least the 13th century. The Legend of St. Katherine, circa 1225 used the Middle English 'cnotte', i.e. 'knot', to mean 'the tie or bond of wedlock; the marriage or wedding knot'

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Interesting. I've seen the best man and maid of honor, wrap a sash type garment around the bride and groom while they are kneeling, to symbolize a bonding, in certain Hawaiian ceremonies.

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Well, we didn't tie a knot literally but Roy and I got married 50 years ago yesterday.
We had a formal and traditional wedding ceremony in a huge church in Las Vegas......and only 16 people were there. The son of my parents best friends was a youth pastor there and was our wedding planner.
Wonderful memories.

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There was something done with a cord during an old world Philippine catholic wedding we attended, but the whole service was so involved and gorgeous, I don't remember exactly what that part was 6-7 yrs later now.

Tell you what, that young couple would have a lot of people to answer to if they ever decided not to stay married, it was more like a joining of families than a joining of two and people flew in from all over the world to participate. One of the loveliest I've ever seen and I've been to plenty.

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Never heard of this, but it makes sense.

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No. Although I was aware of the term back when we were married I didn't know what the actual practice was. I wouldn't do it now because DW would undoubtedly knot the rope around my neck!

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