Too much FWD email!

socksOctober 18, 2013

My dear neighbor continues to send me forwarded emails, you know the stuff I'm talking about, a couple a day. Some has Asian writing, and now I'm getting all Asian emails from Hilton Hotels. I don't have the heart to tell her to stop as she has troubles in her life. If I block her, will the emails bounce back and she will know I blocked her? I use Mozilla Thunderbird and Earthlink. I know I can block with Earthlink, not sure how anything like that works with Thunderbird. I wish they just could go in a junk file and that way I would not see them and she would not know.

We wave at each other across the street, but rarely chat.

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" I wish they just could go in a junk file and that way I would not see them and she would not know."

They can... just set up a filter and you will never see them again!

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Approx what age is this woman? You call her your dear neighbor, but then mention you rarely chat--so I would maybe invite her either to coffee or if you don't want her in your home--for any reason, meet outside (at a cafe or?)for coffee etc and just tell her that your really are not interested in getting forwards. But if she has some informative news you would be glad to receive that or any cute jokes to share that is ok. Is she lonely? by herself? Personally I rarely forward anything unless I think they might really be interested.

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Mark it as Spam and it will go to your Spam folder. That's how Yahoo works.

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Marie--yes I see it doesn't make sense. She's a dear neighbor because we were close when our kids were young and we were together often with the children. I don't know what I would have done without neighborhood friendships! Kids are grown and gone now. So we don't visit with each other much, but I still consider her a good friend.

I'll check out filtering. Thanks.

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put this in all your email to her

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I have a GF that loves to send forwards~~~I just delete them. Once she asked is I got one she thought was really funny, and I told her honestly I do not read them. No biggie she quit sending them~~~once in awhile she will say 'hey, I know you do not like fwds, but this is really cute' I just delete it;)

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If she were throwing garbage or dog poop over your fence every day, would you say something? What she's doing is the electronic equivalent of the same.

Dear friends can tell dear friends when their actions aren't welcome.

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I don't think this can be equated with garbage or dog poop. She is sending them because she thinks you will enjoy them as much as she did. You don't need to read them, just click delete and they are gone. If it's only two a day, with 2 clicks your problem is solved, and without hurt feelings.

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Ugh, a friend started sending me all sorts of stuff that she also sent to her kids. For some she even used her DHs email address. Most were very political, but some were interesting quotes or facts, she thought. Lots of stuff--it grew to 8 to 10 a day. I just deleted them. I thought she was emailing me all that junk, but her husband died suddenly, and I have not received any such emails since then!

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I agree with Shea. A couple of clicks and they are gone without hurting any feelings. Other than that, just mark her E-mails as spam and they will go directly into the trash.

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Two experiences - a friend started forwarding to me copies of (what to me was) extreme religious stuff that he's active with. After a few weeks of annoyance, I started replying to his emails with questions for him- saying stuff like "Do you really believe this baloney", or "Don't you find this argument silly", or "This contradicts xxxx", or whatever. Pretty ironical, I think he got tired of getting my emails, so he stopped sending the junk to me.

Another person, who I think subscribes to every dumb joke email list that exists, started forwarding stuff to me. After a few days, I emailed him simply saying that I get too many daily emails to deal with, could he please take me off the mailing list.

I don't think either person was hurt and the unwanted emails stopped. Maybe this is a male/female thing, I prefer to take an active approach to solve issues rather than a passive one.

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I like your suggestion--"I get too many emails, so take me off your list." Add on that I'd love to hear from you otherwise.

It's easy to delete those emails, but I'm afraid of what might be riding along with them, especially since I started getting the Hilton Hotel promotions, in Chinese.


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OK, two more came today, so I felt I'd had my limit and emailed her nice and sweet, updated her on a little family news and asked about her kids. I am happy.

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