Spanish TV

paleblueOctober 21, 2012

I don't know if this is going on all over the country...

but more and more stations are broadcasting in Spanish.

I don't mean the usual hispanic's the regular,

ordinary channels that I have been watching for over 30


I click and click and don't understand what they are

saying. Is English now the second language of choice?

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In CA spanish is spoken alot and I think it is good for anyone to learn a second language. It makes it easier for traveling and understanding others.
Many schools are encouraging their students to learn one, whether it be Hispanic, Asian, or???
I use to speak it fluently, but over the years have lost that ability and am sorry. If you go to Canada, it is good to speak French. As to your answer? I have not noticed that much of an increase in this area. Many here speak Norwegian or German, because that is predominent.

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Check your TV settings.

It sounds to me like you have enabled SAP (secondary audio program), which broadcasts the audio in a different language. It's also possible you've enabled this on only some stations.

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paleblue's not sap. Watched CBS ballgame, all in Spanish.
Then on came 60 minutes in English!

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Check your settings. Check the channel # you're tuned to. The "regular" channels are not broadcasting in Spanish. If they were, I'm sure someone else would notice.

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My oldest took FRENCH as a second language in high school and college!!! I guess she knows something I don't know? lol

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I "forced" my girls to take German. It was valuable while their grand parents traveled to Oklahoma....


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I have Dish tv - the basic package and I can't even count how many Spanish stations I have. Wish I could trade all of them for channels that I would love to watch.

your resident DJ

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I do not have cable or satellite TV, so your mileage may vary.

Using just my antenna, and using just one station as an example, my ABC affiliate station has 24.1 - regular broadcast and it is always in English; 24.2 - Telemundo, totally in Spanish; 24.3 - weather, all day every day. Both 24.1 and 24.3 have the secondary audio program in Spanish.

I'm totally unclear why anyone would think what language their children took in school would add to this particular conversation. Good for you if it made family dynamics better, but it has nothing to do with television broadcasts.

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I haven't noticed any of the 'regular' channels I watch broadcasting programs in Spanish, but I have caught a couple of commercials on regular TV that were all in Spanish.

I have NO problem with Spanish being used. After all, anyone born in Puerto Rico IS an American citizen--and they deserve to have their language spoken (and written) in THEIR own country, IMO. Puerto Ricans are NOT foreigners. I do object when people who chose to immigrate to this country are unwilling to learn our language--seems that would be part of the price for moving to a different country, doesn't it?

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Not every program has a SAP broadcast, so you still need to check YOUR TV settings.

Seriously, the rest of us would have noticed if the broadcasting world suddenly started broadcasting in a different language.

They haven't. It's your TV and your settings. Explore the menu.

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Very rarely I see a Spanish commercial broadcast during an English show I may be watching, but it's never a whole program and the entire channel doesn't start broadcasting in Spanish. It just seems to be a fluke since it only happens maybe once a month. Have you double checked your settings as was suggested above? If you have and everything seems fine, maybe it's your cable/sat provider? You could always call to ask...

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I will contact my provider. This was NEVER an issue of LANGUAGE. I am
foreign born myself. Interesting that I somehow touched
off some 'hot buttons'.

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We have one all spanish station and two PBS stations. Each of the PBS stations air 3 channels and one channel per PBS station is spanish. The spanish programs are not duplicates of the english language ones. Those are separate programs.

Over the past 30 years, the hispanic population of the greater Milwaukee area has increased considerably. Some day, they will not be classed as a minority.

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