Computer won't come out of 'hibernation'

caroline94535October 27, 2012

Please bear with me; I'm having to post from my (beloved) iPod.

The computer (Dell w/windows 7) has put itself into hibernation and won't wake up. We never use hibernation or sleep mode. It's either "on" and being used, or it's off.

Neighbor tried changing the battery. Then he thought it was the power source. It came on for a few seconds and then was out again. I took it to Best Buy (70 miles round trip). They hooked it up and it was humming along fine. He suggested I get a new power cord and plug it directly into the wall, not the power strip.

I trudge home; put on the new power cord; plug everything in; turn it on and it works great for 20 minutes. Then it wants me to do a system restore. I do; and it's once again hibernating and won't wake up.

Can you suggest anything?

I've read it could be a bad "device driver," or a bad USB Port, or a power supply????

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will this help, although it seems you have been trying most methods?

Here is a link that might be useful: sleeping computer

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

go to control panel Power Options in the settings area change the settings to never for all the power saver options never hibernate never sleep etc. save the settings.
Restart the pc see if that helps. Also since you have a new power cord and are not using any type of power strip try plugging it into a totally different outlet one that preferably is not on the same circuit that the other outlet was on.
Also you need to do a sequenced power down and power up.
to do that shut down your pc, unplug the power from the router and the modem, leave it off for at least 5 minutes. Then power up in this sequence. Power up the modem let it get fully lit up, power up the router let it get fully lit up, then last power up the pc. often times a full sequence of power up and down will flush it out and refresh so that things work better.
It would be best if you posted this over on the computer help forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: computer help forum

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Thanks guys. I would love to try these options but the computer will not come out of hibernation at all.

I will show these suggestions to the Best Buy guy... If he can manage to wake it up.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Try the power sequence as I mentioned. It doesn't matter if it is in hibernation, turn it off, power off everything and power up exactly as I instructed. It may not help but worth a shot.

Do you not have any other shops around besides best buy, I won't let them touch my stuff.
Have you tried plugging it into a different outlet as I mentioned. These things can be done whether it is in hibernation or not. Turn the pc off, unplug it, if this is a laptop take out the battery and use only power cord directly into wall sockets.
Do as many of these tests as you can so you can be able to rule things out.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Since it is a Dell have you tried contacting Dell support?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

have you tried any of these things? I wish I knew if this was a laptop or a desktop, I am not at all understanding why it can not just be unplugged and cut the power off from it.
IF it is a laptop simply remove the battery totally leave it out and use the laptops power cable instead so that power can be easily cut from it.

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My laptop doesn't like to sleep. When I wake it up, it freezes, every time, and I have to forcibly shut it down and restart.
I have it on Never for sleep and hibernate, too. It's when the battery runs out.

I've never had a laptop freeze like that before and I don't like it.

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It's a desk top computer. Windows 7; the Internet comes through yhe phone line with Century Link.

The main problem is that it won't come on. It's in hibernation and nothing will wake it up. I press and hold the "on" button on the CPU. The light will blink for less than a second and then it's hibernating again.

I'll ask my neighbor to print these suggestions and bring them this afternoon. We will try all of them and let you know what happens.

Thanks again for the help. You folks are the best .

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With my Windows 7 desktop, when going through some maintenace things once it prompted did I want to initiate energy saving steps for peak performance, or something to that effect. I clicked yes, and it began going into sleep mode after several minutes not in use. Since I work from home and often alternate household things with business, in and out of my office, it wasn't really all that convenient. I'd dash in to do a quick task and find my computer not ready to use...

Then it began to be hard to get it to quickly wake back up, I'd be holding my breath not knowing if it even would...

I searched around and found the commands to never hibernate or sleep and put those into place - and I've been much happier. I may be spending a few more cents on power, but I'm having less stress....

Not that this is exactly what you are dealing with, just letting you know I sympathize with the 'hibernate' issues...

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