The white kind or the red?

glenda_alOctober 21, 2012


My preference is white chili, but then if I'm having a chili dog or a chili burger, gotta be the red.

Making white chili, today, cause I will be dog tired latter part of Monday morning, cause I have to take DS by 5:30 to the hospital for a procedure.

So when I get home, I'm going back to bed and stay home rest of the day and enjoy my homemade white chili.

And I don't like kidney beans in my red chili, always put navy beans.

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Always the red. Red beans in mine. I usually have chili soup rather than just chili.


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never had any

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I have never had white chili but I do have a recipe from here that I have kept. I don't like navy beans or really any other beans or lentils for that matter except for kidney beans only in red chili.

Hmmm I was thinking about making some cabbage rolls with the ground beef I just bought yesterday but now I am thinking I might make chili instead. Thanks Glenda


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Anne, here's the one I have used many a time

Here's white chili with my rendition:
1 can chicken broth
1Tbl olive oil
2 boneless chicken breast, chopped ****Use WalMarts, and use breast only shredded.
1/4 cup or more chopped onion
1 4 oz can green chiles, chopped ***I puree mine with my hand blender WITH juice
1 19 oz can navy beans, undrained
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp cilantro ***I use instead 2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp oregano
1/8 tsp red pepper
Sauce chicken and onions 4-5 minutes in olive oil **If using Wal Marts cooked, saute onions only till translucent
Stir in spices, broth, simmer about 15 minutes, then add beans and shredded chicken and simmer 5 more minutes, to get the flavors blended.
We love it topped with fritos, shredded cheese, and a dollop of sour cream

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I've used Glenda's white chili as a 'base' for mine ever since I first saw it posted here. The two substitutes to mine have been to use lean ground turkey (fried before adding) and I cook my own dried beans first.

I love it. Thanks for posting it so long ago.


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First time I had white chili was at a Bob Evan's restaurant.

I was driving to visit Donna-OH, a KT'er, who lives in Massillon OH, and I've been making white chili ever since. And that was 14 years ago.

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Red, and no beans of any kind! If you have to put beans in (red) chili, they must be pinto beans. That's just the way it is!

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red only.

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Never have had the white but willing to try a bit someday. My Dad used to make a great chili/hamburger mix using pinto beans. Not real spicy either. Wish I had his receipe. He was such a good cook.

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Oh, Glenda, now you did it... now I am hungry for white chili. ;)

Haven't had any in a LONG time.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Red, I personally prefer no beans but he loves beans so I compromise and use black beans which I am okay with and I don't use a lot of them in the chili.
I have never made white.

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Moni, it's all cooked and ready to eat tomorrow.

I did a taste test and it's just right!

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Red and no beans. Also made with diced beef, not hamburger.

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Never tried a white chili but I might now. Like my red chili with dark red kidney beans.

Glenda - 14yrs. ago if you were in Massillon you were only about 28 miles from me!

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I have never had white chili. I always make red with pinto beans.
A friend once entered a chili contest and I learned they don't allow beans in chili cook offs.

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Years ago I found a great chili recipe. It included beef stew meat but no beans, and was topped with sour cream and limes/lime juice? Lost the recipe. I think it was by chef James Beard. Is anyone familiar with this?

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I don't like beans in chili either. That's the main reason that I don't like chili.

But dh makes a great Texas chili for me, that's hot and spicy and I have to eat it over rice, to tone the heat down a bit.
Hamburger, jalapeno, spices, tomatoes. I love it.

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I make white chicken chili and love it! Use white beans.
My red chili uses only red chili beans (not kidney).
My Taco soup contains red beans, pinto beans and white beans. Could use black beans too, but prefer not to.
Love soups with beans, lol!

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jannie is this the below

Here is a link that might be useful: James Beard's chili recipe

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My husband loves it but I really prefer the red so if I am making chili, it's going to be red and made with beef. I do like beans in mine but here in TX, if you add beans, you better not tell anyone.

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Is white chili an Eastern thing? Never hear of it here on the West Coast, but there's plenty of green chili or chili verde, traditionally made with pork.

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A year ago a group I'm a member of was having a chili cookoff. A friend was encouraging me to enter even though I didn't at that time have what I would consider "a cookoff-worthy chili" recipe however she mentioned that she was making a white-chicken chili. So I made a Brazilian Black Bean Stew recipe that for me is tried & true, and simply called it "Brazilian Black Bean Chili", I felt a little like I was entering a cat in a dog show, and expected to be dismissed out-of-hand, but in the end I ended up winning second place.

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Both, but no red meat. Chili with beans is hearty enough, I don't miss it. I prefer the white since I love chicken. Never had green chili, but it sounds interesting. Sounds almost like the white. Middle Tennessee (Southeast), so maybe it is east of the MS river.

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Red for me. Lots of meat and no beans, except occasionally I'll add a can of black beans, like Raven.
We like it with spaghetti in it or with it and sometimes put it on top of rice.

I like white, but I don't think it tastes anything like chili. Just another chicken soup to me.

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Red chili for me

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I often wonder why people have to rename things, especially foods unless there's a trademark issue. Are they trying to be fashionable? Don't like something so rename something to a different name makes it so someone can "fit in" or what? I really don't understand it. You can call fried eggs "chicken pizza" but they're still fried eggs and not pizza. "Turkey bacon" isn't bacon, and to me, chicken soup is no more a chili than coleslaw dressing is a "BBQ sauce"! LOL Come to think of it, I'll put BBQ sauce in chili, I wonder if people put whvvvite... naw. :)

Ah but what's in a name. One sandwich is called a sub in some places, grinder, hero, gyro, hoagie, poor boy, po boy and any number of other names elsewhere. No wonder people find it so hard to learn American English.

"Red" chili for me, loaded with meat and it can even be various kinds, but then it's not truly "chili" in some peoples' eyes either I suppose. And many argue that there should be no beans in chili.

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because white chicken chili is made with chilis.


Only reason I can think of!

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Excuse me, but white chili is chili and my family eats white chili, enjoys white chili.

Opinions welcome, but why knock something cause you think everyone should agree with your opinion eh?

I love spam, some people don't.
I love to indulge in 5 Guys, some don't.
Some think the only mac and cheese is from the blue box :o)

That's what makes the world go round.

Everyone has their likes and dislikes doesn't mean we have to like what YOU think everyone should.

That's what the KT is all about: an open forum where each person can express themselves, but not necessarily have the same opinion as you. "YOU" meaning anyone.

So my family loves and enjoys WHITE chili. Got the original recipe from Bob Evan's restaurant.

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For me its simply a semantic problem. There's "chili", the food, which for me necessarily implies some form of the traditional recipe involving tomatoes, and beef and chilies, and "chili", the class of foods that includes white chili, chili verde, Texan-style chili, Cincinnati-style chili, and even vegetarian chili as well as the above described "chili".

So by this argument it perfectly valid to say "white chili is a type of chili, but white chili is not the same as 'traditional' chili", which you would probably agree with. However since many people simply refer to 'traditional' chili as chili, the above statement can be shortened to be "white chili is chili, but white chili is not 'chili'"

And now I've written the word "chili" often enough , that it is starting to no longer look like a word.

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Oh geez, people take things so personally. Everyone is just expression their opinions about chili, including definitions, in a thread about different types of chili. I haven't seen any insults or knocking, just differing opinions. There's a general theme to this forum sometimes that all opinions are welcome unless they are wrong, LOL.

Back to topic...I make vegetarian chili with beans, no meat, and I suppose that isn't traditional chili but I call it chili anyway because I don't feel like saying "black, kidney and pinto beans mixed with roasted corn, tomatoes and beer and spiced with chili powder"

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Red chili for me, with lots of beans and don't forget the peppers!

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